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"Secret Storm" memories.


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I hadn’t read up on the show in a long time and with so little to watch, it’s hard to remember, but Amy almost fell in love with her almost half-brother? 

Also, wasn’t there a storyline about twins or something with Valerie? 

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To soapfave06, after Amy had a breakdown and was institutionalized (and actress Jada Rowland was taping the first season of PBS's Sesame Street), Amy returned.    While she had been in the institution, she had remembered her mother and father (Ellen and Arthur) talking or arguing about a pregnancy.  It seems that Ellen Ames had had a fling which resulted in her expecting a baby.  I am not sure how this had been hidden from Jerry and Susan (That part of the story never made sense to me.), but Ellen bore a son and the son was put up for adoption.  No one knew this, and Amy's memory was stunned (probably from the death of Ellen, which began the initial conflict of the show.)

Anyway, Amy resolved to locate this young man.  She found him, but he, at that time, was an American soldier in Vietnam about to be discharged and to return to the United States.  The brother's name was Sean Childers.  James Storm played the role.   Sean's friend was named Corey.   Sean told Corey that he had learned about a sister he had, that she had contacted him, and that he was going to Woodbridge to meet this part of his family.


So, just prior to the return of Sean, he was killed in the war.  Corey  (who was leaving the military at the same time as Sean) thought that a message of Sean's death would be too cold and impersonal, so Corey decided to travel to Woodbridge to inform Amy, Lisa, and the others about Sean's death.  When he got there, Amy and Lisa were overjoyed to see this strange man, and jumped to the conclusion that he was Sean before Corey could blurt out that the real Sean was dead.

Corey had a friend with him, Mickey Potter, who also knew the truth.  

Corey Boucher, posing as Sean, was being played by Terry Kiser.  Mickey, the loyal sidekick of Corey, was played by the late Larry Block.

Amy eventually was falling in love with the man posing as Sean, so she decided to leave Woodbridge with Lisa (who was being played by Diane Dell) with Sean to marry him.

Corey was bothered by his sense of right and wrong and was also being reminded all the time by Mickey that the plans of Corey and Amy were wrong.   I think that Corey was blinded by the wealth of the Ames family and Amy.

I don't know what finally prompted Corey to do the right thing, but he and the flirtatious Didi Clayborn, following the shock of the deaths of Jill and Hugh Clayborn (the father of Didi), left Woodbridge together.


Some of these details could be a little wrong.   For instance, I assumed as a fourteen-year-old that the real Sean had been killed in battle, but he may have just died naturally.    Also, I never understood how Ellen Ames could have given birth secretly.   It seemed to me that Amy would have been quite a few years older than Sean.






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CBS hasn’t had a good track record when taking over soaps.  They ran this one into the ground before selling it back to American Home Products.   They eventually did the same with Love of Life.  And their in house productions Where the Heart Is and Love is a Many Spendord Thing ran about 5 years with struggles 

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CBS also purchased The Brighter Day from Procter and Gamble.  The network moved the production from New York City to California.  Didn't the network own the serial The Clear Horizon?

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#3899 – Thursday, January 23rd 1969

Val phoned Amy to have some news. She invited family over for lunch and Bill would pick her up. Jill arrived and noticed Amy had morning sickness. Jill admitted Susan tried to convince her she should tell Amy to reveal her pregnancy to Paul. When Jill told Amy that Paul and Bill greeted them at the restaurant, Amy realized Bill was a lawyer with many succeeding divorce cases.

Paul left work early and joined Belle at her apartment. He discussed with her his divorce from Amy and worried that Amy would name Belle as co-respondent. Belle didn’t care. Paul worried about his career but Belle assured she had brighter plans for their future.

Grace and Susan arrived at Valerie’s. Val and Grace were worried about Amy’s health and questioned Susan as she was with her when she visited Dr. Hadley. At Amy’s, Bob arrived to pick her up. She questioned him about his lunch with Paul. Bob admitted he had no sympathy for Paul and refused to advise him on his divorce. He suggested Amy could be vindicative but she didn’t want to destroy Paul’s career. She suddenly fell sick again and told Bob to go to Val’s alone. Amy phoned Val and excused herself. Worried about Amy, Valerie called Dr. Hadley who assured her Amy was fine. She was sick as every pregnant woman could be.

