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  1. These two are the only ones that have me intrigued..
  2. Ava and Nik are together? Ewwww BYE.......
  3. When your side chick take a picture with you 😂 😂 😂 😂 Ava and Nik #GH
  4. unless they retconned some new scene in, they never even had sex that's what Socia Media is talking about...get with the program girl and you beleive everything you read on social media? Just finished watching the scene and the flashback sure suggest so. #DontCOME4Me
  5. that's what Socia Media is talking about...get with the program girl
  6. If they make Carlos Sabrina's baby daddy LOL....this will be like Shawn being Claire's daddy on Days (YAS that timeline)..I can't with these weird soap timelines but it will be interesting and juicy if they go there.
  7. Just finished watching the scene that was interrupted earlier on with Ava/Avery/Paul. I really like this Paul..something about his fine ass. Avery meet your new daddy.
  8. This whole scene with the Corinthos attacking Ava is hilarious. Everything they threw at her applies to their thug of a father. It wasn't that long ago both Morgan and Michael disowned him but now want to put him on some pedestal as a saint like he also doesn't murder people for a living and gets off with no consequences. At the end of the day Ava is Avery's mother not Carly and she has rights. When is the last time Carly even mentioned her own daughter Jossyln?? Michael is the biggest joke of them all making empty threats.
  9. Kendall

    Empire: Discussion Thread

    54 minutes ago Walking around tomorrow like "SNITCH BITCH SNITCHIN ASS BITCH" 54 minutes aWalking around school tomorrow like "SNITCH BITCH SNIT
  10. Bye JT..... Hmmm today's episode. Morgan, your daddy's unconscious BISH ...the hell with his feelings and ya Dumb Mami carrying that baby around like she had it. Get your baby Ava!!!!!!!! Sonny didn't mind bending Ava over that casket or where ever they did it so don't get brand new now. She's no dangerous than you.The nerve of these motherfu$$$$$. I can't stand the Corinthos. Morgan asking Ava to not get her baby to please Sonny and Carly is just who they are. I can't stand them.Valerie still has the whole damn town pressed I see. Nathan's big ass mouth..and Valerie needs to stop answering any damn questions these nosy ass towns people have.
  11. They should make Kiki and Kristina bisexual and let them have a go at it..
  12. Paul fine ass knows how to get things DONE. Yikes at the inappropriate chemistry between Ava and Julian. kinda felt bad for Carky today but ima go back to hating her tomorrow.
  13. The Mob meeting was great..no shots fired and action..and this is coming from someone who HATED the mob during the Guza era. If Ava hadn't bang half of Michael's family..I could see her a lol fun with Mikey. Maura and Chad had unexpected chemistry.
  14. Well Nancy had learned ha lesson and she gon keep on learning. Don't come for us BISH unless you are called.
  15. I really like Paul and he has chemistry with Ava.