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Stefano has returned and walks into the living room. He pours himself a brandy and sits down by his chessboard as Lincoln walks in and asks how everything went. Stefano smiles, saying it went splendidly. Lincoln mentions that Cassie asked about him and why he disappeared after midnight. Stefano smiles, saying it's lovely that she worries about him.

Cassie then walks into the room. Stefano is shocked she is still up and apologizes for leaving after they rang in the new year together. He had business. As Lincoln leaves them alone, Cassie asks if it had anything to do with Roman Brady being arrested. Stefano thinks Cassie has gotten to know him too well. Cassie asks why he would care so much about Roman going down for Orpheus' death since he hated him, unless it's just a way of exploiting the situation to put an enemy in jail.

Stefano turns around and says that is exactly it. He then pours Cassie some brandy and says he would like to propose a toast. Cassie nods. They both raise their glasses as Stefano says:

Stefano: To the new year. May it be prosperous and one of great success for the Dimera's.

Stefano and Cassie clash glasses and begin to drink their brandy as the scene shifts to...


Marlena is in Abe's office, asking if there is anything they can do for Roman. Abe says they just need to wait until he is arraigned in the morning. Marlena looks through the window at Roman being booked and processed and says this isn't right. His family needs him right now. She asks if there is any news from the hospital yet. Abe shakes his head, saying not since Celeste called him. They then hear Sami arguing with someone and race out into the lobby.

Abe and Marlena find Carrie and Belle trying to keep Sami from standing up and attacking Patricia, who is standing next to a handcuffed Lucas and an officer. Marlena asks what happened. Patricia fills her in on Joelle's rape and brutal attack and how she accused Lucas of it all. Patricia warns Abe not to show any bias on this or she will make sure the department undergoes a clean sweep. Marlena tells Patricia that her witch hunt against the Brady's and Horton's must stop. Sami asks if she gets some sick pleasure out of it. Patricia smiles and says:

Patricia: Many of your loved ones have gotten away with enough already. I will be damned if that appalling trend continues. Not on my watch. My career and justice are at stake here. It's about time someone stop the corruption in this department.

Patricia then orders the officer to take Lucas to booking and processing while Abe follows as Marlena, Belle, and Carrie comfort Sami. The scene then shifts to...


Nurses and doctors race feverishly around the ER between 3 cubicles. Rich races into Greta's and asks a nurse if the X-rays he requested are back. Meanwhile, Mike and a team of nurses and doctors work on Frankie. A frustrated Mike yells out they are losing him and says he can't stop the bleeding as monitors and alarms go off. Mike sees Lexie in the waiting area and motions to her to come over. Lexie races in and Mike asks when her first day on call is. Lexie tells him it's later tonight. Mike says she is starting early and tells her to scrub in.

In the waiting area, family and friends await news. Lexie races out and announces it looks like she is going back to work early. She tells Celeste to head to the house and take care of Theo so the babysitter can head home. Celeste tells Lexie that the pain and suffering is far from over. Lexie tells Celeste to just go as it's not best for anyone to hear that right now. She will call her when she has a chance. Celeste nods in agreement and takes off.

Caroline asks Lexie how Frankie is doing. Lexie says she will let her know when she can and races back into the ER. A frustrated Caroline wishes they knew something. Bo comforts her, saying it's all going to be ok. Caroline admits she thought things were finally turning for their family but now with Frankie and Kayla in the hospital and Roman being arrested, she isn't so sure. Caroline admits she doesn't know how much she can take.

Meanwhile, Jack is with Victor and Maggie waiting for news on Greta when his cell rings. Jack realizes he forgot to turn if off and races outside to answer it. It's Kate, who asks if Billie is with him. She isn't answering her phone and seemed upset earlier. Jack says he thought she stayed back with her to talk once they all headed for the hospital. Kate says she is really worried and Jack wishes he could go look for her but doesn't want to leave with Greta and Frankie like this. Kate says she will look and call Lucas and Philip for help. She tells him she will call and check in later. Jack thanks her.

Laura, Doug, and Julie think Alice should head home but she says they need to stay to support the Brady's and says Greta has always been a close friend of hers, like a daughter. She wants to stay. Doug says they know better then to argue. Tony says they feel the same way and want to support the Brady's. As Anna stands next to him, Tony asks where Bill went. Laura says he was helping with Kayla as the doctors needed a hand and is now up with Kayla, Steve, and Stephanie as tests need to be done. as the doctors needed a hand. The scene then shifts back to...


Carrie and Belle think Sami needs to go back to the hospital. Marlena thinks it's that is a great idea. Sami says not until she sees Lucas, at least. Will arrives and asks what happened, saying he heard on the news about dad. Sami fills him in on everything that is happening with Lucas, Roman, and his uncle Frankie and aunt Kayla. Will can't believe it. Lucas is then dragged in on his way to his cell as Will rushes into his arms. Lucas walks over to Sami and says he will be ok and tells Will it will all work out in the end. All three embrace as the officer pulls Lucas away as he tells Sami and Will he loves them. Sami holds Will in her arms as Marlena, Belle, and Carrie look on in sadness as the scene shifts back to...


