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GL November Sweeps Spoilers!

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The Blackout

A blackout shakes-up the soapy town of Springfield thanks to Alan and Edmund. Alan needs to get out of jail and so he conspires with Edmund to turn the lights out. The blackout puts all of Springfield into a tailspin as people find themselves in unexpected situations. The blackout also signals the end of the heavy, plot-driven storylines that have been fueling Guiding Light for over a year now. We will start to see things lighten up and get more romantic in Springfield.

Always, Not Forever

Josh and Reva share a tender moment before the blackout, but that doesn't mean their relationship is repaired. Reva needs to find a new way of going at her life. Olivia, meanwhile, sets her sights on ex-hubby Josh. Don't worry though, that goal will remain unattainable for the dark-haired beauty, and there is someone in the background that will prove a much better match. During the blackout, Josh shares a special moment with Cassie, who has not been handling Hope's departure very well.

The Battle for Spaulding

Harley tackles Spaulding Enterprises with gusto, but soon learns that there is a plot being brewed against her. She and Gus will work together to find out who exactly is involved. (Alan and Beth are using Mallet to undermine Harley.) But it's not all roses and rainbows for the newlyweds. Even though they are getting settled and working together, Mallet still poses a threat. He loves Harley and that is trouble. Harley also has lingering feelings for Mallet, and despite his budding relationship with Dinah, he is finding it hard to move on.

Wedding Bells for Tammy

Sandy's secret is finally exposed to the light of day and Tammy's whole world is turned upside down. The secret changes everything Tammy thought she knew about Sandy, and it certainly changes their plans. Will Sandy's past push Tammy into Jonathan's arms?

Dinah Strikes Back

In the aftermath of the baby heist, Dinah decides to change her life. She doesn't want to be controlled by anyone, and certainly not a man. Determined to never again lose herself, Dinah throws her efforts into something new. Meanwhile, she has new romantic entanglements with Mallet, who is trying to forget Harley. He has the potential to save Dinah from herself, but since she will be working with Harley at Spaulding Enterprises, he might not be able to keep his mind solely on Dinah. And don't forget! Vanessa is back in Springfield for awhile...

Happy Ending for Manny

Michelle and Marina are stuck in an elevator together during the blackout. Marina comes to a realization about her relationship with Danny. So, Danny and Michelle get a big, happy ending before leaving Springfield. They reunite and ride off into the sunset with Hope and Robbie.

Cassie Loses Hope

Meanwhile, Cassie feels a little lost and has a life-changing moment. Locked in a garage with Josh during the blackout, Cassie reveals that she just can't get over giving up Hope. Josh manages to make Cassie smile... for the first time in a long time.

Cassie focuses her attention on Jeffrey and finally unearths something about his past that explains a lot about what he is doing in Springfield and why he looks so much like Richard. Edmund also leaves Springfield, but drops a final bombshell on his way out of town that will reverberate long after he's gone.

Monetary Means

Lizzie deals with her money problems and starts making bad decisions that she thinks will improve her relationship with Coop.

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If it worked before, try it again?

Seriously, I think this is a good idea. These stories do have some promise to them... I am NOT happy we are losing all of these good characters from GL, but at least their stories are ending with a bang and not with a whimper.

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