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  1. Aww...how sad! Bechtel's Spencer was probably the most charming child character in GH's history (right up there with Robin and Lucky). They should NOT have recast him. He was so cute, so funny, so much more entertaining in his smaller stories than the major adult story lines on the show during those years. I loved his character's relationship with Britt and Laura, especially, but he also played well off all the other veteran actors playing Luke, Tracy, Edward, Sonny, Helena, etc. The new Spencer recast looks like he's related to the the recast now playing his father, but he's doomed if he's already mired in the annoying teen set led by Joss, Cam and Trina. This new PCU class is the worst in generations. They need to cast a new Brenda and Jagger quick to salvage that boring whole class of Karens.
  2. LOL @ that cheesy '90s goodness in that video (and wow @ the choreography of getting her to piggyback him like that). I love how Vanessa Marcil went from being in Prince's "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" music video to having her GH character run an indie record label to actually hosting "ABC in Concert" during those years. Ricky Martin would not have exploded into the pop culture scene in the late '90s without first being introduced to the millions of female viewers of GH with the Brenda-related story lines. Was GH the only soap to have such a core front and center Latino cast of characters? That was so smart of them.
  3. Britt always looks great, but the underarm sweat stains on the fabric were so distracting. Is the GH studio set that hot? I'll forgive that minor sin, since she gave a cute little Spencer shout-out today and, even more miraculously, she's helped Jason seem interesting to watch after a century of doldrums. The last time he was this animated in scenes was when he had the Vegas wedding with Brenda, I think. I'm liking Ned becoming more like his grandfather, too. I can't wait for this Brooklyn story to blow up into the juicy mess it's surely going to turn into-- the casting decision to have this former OLTL actress take over the role was pitch perfect as Tracy Quartermaine's granddaughter.
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