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All: SOD's Best and Worst of's for 2007

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SOD Best Story 2007: The MC Hostage Crisis

Worst Story: The Satin Slayer

Worst Couple: Josh/Cassie from GL.

Best Triangle: Noah/Luke/Maddie ATWT

Worst Triangle: Rick/Phoebe/Constantine from B/B

Most Tortured Couple: Zach/Kendall, AMC

Best Family Drama: Noah in the Middle, Y&R

Best Quad: Jasam and Liz/Lucky

Worst Quad:Rosanna/Paul/Meg/Craig ATWT

Best History ReWrite: Jill learns Cane is her son, Y&R

Worst Rewrie: The Vendetta, Days

Best Recast: Austin Prck, Brad, ATWT

Worst Recast: Christina Chambers, ex-Marty OL.

Best Break up: Victor/Nikki, Y&R

Worst Breakup: John/Natalie OL

Most Shocking Ploot twists:Linsay killed Spencer/Davids A Buchanan, OL

Most Preposterious Plot: The Vincent Saga, Passions

Worst Villian: Tate, OL

Best Heroine:Harley, GL

Most Entertaining Character: Esme, Passions

Most Boring Character: Adrian, Y&R

Biggest Waste of Talent: The Veterans, Days

Most Daring Story: Zoe, AMC

Most retread Plot: Brooke/Ridge, B/B

Best return: Tony/Anna/Stefano, Days

Worst Return: Dylan, GL

Best Soap Hop: Eileen Davidson: B/B

Biggest Tearjerker: John's Death Days

Most Disappointing Show: GL

Most Improved: OLTL

Best Show: ATWT

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Kind of stumped on how ATWT is Best Show, even though I love it. My guess is the other shows had huge flaws.

They did nail the worst Quad...there's nothing redeeming about Craig/Meg/Paul/Ro. "Best Triangle"...HUH??? It was barely on, and it went on for about two months. Sigh...I guess they had to work Nuke in there some how.

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Hm I would have guessed that B&B would get Best Show.

They are spot on every where else.

Most Disappointing Show: GL

Best Return: Tony/Anna/Stefano

Most Improved(I wish they had done the whole "Best Show that You're Not Watching"): OLTL

Worst Couple: Josh and Cassie (I hope Ellen Wheeler and David Kreizman read this and see that their precious couple are not all that)

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Y&R's two wins are ridiculous. Noah was BEYOND annoying, how could that be the best family drama? I'd give that to the Snyder's on ATWT with Faith & Lily's weight problems, plus Luke's drama. Also, Cane is Jill's son was insanely stupid, re-wrote history and was dropped like a hot potato. THe story focused on Cane and Amber, two newbies, not the vets important to the story.

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It came from An ad that CBS/ATWT was running asking whose your Snyder man poll, and someone from another board made a few banners using that photo. The ad is gone now though or I would link it, if you want to use it to make something of your own just go ahead and use mine, the person that made it said it was fine to use at will so, it should be ok.

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I disagree with SOD on almost everything, but....

Biggest Waste Of Talent: The Veterans, Days

They nailed this. From where they started a year ago to now, it is a crying shame it once again takes some magazine to tell you what fans have been saying for the past year.

Hoepfully, someone there will pull their heads out of their asses and change this.

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