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  1. The Denny ghost sex was disturbing to say the least. I am really hating this storyline. And the addition of "Death's" friend is awful. What is her problem anyway. I cannot believe these inturns operating on themselves....wtf? Really want these storylines gone. I really love McSteamy though and he has the best lines on the show by far.
  2. I completely agree Toups. I'm so over the Denny/Izzy relationship. They chose to kill him off now lets move on already. And I hear we have another five episodes of him. Please. Just when her relationship with Alex was getting interesting. I really want to know more about Alex's past. I'm not looking forward to the next episode of the Izzy/Denny show that's for sure.
  3. And I loved Alex telling the lady when she was in for the MRI......where am I? Your in a spaceship going to the moon or whatever it was.....that was hilarious.
  4. I loved it as well. Although here we finally have Merideth making inroads and now Derek's kissing other women....lordy here we go again!! Was shocked when Alex called out "Ava" and she had sex with him anyways....didn't see that coming!
  5. Well I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was excellent. I can see Christina is really going to be hurting over Burke and it's nice to see her with some emotions for a change. Loved the twist at the end with Meredith and Derek, that was cute. I really feel for Callie though. Man, she can't get a break!!
  6. Can't believe Burke's not going to be there next season. All the drama that could've been is now gone. I think that was a very bad move.....but what do I know. I hope things get a little happier next season because this season was very depressing. Instead of allowing Callie and George to enjoy the first few months of marriage we have George in constant turmoil over Izzy. And Izzy all of a sudden has feelings for George? Give me a break. And now they are going to cause problems with Derek and Merideth again? I can't take it. Can't they be happy for a little while at least? And the only good thing the show had going was the chemistry between Addison and Karev. And now that is gone too. As if she would tell him to go get Ava....who by the way I saw no chemistry with whatsoever.....When for the last few months we've all been patiently waiting for Addy/Karev to admit their feelings to each other? Yes this season was a mess......let's hope it gets better next season.
  7. I thought the episode was amazing. Had me on the seat of my chair all night. And I thought the makeup on that lady was well done. She was swollen and purple and the way she looked at Alex through her eyes was really sad. I can't wait for the next episode.
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