#3900 – Friday, January 24th 1969

Sam arrived at the Country Club bar and asked Ken for a drink. He was looking for bridge partners for the night. Nola arrived and Sam agreed to offer her a drink. Wally the waiter told Ken there was a good reason Nola was always without her husband. Nola told Sam she saved Ken’s job because her husband was acting foolishly. Alex joined and greeted the judge.

After the phone call with Dr. Hadley, Val rushed over to Amy. Val told her how she found out and wanted to know why Amy kept mum. After Amy explained the situation, Val was compassionate but she wondered how long the charade could be kept – a pregnancy couldn’t be hidden forever. Amy didn’t know but Valerie promised she wouldn’t tell Paul.

After Sam bored Nola to death with bridge game, she went back to the bar and asked Ken why he phoned Laurie and didn’t call back again. Ken said he wrote some lyrics for her song but thought they needed some work to be done. Nola said Ken and Laurie should meet but Wilfred wouldn’t know about it. When Nola left, she exchanged glances with Alex. Wally told that was the reason Nola came alone at the Country Club. Ken was aghast : were Mr. L. and Mrs. H. lovers ?

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random things about the show (questions and statements):

To soapfave06, I initially did not connect with your question about the twins.

When Amy was institutionalized, her doctor was Dr. Ian Northcoate.   Dr. Northcoate was married to Mary Lou Northcoate (Clarice Blackburn).  Mary Lou was insane and very jealous of Valerie.  Ian was the twin of the evil Owen Northcoate.    I cannot remember all of the trouble that Mary Lou (who eventually died - I am thinking that it may have been in a fire) and Owen did.    I think that Owen may have posed as Ian and attempted to have his twin brother committed as a criminally insane man.   I cannot remember this whole storyline.

Ian and Owen were played by actor and director Gordon Rigsby.    Later, Ian and Valerie were married.   Mr. Rigsby departed the show and was replaced by Alexander Scorby (who was the real life husband of Lori March).   He remained on the show as a recurring character until the cancellation.

Mr. Rigsby later directed episodes of The Doctors.   Mr. Scorby later played Nigel Fragate #2 on All My Children.

I am still curious about who played Bill, the lawyer.

I learned (by searching through Slick Jones' listings about the show) that Addison Powell played Dr. Hadley at this time.

Jay Lanin played Alex.

Joseph Warren (All My Children's Larry Colby) played Wally.

The last sentence in the last synopsis mentioned Mr. L and Mrs. H.    I know that Mrs. H. was Nola Hollister, but I do not know who Mr. L is.    Who is Mr. L?






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Thanking you for sharing more episode descriptions, I would really love to see more Amy and Valerie scenes. 

I read more of Owen/Ian in the recap thread provided, it seems Owen tumbled down a flight of stairs to his death, perhaps in a fight with Valerie. 

It’s interesting how sometimes you get great details in these summaries but then portions seem to be missing. 

I am very intrigued by this show. 

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#3901 – Monday, January 27th 1969

Amy felt better this new day but Paul visited her to talk about their divorce. Dr. Hadley called Amy to apologize – he didn’t realize Valerie didn’t know about her pregnancy. She answered vaguely to avoir Paul noticing what was going on. Paul said the divorce should be the friendlier possible. Amy asked if he was worried about what she could do on his reputation. After calming down, Amy assured Paul she wouldn’t cause him any harm. He was Lisa’s father after all. After Paul left, Amy sobbed.

Val visited Sam’s chamber. He couldn’t go on lunch with her because he was expecting a call but he bought them both sandwiches. When he asked her about her family dinner, her face changed. She said something happened but she couldn’t talk about it. Sam shifted the conversation to his son. He said Ken had written lyrics to a song composed by Laurie, the Hollisters’ daughter. Val thought it was exciting but Sam wondered how Jill would react if Ken spent time with another woman and Wilfred Hollister wouldn’t enjoy that either.

At the Country club, Laurie said Ken she was surprised he didn’t call her back but Ken answered he was disappointed in the lyrics he wrote. Laurie liked them but Ken was sure he could do better.

