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DAYS: SOD Tidbits

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Comings and going:

Shelley Henning as Stephanie Johnson has been cast.

Thaao Penghlis returns as Tony in May.

Days has not approached Joe M to return as Stefano. He would consider it if asked and would come back if the story was right.

VCR alerts:

4/12 The sheriff informs Shawn and Belle that Philip has posted reward fliers all over the island and demands they leave soon for Australia.

4/13 Steve takes a stand at the mental hospital

Y’all already have the interview with Corday.

Small interview with KA and PR about their absence from the show and how they have been keeping busy. Neither expected it. Both are touched by the reaction from the fans who were upset. If PR had known he would have done some things differently, like DWTS! She kept busy with her clothing line and traveling. He worked on his house.

HOTN: MBE, SN and Steve and Kayla

Round up:

Rachel Melvis whas asked who should your character have a one night stand with and her response was EJ and that it’s a no brainer.

The Perfect Nine: The 9 sexiest guys on daytime. Jason Thompson from GH, Austin Peck from ATWT, Kyle Lowder from B&B and James Scott from Days.

What will happen:

-Philip and EJ break into Bope’s house.

-Sami and Celeste plot to bring down EJ

-Bo asks Chelsea to move in

-Kayla gets into a car crash.

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Ok didn't this just happen last week on Thursday March 29th?? More circular movements and non-plot developments?

Also this all seems like a cheap rip off of Luke's mental ward experience a few years back on GH when he was looking for Laura. Of course DAYS or whomever can't pull it off.

None of these spoilers sound progressing but that is no surprise.

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PR should've did DWTS. Not only would it have gotten Days some buzz but he may have done well.

Spoilers sound good. I know we get some Marlena, Bo, and Hope next week so that is good. I can't wait for May though.

The Kayla car crash sounds good. The Steve stuff is same old but I heard he has some good stuff with Kayla so it's all good.

Days just has to get through April and then the fun will begin.

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TPTB have been adamant in saying that Joes Mascolo won't setlle for anything less than a contract role. TPTB aren't in a situation to offer him anything else, thus the absence of Mascolo on DAYS right now.

What Rion is saying is that if push comes to shove and TPTB need the character, they might bring on a recast of Stephano. It's happened before.

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