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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Loved ones run into the ballroom and everyone gasps in horror at the sight. Mike runs up with Laura and Bill close behind and he and Lexie check on both Frankie and Greta. Mike says that from the angle, Frankie must have broken Greta’s fall. Caroline races over to see her son lying unconscious amongst broken glass and debris and can’t bear to watch as she falls into Bo’s arms, crying. Max wants to know if his brother is going to be ok and Mike can’t answer that. As the Hortons and Bradys pray for miracles, Kayla is almost doubling over in pain.....

But won’t reveal it to anyone, as she steps off to the side.

Stephanie runs over to her mother wondering what is wrong and what happened. As Bo and Kayla stare coldly at Steve and Hope, Kayla says she’ll tell her later. It's not the time and place. As Hope blames herself for this night’s tragedy, Steve tells her not to blame herself. They should have just told the truth from the beginning.

Kate then runs over to Billie, asking if she is ok. Jack tells Kate what happened and Kate hopes everyone will be ok. Billie tells her that is a laugh.........her mother is actually thinking of someone besides herself. Kate says this is not the time for that and Billie agrees, saying that there truly is nothing anyone can do now. As Billie walks off trembling and in tears, Jack and Kate watch and wonder.


On the Kiriakis private jet, Victor hands his new bride Maggie a glass of........ice water. Maggie says that’s not fair and Victor tells her not even on their honeymoon is she going to drink. As the couple laugh and then kiss, the pilot walks in and disturbs them. Victor is none too pleased but changes his mind dramatically when the pilot tells them that his daughter has been injured and is being rushed to University Hospital. Victor tells Maggie to grab her purse and then orders his driver to get the car ready.....

And move with all speed to the hospital.


Joelle goes into cardiac arrest, all the while accusing Lucas of raping and attacking her. Lucas swears he didn’t do it. Patricia says that Joelle pin pointed him as her attacker. Lucas says what is amazing is that the D.A. would allow a crime scene to become contaminated while trying to go on some witch hunt to lock him up. Joelle tells Lucas one thing as she breaths heavily......

Joelle: I’ll see you Lucas.....in hell.

At that moment, Joelle dies. Lucas and Patricia are stunned but she snaps out of it, calling for an officer to take Lucas back to the station and book him......

On murder charges.

As the officer drags a defiant Lucas away, Patricia orders the area sealed and for an investigation to begin......at once. She then orders a search for Joelle's son, Joey. The scene then fades from Patricia.........


Roman is brought in wearing handcuffs. Abe takes his coat off of Roman’s wrists and then takes the cuffs off. Roman thanks him, saying he thought he was over wearing cuffs after the last time he was arrested for murder. Abe says that was 25 years ago. New day, new time. Roman agrees as Marlena and Belle come walking in. Marlena and Roman hug as Belle thanks Abe for his help. Abe says that he will fight this tooth and nail. Carrie then walks in, wheeling Sami in, and Roman asks why Sami is there. Sami says there is no way she is staying out while her daddy is being charged with murder.

Marlena smiles and asks if Sami is pushing herself too much. Sami says she is fine but wants to ask one question......

Sami: How in the HELL can Orpheus and Stefano get away with all the [!@#$%^&*] they have pulled this past year, but my dad gets arrested?!

Stefano walks in, defiantly saying.......

Stefano: Maybe you should wonder why he hasn’t been locked up a long time ago. I told you that you and your family would pay for what happened to Andre, and Renee, and Megan. I keep my promises, Roman.
Roman: Whatever, old man. You have the upper hand now.......but, as you know, it won’t last long.
Stefano: Oh, on the contrary, my friend. This is check......and mate.
Roman: I still have some moves left on that chess board, Stefano. Remember that.

Both men are kept separate as Abe warns them both that the station will not be used as their personal battleground. Both men stare hatred at one another as Marlena, Carrie, Belle and Sami can cut the tension with a butcher’s knife. Marlena then asks to speak to Stefano.........alone.

As they walk into the outer hallway, she asks him how he can let Roman go to prison after what his son has done. Stefano says that, for a price, Roman can walk out of the station a free man. Marlena is appalled......and tries to slap Stefano. He is undeterred, saying that she will always be his “Queen Of The Night”.

Marlena then says that his queen just may let everyone in Salem know who his son is. Stefano swears that if anyone finds out about Orpheus........Roman will die inside prison walls and that will be just for starters. As Roman is brought out for booking, Sami and Carrie follow. Marlena says that she will try her best to have him released as soon as possible and Stefano demands that no police corruption occur in this case.

Roman kisses his ladies and then takes a walk to booking, led away by Abe. As the Brady women look at Stefano, all he can do.......

Is smile, as he walks away.


Kayla is still in serious pain as Steve walks over and asks if she is ok. She stares coldly at him once again and says nothing. Bo is still comforting Caroline as Abby holds Max’s hand. Laura, Bill, Mike and Lexie work on Frankie and Greta while everyone watches and waits. Mike hopes that Greta hasn’t re-injured herself. Bo says that he will bring in whatever doctors Mike needs to help save his sister and brother. He then says that Frankie has massive internal injuries and, by the fall, he may have suffered a broken back. They can’t stand around talking. These people need to get to a hospital....

And fast. At that moment, two helicopters land and the medical teams start loading Greta and Frankie on board. As the helicopters take off into the cold night, everyone watches them disappear into the stars......

Hoping that everything will be ok.

At that moment, Kayla doubles over in pain and Bo and Jack come rushing over. She grabs her stomach and Steve then runs over to her. Kayla instinctively takes his hand as Bo and Jack catch her and, as Steve tries to comfort Kayla........

The scene shows her holding his hand tighter.......as the scene fades to black.




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YAY!!!!!!! JOELLE HAS DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hated that bitch. :lol: Her scenes kept reminding me of some of Jan's scenes in 2005 with Mimi and I really loved those so I loved this too.

Great episode. :D

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Can Greta catch a break? Poor girl andI love her. I also loved Sami standing up for Roman, great job with that. I could totally see that happening.

Thank you so much for killing Joelle. You have made me very happy.

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