#3902 – Tuesday, January 28th 1969

In his office, Nick was talking to Amy on the phone and said he was ready to move to his new apartment with her help. Frank arrived after he hung up and they talked about Amy’s pregnancy. They disagreed : Nick thought it was maybe for the best if Paul learned she was having a baby after their divorce. After work, Nick went back to his hotel and visited Paul in his room. Paul assured Nick he made the right decision leaving Amy.

Mrs. Borman was shocked to open her door to her daughter Joan. Once inside, Joan phoned Nick to tell him she was back in Woodbridge and asked him if he had received the divorce papers. After the conversation, Nick toasted with Paul to his freedom. Paul wondered why Nick thought his leaving Amy was a bad idea while he had just divorced Joan. Nick answered Amy needed Paul, Joan didn’t need Nick. Nick stopped before telling Paul the truth.

At her mother’s, Joan told her she and Stan gave Archie the slip in New York and then she quarelled with Stan over everything. When he sold his hot car before crossing over and refused to shar the money with her, she decided to split with him. She got her decree, took every time of Archie’s and lit out. She then would live a different life in Woodbridge.

Belle visited Paul at his hotel room. He thought it was not discreet enough. Belle got tired of waiting for him to kiss her.

#3903 – Wednesday, January 29th 1969

In her living room, Val was talking with Jill in the evening. Jill was upset she didn’t have time to share with Ken as he had to meet Laurie Hollister. Jill would like Val to use her influence to stop Ken and Laurie working together. Valerie thought she should give them a chance. Later, Valerie told Jill how she learned about Amy’s pregnancy and that she could understand why she was hiding the pregnancy from Paul.

At the Country club, Ken called Laurie and told her they should work again at some point. After he hung up, Wally asked Ken if he knew about the Hollister girl’s past. Wally told him Laurie was carted off to a sanitarium for a while as part of trouble with her father but he didn’t know much. Ken then asked Alex if he could use the piano with Laurie and Alex was uncomfortable. When Alex went to his office with Nola, Ken questioned Wally about their supposed affair. Wally admitted it was only a guess and he didn’t have any evidence of him. Ken urged Wally to forget his stupid idea. In his office, Alex was not happy Nola suggested Ken and Laurie use the piano in the ballroom. If Laurie spent time in the Country Club, she could find out about their affair. When Alex told Ken there was a rule prevented him from using the piano, Nola said it was foolish but Ken assured he would find a piano elsewhere.

#3904 – Thursday, January 30th 1969

In Sam’s chamber, he heard Eleanor on the phone – she finally evicted her tenant. She told Sam she hoped the next one would act like a lady. Meanwhile, Joan was at her mother’s and she went through the Herald to look for a new place for herself. Mrs. Borman thought she should first look for a job, and later for a place to live. Joan has huge ambition and she still had some money she took from Stan.

Nick was moving in his new apartement. Amy was helping him and she offered him a rug to decorate his flat. They managed to put book on book shelves and Nick admitted that as a bachelor, his flat would probably be a bit disorderly. Amy admitted she promised Paul on a quick divorce, before he found out she was pregnant. She said that if he married Belle, he would not come back to her, only for the baby. Nick realized Amy was still in love with Paul.

Sam expected Wilfred in his chamber to work on a civic project together but he was late. He talked with Eleanor about Ken and Laurie working together. She wondered how Jill would feel about it. Wilfred arrived late. When Sam talked about Ken and Laurie’s collaboration, Wilfred was shocked – he wasn’t told about this. Sam was sure Nola only forgot to mention it. Wilfred assured he would put a stop to his nonsense.

#3905 – Friday, January 31st 1969

In the Hollisters’ living room, Laurie worried that Ken might come late and Nola wouldn’t like for him to come upon Wilfred. Laurie wondered why Alex Lockwood refused to let them use the piano at the country club. Ken arrived. He told Laurie he was surprised she didn’t mention her past to him. Laurie realized he was talking about her time in the sanitarium and asked if he changed anything. Ken apologized and told her he was sorry he asked.

Val received a phone call from Ken. He asked her if by any way he could use the piano at her place with a friend. Val was surprised but agreed Ken and Laurie come to her house to discuss it. After Val hung up, Amy arrived at her place. Amy told she was supposed to have dinner with Nick but he had to cancel their plans so she didn’t want to come back to an empty place. Val couldn’t join her for dinner either as Ken and Laurie would come.

Wilfred came home but Ken and Laurie had already left. (End of the episode missing).


