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March 22nd

Kayla and Max go to Italy, and visit Stefano.

Hope finds her jewlery in Willow's room.

Philip finds Shawn and Belle, but they escape (again)

Drake Hogestyn wants to get paid more, so John will sstay in a coma for much longer, or Drake will be cut!

Abby will be leaving Salem for good, so she can attend NYU.

Jack and Jen will most likely be returning to Salem, with a recast Jen, and a 6 year old J.J.

When Philip lets Shawn and Belle slip away again, EJ sets fire to the Kirikas mansion! Victor suffers from smoke inhalliation.

Kate will perform her final bad deed, when she is killed at Sami and Lucas' reception!

DAYS is looking to do a daytime first! DAYS is planning to do a Hannibal Lecter type of storyline... Who's the killer? A Brady! Or Is It?


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Kate killed? Hmmm... let's see...

Hogan said he loved Bope and they got backburnered... he LOVED Lexie and she was written off... he LOVED Kate.... yup, I can see her getting killed off...

Hanibal Lecter? I though DAYS stopped doing the daytime's first thing when JER left... oh well... this is gross if true, IMO...

Kiriakis mansion on fire? Again? Is Victor dying too? Wonderful...

I'm not sure how much I believe these, but thanks Angie.. :)

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I'ma believe this is NBC's way of floating rumors to get ideas for the show. They used to do that stuff- rip-off from fanfics and online threads and stuff. So:

Killing Kate would be awesome. Ideally I'd like to see her find out about Sami's secret then work with Sami and Celeste to kill EJ, but, y'know, dead at a wedding works for me, too. Anything to avoid more Kate vs. Sami with no comeuppance for Kate storylines.

I'm also going to choose to believe the Drake thing, so I'll show appropriate outrage (how dare he want more money!) and get over his lack of airtime. Not that I was one who missed him, but, y'know, it's fun to pretend.

Why get rid of Abby and bring back Jack and Jen? Why age the kid to only 6 years old? Let's push it- if EJ can be, like, 30 then JJ can be aged to participate in the Nick/Chelsea saga.

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Uh...no. Some of these rumors have been flying forever and some of them don't even make sense.

Some may happen but some I don't buy at all.

JSF...don't use these kind of spumors as proof. Why don't you wait until an actual reliable source says that Drake may be gone before going nuts. You accept anything as the truth. Can we please stop being so dramatic? :lol:

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As I mentioned in the other thread, Phoe, I'm not trying to be overdramatic about the Drake issue; it's more about accountability.

Think about it: daytime heads, in general, think the fans are DUMB housewives who do nothing but sit on their sofas, eat bon-bons and watch soaps. All day. Oh, and they're uneducated. Hence the repetitive dialogue, the flashbacks of things that JUST happened in that episode -- and writing characters off without a big announcement that they are literally being "written off" in a more final sense of the word. (See Julia Barr for more information.)

So knowing that, if my hunch is true, Drake's firing, or prolonged disappearance, shall we say, wouldn't be announced if it means saving cash and also, keeping a supposedly uneducated, clueless -- and HUGE -- Jarlena fanbase in the dark about their favorite actor's dismissal. It leaves them with false hope that the actor will come back next month, or for sweeps, no November sweeps... and then the vicious cycle goes on and on, tugging back and forth with the fans' hearts.

But people like me, who risk looking like village idiots for all their screams, WON'T let the show runners get away with that crap.

we're ONTO YOU Corday (if we're right), and by raising our voices, it's saying, "You have NO choice but to bring him back! Because otherwise, we're going to spread the Gospel to everyone we know!"

So it's more of a public service. Now, if I'm wrong, so be it. But if the rumors of Drake's return are right, then I can't help thinking that, given the timing, Corday saw my posts, and those of others on other boards who may have taken my hunch, and realized he COULDN'T put the wool over the fans' eyes.

And then it becomes a public service.

It's a thankless job, I'll grant you that, but somebody's gotta keep our public officials -- and show runners -- accountable. :)

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Plus Matthew Ashford is returning for 2 Episodes ONLY according to TV Guide, and in NY not Salem. That's it! They could have paved the way for recurring and include him in Steve's storyline (especially with Adrienne returning) but they chose not to, so we are supposed to believe that they will be coming back?

Otherwise none of these sound worthy of watching the show.

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