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Days Spoilers!!!!

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Bo arrests Patrick for Eve's murder

Jack and Jennifer are in a cave

Abby waits with Max for news on her parents

Bo shows Hope the evidence against Patrick

Bonnie pushes Mimi to help alter the DNA results

Jack collapses

Frankie learns Jack is in remission

Jack and Jennifer plan to move to London

Bonnie and Mimi visit Patrick at the police station

Shawn learns he is Claire's father

Shawn tells Belle and Philip the paternity-test results

Shawn and Philip fight over Claire

Jack and Jennifer have a going-away party

Bo tells Kayla not to give up on Steve

Will remains missing

E.J plans to make a plea for Will on the new TV station

Bo tells Hope that they are the loves of each other's lifes

Lucas finds Carrie in a passionate kiss with Austin

Shawn tracks down Philip with Claire

Lab security arrests Philip

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I can say here that a helicopter arrives to rescue Jack and Jennifer and then Jack collapses. This whole story is going to move at lightning speed this week.

Also, on Friday, when Shawn tracks Philip down at the hospital lab and Philip is arrested, that's the last day of Jason Cook as Shawn. It will be strange to see Beemer on the following Thursday.

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