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Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

Paul Raven

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Please don't apologize, I love your info.

The Maree photos are great. I have to admit I don't quite get the appeal of Val Dufour but in terms of the ageism that hit soaps in the 70's I'm sorry he was one of those driven off daytime. I wonder if his departure hurt Search's ratings.

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Phillip Brown (Steve Kendall) spoke about Search in a SOD interview March 94

In response to the question"Did he ever want to kill his agent for talking him into something?"

He replied."that would have to be SFT.I was there in 83 and didn't much care for their approach to the actors. Before we'd tape a scene,they's come out and announce,'You's better get it word for word in two takes,because we don't have the money to spend on you'. It was my first experience in daytime and it wasn't a real good experience."

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He also said in another interview that he had a very hard time working with Maree Cheatham.

Phillip Brown is HOT! However, I can see them having this guy from commercials and prime time not understanding about the speed and economy of daytime, I know the got fired from GL as Ben Warren even before he started as he couldn't remember his lines and he complained that there was too many pages in his script. Wonder if he would have brought some more depth to Warren then the other actor did (though I think he is hot too.) Always thought that Buzz Cooper should have been cast with someone like Brown, rugged who you could believe was blue collar and you could beleive that hot women like Nadine and Jenna would actually give a damn about, instead of the overacting troll Justin Deas.

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Mary Stuart interview in SOD,Nov 81

In current scripts,Jo has become a bitter woman. She fought with her partner Stu,because he hired Stephanie Wyatt(Jo's nemesis for many years)son to work at their inn. Jo has become a jealous woman as well,which Mary feels is "totally unlike her".The actress edits her lines when she feels they aren't true to Jo's personality.

"I think the writers are gypping the audience.They think the viewers won't notice and that's ridiculous"

While Mary disapproves of this kind of change,she'd appreciate her character becoming"less square".

She found Jo's refusal to accompany her husband Martin on a trip to Florida,"silly".It's not too wise to make Jo a stick-in-the-mud just so she and Martin can fight.This isn't fair to Jo's friends - I mean her fan's who've been very supportive of me."

Mary cares a great deal about Jo's future.She feels the character can contribute so much more to"SFT".

"I'd like to get her involved in politics.she ran for city councilwoman,won and nothing was ever done with it.If they want a problem with Martin,let it be her career.Let Jo be too busy to go places with her husband,which is true of a lot of women."

Speaking candidly,Mary confessed,"The way they've used my character for the last four years has hurt my feelings terribly.I'm grateful to the audience for being so loyal."

The actress remarked that when the writers are thoughtful,sensitive people,she's usually happy with her lines.These writers approach her to ask how she feels about the stories.

In general,Mary feels the people involved with SFT work well together.

"we only get into trouble when any one person tries to get too powerful",she said.

"In the beginning,we were a family operation,and it would be great to get back to that".


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If Ann Marcus's book is to be believed, perhaps Mary's jealousy over storylines for Patti torpedoed Joanne's future on Search. I wonder if she wanted Patti and Len gone, especially after the 1974 return. I thought Leigh Lassen did a great job as Patti. She cut her hair short in the last months on the show and I think she looked like she could have been Mary's real life daughter. Maybe Mary didn't want to portray a grandmother, with a grandchild in the story. I just can't believe with some influence Mary wouldn't have advised TPTB that Joanne needed her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren in the story, unless Mary wanted Joanne as a single lady open to the same stereotyped romances she'd been playing since the late 60's.

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