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Anita Keal played Mignon.The first go round,she was involved in the whole voodoo thing which got a little whacky.She was carted off to the asylum.When she returned,she was killed off.

Was it Lemay who brought her back? The character had potential as the interfering mother who didn't think Liza was good enough,but the writers never explored that.She could have been a thorn in Travis & Liza's side for years.

Martin and Mignon were siblings-yes?

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saynotoursoap uploaded a rare 1954 episode featuring the enthralling story where the syndicate were using the twin sister of Arthur's dead wife to try to drive Jo out. It's good to finally get to actually see Hazel. Her insecurities and blind rage towards Jo - Jo has to be a fake, the mere idea of Jo makes her sick - jump off the screen. She's coarse and crude and yet this works beautifully in contrast to pure and good Jo. The scene where Jo says to herself that she just can't hate Hazel, she even pities her, really sums up the appeal of Jo, and how Mary Stuart always seemed to manage to cut out any potential saccharine or sanctimony. It also gets to the humanity soaps no longer have - there IS a way out for Hazel, she just won't take it. I love that this starts out with Hazel outside, alone, thinking, and then Jo does the same when Hazel goes inside.

This is all very cheaply put together, of course, but I actually think this adds to the power of the scenes and draws you in. I especially like that rickety old "outdoor" set.

I wish they'd cast Mary Patton on GL as some relation of Bert's. She reminds me of Charita Bauer.

I hope that people who want to make new soaps will watch this and see how effective 15 minute soaps can be.


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Jo: Do you really like neon lights?

Hazel: Sure! All the gay spots have 'em!

Khan: Indeed!


Also, listen closely and in the background at 7:28 is the familiar DAYS theme.

1) Jo was a soap fan. Just like us.

2) But it's the evening! Did she have a DVR?

3) Wait, it's 1954 and she's watching DAYS???

:) :)

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