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New Y&R/ATWT Spoiler


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Haha, I bet Jeanne wasn't expecting THIS for her so-called 'big story.' Then again it serves her right for stealing Victoria Rowell's place on the emmy pre-noms :P

Jess Walton is a trooper though. How she signed on for more, after years of [[email protected]#$%^&*] is impressive to me. And Jess Walton celebrates TWENTY YEARS on this damn soap come spring, so cherish her!! BTW whatever happened to Extreme Catwalk? Oh LML, you stupid hack you.

ETA: Y&R celebrates 35 years on the air in 2008, and I don't want this pathetic 'writer' to take us to that milestone.

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My theory is that LML or whoever flat out lied to Jeanne and Jess. Or told them the outline and not much else because no one can convince me they signed up for next to no screentime.

Seriously, Colleen screwing her professor dominates January and February but JILL FINDING OUT KAY SWITCHED HER BABY is baaaaaarely on? The words, the words just aren't coming to explain how much this upsets me.

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