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#3906 – Monday, February 3rd 1969

(Beginning of the episode missing). At the Stevenses’, Val was ready to leave. She told Sam she heard from Amy that Joan Kane, going by her maiden name Joan Borman, was back in Woodbridge. Sam grimaced.

Laurie and her father quarelled. Laurie assured she was working with Ken, not dating him so why him being married would be important. Laurie mentioned another friendship Wilfred once broke up. Wilfred left. Nola admonished Laurie : this past incident should never be discussed again. Laurie apologized.

Back home, Val was surprised to see Joan at the door. Joan said she was sorry about everything that happened. She made a terrible mistake in thinking Nick and Val were having an affair. She wanted to live at peace in Woodbridge and begged Valerie for forgiveness. Val remained aloof and non-committal.

#3907 – Tuesday, February 4th 1969

Early in the morning, Amy turned up at Valerie’s. She told Val that Nick would introduce her to a friend, lawyer Thomas Austin. Amy wanted the divorce to go quick. Amy told Val she ran into Belle and Paul at the English Pub last night and it was awkward. It confirmed the baby would be only hers, not Paul’s. Nick arrived. Val told him about his ex-wife’s unannounced visit last night and Val assured she would never forgive Joan but had no desire to be vindicative.

Meanwhile, Belle was serving Paul breakfast in her apartment. She wondered if Amy was stalling the divorce. Paul phoned Amy but she was not home. He found unusual she was not home early in the morning. Belle reminded Paul that Amy said the doctor confirmed she was fine so there was no reason to worry about her. Belle talked about her plans for after their wedding. She imagined they could live in Europe. Paul admitted he had considered applying to some foundation for a grant that would support them.

After Amy went up to put on a new face before meeting the lawyer, Valerie questionned Nick about their recent bonding. Nick admitted he liked Amy’s friendship but Val wondered if he noticed she still loved Paul very much. Nick and Amy went to meet Thomas Austin. Austin asked Amy if she could prove adultery. Amy said she didn’t want to and wished she could protect her daughter. She then would need to be patient. Divorce could be final in two years. Nick suggested she should get a Mexican divorce like Joan did.

#3908 – Wednesday, February 5th 1969

In his office, Nick received a phone call from Joan. She asked him for a favor. She had an appointment for an apartment but as she didn’t have a job yet, she asked Nick to back her up saying she received money from their divorce settlement. Nick refused lying. Paul then dropped in. He said Tom Austin called him and introduced himself as Amy’s lawyer. As he was Nick’s friend, Paul assumed Nick introduced him to Amy. Paul thanked Nick as he wanted the matter solved as soon as possible. Nick lost his temper and told Paul he didn’t realize how much he had hurt Amy. Paul assured he appreciated Nick’s support to Amy. Given his feelings for Belle, Paul needed to leave Amy.

Meanwhile, Eleanor hoped her new upstairs neighbor would be less frivolous than the previous one. Mr. Travis, the landlord, seemed to prefer a woman in his apartement. Sam made fun of the situation – if Eleanor had a male neighbour, her life might be different. Sam then received a phone call from Nola Hollister asking him to meet.

Mr. Travis introduced Joan to the apartement. She wanted to take it immediately. Mr. Travis assured the neighbour downstairs – a spinster working as a legal secretary – was okay. Joan was very flirty and Mr. Travis was ready to forget a trifle like references.

Nola was in Sam’s office. She told him she didn’t share Wilfred’s feeling about Ken and Laurie. She was happy with what the collaboration was doing to Laurie. Sam said Valerie had misgivings about letting Ken and Laurie use her piano since Wilfred so strongly objected. Nola wondered how much Sam knew about Laurie’s past but Sam didn’t know much.

#3909 – Thursday, February 6th 1969

Jill visited Amy. She said she was still uneasy about Ken and Laurie’s collaboration. Valerie agreed to let them use her piano since Laurie’s mother told Sam she was all for it. Amy told Jill about how she met Paul and Belle at the English pub and that Nick’s lawyer friend told her she could only get a short divorce on the grounds of adultery. She was tempted if it was not for Lisa.

