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  1. Love these guys!! But this song made me think about some things today.
  2. LOL YESSS! My mom nearly fell out when she heard this playing on my comp.
  3. I have a Fiorentina notebook. That the same as Moleskine? In any case I dig it.

    1. Sylph


      I think Fiorentina is more about leather products.

  4. Im beginning to really question my interest in astrology

  5. "where were you born...FAT country?" LOL teenagers are fun

  6. I wish Alex Donnelly could make it back to daytime. She was a real spitfire.

    1. Khan


      As I've said before, you put up with the crazy and the diva antics if the actor(s)-in-question "bring it" to the screen. Alex Donnelly BROUGHT it!

    2. bellcurve


      Alex Donnelly was a diva?! Do tell!

  7. Chicago Marathon going on outside. It is like effing mardi gras! I just want to sleep....SLEEEEEEEEP

  8. It's kinda sad watching saint Kristen slowly cross into the darkside like this. Already insecure over Marlena, she just cant bring herself to believe John *isn't* a murderer.

  9. "Can't you see the change?" "I'm WAITING for the change--that was a $5 I handed you!"

  10. I love Community now even *more* that they just referenced Bad Influence--one of my favorite, somewhat obscure, James Spader movies

    1. marceline


      Me too! I adore Bad Influence. I still wonder if you could blow up a car by putting the tailight socket in the gas tank.

    1. bellcurve


      I had to Google to know what you were talking about earlier. That's some bullsheit. And Chris Brown stans being bitches to Calvin? Nonsense!

    2. ChiTownBoi03


      It really is nonsense. I mean, i heard this new Chris Brown song, and although not exact, it obviously has the same backing beat as "I'm Not Alone."

      Heres a link to CB's song:

    3. bellcurve


      I also think Yeah 3x also rips off another Calvin song too. Can't remember which one.

      I hope Calvin Harris takes whoever wrote and produced that song to court.

  11. Chris Brown vs Calvin Harris? Ok wow, whatever happened there, Calvin did it BETTER

    1. bellcurve


      Link please? I love Calvin Harris.


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