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  1. 54 minutes ago Walking around tomorrow like "SNITCH BITCH SNITCHIN ASS BITCH" 54 minutes aWalking around school tomorrow like "SNITCH BITCH SNIT
  2. YASSSS and its her birthday..what a gift to her stans.. https://vimeo.com/127978225 The QUEEN is already trending https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFGyCHEUIAAKMYI.png
  3. I hear that Reid from Atwt will travel to Bay City and get killed by a train. If true, its nice that AW is being mentioned in the show final weeks.
  4. P&G replaced Jensen Buchanan with Cynthia Watros in 98 when contract negotiations fell apart on AW. Of course they staged the whole thing to make it seem like Jensen was having this important surgery when months prior she was complaining about her contract. That was the biggest stunt casting of the year and I finally became a Vicky fan.
  5. Ok Larissa wasnt adopted (Dont have no clue why people thought that) but there is a little thing called Light Skin Blacks
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