At Val’s, Ken and Laurie thanked Valerie for her favor. Val told that since Nola said it was right keeping it from Wilfred, she was okay. Nola called and thanked Val. After she hung up, Alex was seen seated nearby. As Wilfred was in New York for the day, Nola gave the housekeeper an extra afternoon. Alex admired the Hollister house. He understood why Nola wouldn’t leave Wilfred. Nola admitted that if she were ever going to, she would have done it three years ago with what happened with little Nancy Crawford. Nola said that Laurie would someday leave the house and Nola would be left with the impossible Wilfred. Nola wondered if Alex prefered she stay married for her money. He kissed her passionately.

While working on a new song, Laurie had a burst on anger when she got hung up on a work. Laurie started talking about her time in the sanitarium to Ken. She mentionned a friend of hers, Nancy Crawford… but Val interrupted.

#3910 – Friday, February 7th 1969

Nick asked Amy if she could give him a hand with the livingroom walls she had selected. Nick started to light a cigarette but Amy asked him not to as she couldn’t stand the smell since she was pregnant. When the phone rang, Nick answered. Paul was surprised. He wanted to ask Amy if he could come and grab some documents in his study. Amy agreed, Mrs. Giddens would be there with Lisa as she and Nick were going out. Paul then returned at his table with Belle at The Water Hole. He realized how much time Nick was spending with Lisa. Belle wondered if he was jealous but Paul denied.

Mrs. Giddens arrived to babysit Lisa. Amy told her Paul would come and the babysitter showed her contempt for Paul and the « Clemens woman ». When they left, Nick asked Amy if he could smoke in the car despite her « delicate condition ». Mrs. Gidden had heard and was dumbfounded.

Once at Nick’s, the prints were hanged. Nick and Amy talked about Paul’s visit to Nick once he found out that Nick adviced a lawyer for Amy. He told Amy that you can’t really follow a man’s mind when he was falling in love.

Paul arrived at his previous home while Mrs. Giddens was watching the television. He went to find the papers in his study. While he was about to leave, Mrs. Giddens gave him a piece of her mind : deserting a lovely woman like Amy was shocking but leaving her as she was pregnant made him quite a monster. Paul was speechless.

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I will share more of February 1969 soon. To keep you waiting, I did some monthly chart for January. 

I guessed Joel Crothers joined on January 17th. It is the day he last aired on "Dark Shadows" too. It is said he left DS for TSS and I imagined he was hired for the new love story with Laurie who was introduced the same day. Just a wild guess though... he might have replaced Gordon Gray a bit later.


JANUARY 1969 – 18 episodes

1. Jada Rowland (Belle Ames Britton) : 12

2. Nicholas Coster (Paul Britton) : 11

3. Audrey Johnston (Jill Stevens) : 8

4. Marla Adams (Belle Clemens) : 7

*. Joel Crothers (Ken Stevens) : 7                                             (first : 01/17)

*. Terry O’Sullivan (Judge Sam Stevens) : 7

7. Linda DeCoff (Laurie Hollister) : 6                                        (first : 01/17)

*. Rita Morley (Nola Hollister) : 6

9. Keith Charles (Nick Kane) : 5

*. Chase Crowley (Eleanor Gault) : 5

*. Mary McGregor (Susan Ames Carver) : 5

*. Lori March (Valerie Ames) : 5

13. Christina Crawford (Joan Borman Kane) : 4

*. Gordon Gray (Ken Stevens) : 4                                              (last : 01/14)

*. Barnard Hughes (Wilfried Hollister) : 4

*. Jay Lanin (Alex Lockwood) : 4

*. Lawrence Luckinbill (Frank Carver) : 4

18. Beverly Hayes (Karen Clemens) : 3

*. Joseph Warren (Wally Sikes) : 3

20. James Antonio (Stan Collins) : 2                                        (last : 01/15)

*. Elspeth Eric (Mrs. Borman) : 2

*. Marjorie Gateson (Grace Tyrell) : 2

*. Ken Kercheval (Archie Borman) : 2                                      (last : 01/15)

*. Addison Powell (Dr. Spencer Hadley) : 2

*. Ed Winter (Bob Hill) : 2


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This is the era of the show during which Maroy McGreggor appeared as Susan?    I had assumed in the past that it was much closer to the show's departure from the air when she had appeared.   Thank you for the clarification.


Again, I assuming that this is NOT the same singer who later had a top 40 hit with the song Torn between Two Lovers.

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