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  1. Yeah that was a 1964 ep of PP with Patricia Breslin and Paul Langton playing siblings Laura Brooks and Leslie Harrington. And yes just heard Pat Breslin (Mrs. Art Modell for football fans) died the same day, Oct 12th as the ep aired.
  2. Those 'madness' stories that Another World did with Alice and All My Children did with Erica were direct rip offs of the Leslie Brooks mental hospital storyline on Y&R in 1974. Alice had been through a lot, but I never bought a nervous breakdown for that character. In Susan's case, she was pregnant with Liza Huber in real life and they needed to write her off. And don't get me started on AMC ripping off alcoholic Kaye Chancellor with Phoebe Tyler....
  3. The unstable Vietnam vet was Mitch Farmer who was in love with Jill and he held up in the Grant home with Jill. Jill was trying to get him to turn himself in. My two older teenage sisters loved two couplings on soaps at that time - Phil and Tara, and Jill and Mitch. I can't understand Somerset writing Jill and Mitch out to this day. I thought Susan MacDonald was too important as the heroine. Oh well...
  4. I remember Jacquie taped a scene where she was reciting a letter she'd written to Steve, and then seeing Steve's reaction to the letter. I believe they wrote her off to Paris(?). The year she was gone, I remember her name was still in the credits for a long time. Robin Strasser appeared on a local talk show in my hometown and she was inundated with questions about 'Alice' and when she would return and she indicated she would be back. It's kind of funny to think the horrible reputation that assholes Rauch and Lemay gave Courtney that she at one time, left the biz to be a wife and mother and it
  5. LOL Carl about Jacquie/Jim. I thought they were an attractive couple and it was quite a boon for AW to snag Douglas. I'm sure he was approached to play Steven for RTPP but I recall (he was VERY press shy) he didn't want his family on the West Coast and had moved them East for a normal schooling/life etc. I thought Joe Gallison was excellent as Steven on RTPP, in fact Gallison along with Joel Crothers was probably one actor who never failed to be great in any soap role. I think too that Alice and Eliot started to get some buzz as a couple. Remember the short wig Jacquie originally wore as Alice
  6. PP The Next Generation was a DISASTER. No Matthew Carson; he had a sex change and now he's Kelly Carson! Steven Cord is now Martin Peyton's son, completely obliterating the Steven is Catherine Peyton's illegitimate son angle. Makes no sense. Rita is back in the picture, ignoring the more plausible Murder in PP. Allison is found AGAIN and a third version of her whereabouts is presented. Then she's killed off, lol. Sorry if anyone considers these spoilers. The whole stupid movie was a spoiled. On Barbara Parkins' facebook page there was an attempt by her agent to call for an all n
  7. I think the Bauers needed a strong Rick Bauer. Rick was always Phillip's stooge. It should have been the other way around. Michael O'Leary was Barney Rubble. The first teen/adult Rick was Phil MacGregor, and sorry, but next to Grant Aleksander he just didn't register.
  8. Carl I remember Lynne Adams' first go round as Leslie Jackson. She was not necessarily pretty but she was fiesty. I always liked Fran Myers better as Peggy. I think Barbara Rodell made the role her own and it's really her I remember most as Leslie. Lynne went on to play Amy on Secret Storm and I really liked her in that role. I think she and David Ackroyd had great chemistry...and then Jada Rowland shows up at the 1972 anniversary party, having spent all her money in Europe and she needed a job..and voila she was stunningly back as Amy. Lynne then exercised her right(?) and re-claimed Leslie N
  9. What about Alma Miller?? I Loved the dithery Ethel Remy and her attempts to 'hook up' with Grandpa Hughes!
  10. Thanks Carl - love that clip. Something about Toni (maybe her voice?) reminds me of Sharon Tate. Considering how Y&R was heralded as starting the youth movement in soaps, I think both LOL with Tess, Bill, Sally, Jamie and Kate were prominent in the late 60's and LIAMST with Mia, iris, Mark, Laura etc. were great early 20's characters in soaps.
  11. Wow, that AT cover yesterday with the beautiful Donna Mills/David Birney, and now this feature with the Buas. They are stunning together.
  12. Love that Donna/David cover. My God that was chemistry and they re-united three times after the end of LIAMST, playing a married couple on The Love Boat, Medical Center and two Naval officers on Hawaii Five O. Does anyone remember Joan McMongale(sp) who played Holly McAllistar at the end? That actress was in about 100 commericals before, during and after LIAMST. She had a sort of soccer mom(they didn't call it that then) look about her, very wholesome, unthreatening but pretty.
  13. Well Suzie Kaye Stone was described by Diana Douglas in her book, as a constant pot smoker who never performed well. Or something to that effect. Angel had the hot story at the time of cancellation. Angel was dying, Peter was destroyed but I don't think anyone else knew except Betsy. It was heartbreaking. I think Suzie Kaye's popularity soared at the end. Angel had made tons of mistakes and felt she was being punished so the audience embraced her. To me, it was like a lot of Love Story inspired storylines -kill off 1/2 half of a loving couple. I mentioned Bill Prentiss, but would add Cindy Cla
  14. Bibi had gotten pregnant (with Samantha Mathis) while on EON and after the baby was born, she didn't return but took the part of Iris. I think CBS may have handpicked her. That was January(?) 1971 I believe. Leslie left in December 1970, Donna was gone Sept 1970 and Birney June 1970 if I'm remembering correctly. A contigent of Edge fans wanted Bibi on EDGE because they liked her with Donald May, who had not quite yet achieved the super couple status with Maeve McGuire. Bibi was very good at Iris - more grounded. She played big sister to Laura. I especially loved the friendship between Bets
  15. That ad stating 'beautiful' Rachel - ha ha ha. I wonder if Rauch penned that himself.
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