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AMC: Beth Ehlers Vs. JR Martinez

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BEh recently gave a Stardish interview, in which she vented her frustrations about lack of screen time/not being written for, amongst other things. One, being JR Martinez.

Here's what she said in ref to him, as well as how she's been feeling about a few things:

Beth Eh: It was almost like as if he was writing us on our own little show. As many times as I would casually try to go into my boss' office and say, "Um you are going to start integrating me, right?" because you can't...

It's a funny thing...when you've been doing this, as long as I've been doing it, you know how it's suppose to be done. But you can't tell your boss because it's like any other job in the world. You can't know more than your boss because they'd hate you for it and so you have to be careful when you go in, that you don't tell somebody how to do their job and um...but I wanted to scream at people. I just wanted to go in and say helllloooo you're burying me here. You're doing it. You're making this really hard. First you give me someone who, God Bless him...I love JR, but he's not an actor and so you know that's hard enough with somebody who's...it's going to be a long time before he gets out of second gear so um i'm having to constantly hedge my performance because I can't be doing, you know Shakespeare while he's doing something else.

Anyways it got back to JR Martinez & he responded back, on his Twitter & Facebook page.

Twitter comments:I believe everyone including myself knows IM NOT AN ACTOR, however, she never did any coaching. Apparently SHE sold the story

she continuously reminded me I'm not an actor instead of coaching me. I feel some props shld go 2 Brot for holding his own.

Goodnight for real! Better to sleep it off then let things get to me...better day tomorrow

Facebook: Here's another one for your Tuesday morning; not everyone chooses their words carefully b/c they just like to talk. Use it as motivation to prove to yourself that you can. Don't waste your energy to prove it to them b/c all that matters is YOUR opinion! "For every failure, there's an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.

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I think she already knows she's going to be gone and that's why she's saying this. (ie. Nia Peeples, she already knew she was leaving so she didn't care that she blasted KSJ in public)

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I think she might have stood a chance as Liza but NOBODY has ever cared about Taylor , or have she or the writers gave viewers any reason to.

IMO they should have went full bore with her Right-Wingness and set her up as Pine Valley's verison of Sarah Palin. Once she got out of War Loving mode she kind of lost all purpose.

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