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Y&R: The Lane Twins

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I bet she won't touch them. Until they lighten up to white.

Lily: "Like OhMyGod, these babies are way too dark! These cant be mine"

Cane: "Baby these are our kids

Lily: "What are you talking about? I paid Mac good money for them. I want my light babies!

Malcolm: "Lily, don't you think you are overreacting a bit?"

Lily: "Shut up! Your not my father. Before you were light and hot but somehow you came back looking like that. I know I did not come from you. Ugh! I want my babies with the light skin and good hair"

Roxy: "You're one to talk about good hair looking like that"

Lily: "Who asked you? This is like my cancer wig, duh. You know I look damn good under it. Besides, why are you even on today? You know Im supposed to fill out the rest of the black quota

Roxy: "HA! Thats a laugh"

Lily (rolls eyes): "Can we PLEASE get back to me already? I want my good babies"

Ashley: "You should be really happy and lucky, bc not all of us are as fortunate as you to have 2 healthy beautiful children"

Lily: "Didnt my dad dump you so he could focus on me? Anyways, if someone doesnt get me good babies by the end of the night, Im gonna lose it"

Cane "Stop being silly. So what are we going to do with these twins then"

Lily: "I dont know. Go give them to Mac or something. I dont want them. Dont want to touch them, dont want to look at them, dont want to hold them. Don't know, don't care."

Cane: "You are unebleivable" and he walks off.

Lily: "Make sure you get one 6 shades lighter than me. They get darker in the sun"

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