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  1. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    He sure does!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Having some turkey here and watching some football.
  3. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I like him either way but here you go.....Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!!
  4. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    He does...you just have to look closely. You're very picky.....lol
  5. Another B&B character recast

    At SON posting on the boards. He can't even write for Myron. I doubt he could write for a male gay fashion designer.
  6. Y&R Promo Wk of 11/27/17

    Nick and Chelsea are a big failure. They have no resemblance of a couple. I wish Mal would end it now. They are horrible together.
  7. Another B&B character recast

    Here is a better pic of her...the one SOD used isn't too flattering to her... Either that or Brooke/Bill/Hope triangle...either way it's trash and that's why Kim passed on it.
  8. Week of December 4th Spoilers

    Ciara has a confrontation with Claire Belle shares a secret with Will Eli investigates Deimos’ murder ,Sami gets some earth shattering news
  9. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    Revealing? It was plain ugly on her. Good episode today. And the ending with Abe.....
  10. Another B&B character recast

    It's obvious with her return it will be Liam 24/7 again with Hope, Sally and Steffy vieing for his manhood. Ugh....glad I stopped watching this [!@#$%^&*].
  11. Another B&B character recast

    Lawd.....here we go again..... https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/casting-exclusive-bb-recasts-hope/ I guess Kim didn't want to return? Who could blame her.
  12. Favorite TV Themes/Openings

  13. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    Hahahaha....F you Ravi...you aren't invited to Thanksgiving Dinner....LOLOL And here we go with Ravi and Ashley as a couple....ugh... Nikki and Nick are pathetic!
  14. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

  15. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    You're welcome! What thirst? Sonny just stares at Sami going crazy for her son. I don't see any thirst in Sonny for Will. I saw more motherly love from Marlena for Will. Well, Susan was a loving mother to him. Sami hasn't been the best loving mother.....LOL