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  1. Right now for some unexplained reason, I am watching AW in 1981. I don't think my original viewing happened until about 1983-84. Which by then was a far different show than what I am watching now. What a difference a few years makes. The pace is slower. Cecile, played by Susan Keith is conniving, but not over the top. She has a career. When I started she was going after Peter Love, just for the money.... Ray Liotta is on a god bit. We have Peter Brady, I know, Christopher Knight. Blaine is also just going for the pot of Gold. There are the brother and sister who come from money, but I think their time is coming to a close. Mac and Rachel are in full storyline at the mansion and the Complex, which I don't remember being a term when I started watching. Liz actually works and is not just a busy body. There is a charm in this period. Although I am partial to seeing Donna and Vicky...Cass...Felicia...
  2. So I spent the last month reading all the posts. A few every day. I started watching in about 1983-85. I can remember that I was at college watching and the scene where "Marley" aka Vicky comes in and kisses Jake was a shock to the few of us in front of the TV. I was a huge fan of Anna Stuart and loved snotty Donna Love. By far the reason I watched. When she left and then returned in that hall of mirrors, that was a very pleasant surprise for me. I know the mid 80's were considered "crap" by many, but I enjoyed it. It was fastpased. Building the Love family as some elitist patrician family was fun. Especially in the early days with the money gone how they struggled to mantain the facade. I lost interest in subsequent years, you know life and all that stuff. I would check in once in a while. Less Donna meant less me. But when the end was announced, I came back. What a mess. It was evident. A gorilla. Really. What crap. Everything in life has a timeline, so did Bay City and in a broader stroke Soap Operas. I at one point thought I would love to be a writer on a soap. I even wrote my own by hand for a few years. Looking back it was crap. But I enjoyed it. I loved the conjecture, the insight and the memories of this board. I am not usually a poster, and it has been a long time so probably not alot of notice, but I felt compelled to write. RIP Another World. It was like any relationship, we had our good times, our sad times, we were sometimes disappointed and sometimes we were delightfully surprised. This is my favorite scene(s). Donna, Vicky and Queen Cecile.
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