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  1. ...and it also depends if you genuinely like the person the pranks are fun. Conversely, pranks and antics by someone you already have a predisposition to and it is extra annoying. Sounds like Ms. Bev demanded a sense of professionalism around her, although in his Locker Room interview on You Tube John Bolger mentioned his first scene with her and was quite gracious and funny, so I think it just depends. (I can say in real life some people find me very difficult and demanding and others find me funny, goofy and amusing.) And they are all me.
  2. I can remember watching that episode having no idea it was coming and like....wholly heck! The dark haunting life at the Love Mansion was my favorite storylines of AW by far.
  3. I can still remember watching when they introduced Vicky meeting up with Jake and they start kissing and it was like what?!? Had no idea that was coming. A great soap opera surprise. Does anyone remember if there were any hints or leaks that this was coming? Or what storyline shockers really surprised you?
  4. Donna resonated as Another World was always good with the Upstairs/Downstairs characters and needed that snotty patrician social snob. Nicole as the "party girl model" in the beginning was great, as was the pairing with her working lawyer brother, Peter. However, Peter went from the moral center to a weaker version looking for acceptance from daddy, Nicole changed lives from model to writer/singer/moral center to fashion designer and even Donna went from snob to heroine of a sort. While characters need to evolve, they seemed like they were always chasing a storyline or looking to fit these
  5. One of my favorite scenes in AW history. Donna being snarky and eliteist. "Her legs are too short..." :-)
  6. Anna Stuart!!!! She looks great! All of them look great and I loved that she and Kale have maintained a friendship throughout the years! I also loved how Kale mentioned the 4th Vicky! What a great side note. Alicia Coppola's commentary was also hilarious. The best episode of this web interview series. :-)
  7. I don't think we would have seen the Love's as would there be a need for a third wealthy family and not another patriarch like Reginald. And although they had overlapped them later, I don't know that the need for another society snob like Donna would have been created with Iris still front and center.
  8. Would you not say though that by 1985, the dynamic of soaps were changing in a result to be faster, younger and more focused on wealth, glamour and the high life. Even the way characters were introduced became a bigger event. I am not saying it was right, but I think it was indicative of the times. Over the top, was something soaps embraced. An escape. And conversely, if something wasn't working, it was shut down quickly and the writers/producers moved into something new. For long time viewers, that meant jettisoning off characters who mabe they felt did not fit the "new mold". As someo
  9. Quite a different portrayal than her return in the mid to late 80's.
  10. I gave up. It was unwatchable. But some of them have been better as far as the audio/connection. Did they mention Anna? I would have loved to have seen her.
  11. Didn't Burton then work on GL for a few years later? Another P&G soap, so he could not have been too bad?
  12. I have to admit I fast forward through a lot that is not Donna centric. I didn't hate the McKinnon's but MJ that was hooker turned cop...ouch... Vince was recast about 4 times, I think. And while I enjoyed Reginald Love, mostly because of his dynamic with Donna and Peter, the Mary KcKinnon/Marissa LaSalle stuff was in my eyes pretty bad.
  13. So I have been rewatching the 80's. It is now 1985 and the wheels have fallen off. LeSoleil...what the %$^& is that? The chasing of Egyptian and Indian art in Arizona, Taylor Miller as Sally Frame.... The show is just a mess. They are chasing the 80's formula, but very badly. I am guessing soon the revamping of the show is coming where the focus goes to the Loves, the McKinnons and the Cory's. But for now, we have all this bizarre storylines going on....
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