Kayla is now in a ICU room as Steve and Stephanie wait outside. Steve asks Stephanie if she is ok. Stephanie doesn't answer. Steve notes that she has said nothing to him at all since the reception. Stephanie looks at him coldly, saying:

Stephanie: Mom said we would talk about it later but I know already what I need to. This is all your fault. You and aunt Hope? This all happened because of you.
Steve: Baby, I...

Bill comes out of the room to talk to Steve and Stephanie, interrupting their talk. Steve asks what is going on. Bill says that the OB GYN is still in with Kayla and that things are precarious based on a high level of stress and upset, especially with Kayla's age as a factor. Stephanie stares daggers at Steve. Billi tells them the OB GYN can explain in more detail but he can tell them that Kayla and the baby are both at risk as the baby is nearly in distress and there is a possibility that one or both of them may not get through this. Bill stresses further tests are needed yet and thinks they shouldn't panic but they need to be aware.

Steve is in shock and can't believe what is happening. Stephanie begins to cry. Steve looks in on Kayla in her room, unconscious with the OB GYN and a two nurses with her. Bill tells him that Kayla has been sedated to help her relax and get some rest. Stephanie breaks down and yells out that this is all Steve's fault and that her mother and baby brother or sister's blood is on his and aunt Hope's hands if they die.

Stephanie then orders Steve not to see Kayla and to go away. Steve tells Stephanie he is sorry but all she can do is to lash out again and order him away from Kayla and from her. Bill tells a heartbroken Steve to just abide by Stephanie's wishes, as hard as it is, just for now. Steve nods and says he loves her and tells her to tell her little bro or sis that too and her mother. Steve walks off as Stephanie turns away in disgust and cries while Bill watches. Meanwhile, Steve enters the stairwell, fighting back years, and looks around aimlessly before taking out his cell and making a call to someone, telling them he needs them to come to the hospital right now as the scene fades to...

Caroline, who asks Bo why they aren't hearing anything. Bo comforts her as she asks how it happened. Max, who is being comforted by Abby, wants to know too. Caroline asks if it was the footage of Steve and Hope making love. Bo looks at Hope, who has tears welling in her eyes. Caroline looks over at Hope and asks if all this is because of that. Bo tells Caroline and everyone else it's not the time and place right now to discuss this, especially a private matter. Kayla and her unborn baby, Frankie, and Greta are all that is important. Caroline hopes Roman is ok too.

Mike and Lexie then emerge with Rich close behind. Mike says he is sorry it took so long. He wanted to consult with Rich on Frankie's situation. Rich announces Greta will be fine but she re-injured some of the injuries she had from her hit and run. They have given her meds for the pain and she is sedated right now. Victor, Maggie, Jack, and everyone else are overjoyed. Mike says that Frankie saved Greta by breaking her fall and tells his loved ones:

Mike: He suffered a massive blow. There are spinal injuries and considerable swelling to that area. He ruptured his spleen and damaged his liver and kidneys. We stabilized him and stopped the bleeding but there is still internal hemorrhaging. There is also massive head trauma and bleeding around the brain. He needs surgery ASAP and we don't even know how effective that will be.

Caroline is devastated as everyone else looks on in horror and sadness. Victor whispers to Maggie that Frankie saved his daughter's life and Caroline may lose her son. Maggie comforts him. Mike tells Caroline she needs to sign the consent forms. Bo comforts her and says she needs to sign to help Frankie. Bo helps Caroline, who is shaking, as she signs. Mike says they will begin to prep him and leaves, asking Lexie if she would like to scrub in to begin her surgery rotation. Lexie says she would and adds she would like to be in there to help.

As everyone reacts to this heartbreaking news, Bo comforts Caroline and Max is comforted by Abby. Hope tries to reach out to Bo and puts her arm on his shoulder but he yanks himself away and coldly stares at her. Hope puts her head down in shame and walks off. Meanwhile, Jack goes outside and calls Kate, who says she tried calling Lucas and Philip to help but got no answer. She tells him she has yet to find Billie. Jack says he will start looking to and admits he is worried also given the last time he saw her. The scene then shifts to...


Billie walks up outside, looking like an emotional wreck and her hands trembling. She looks insider the bar and hesitates for a moment and then goes in. She looks at the bar and is happy to see her bartender friend who knows about her past history not on tonight. She walks over to the bar and is asked what she would like.

Billie: A...vodka tonic...wait, maybe...yeah. A vodka tonic.

Billie then sits down at the bar and thinks, with tears welling in her eyes as she tries to fight them. She recalls learning that Orpheus is her father and that Chelsea is not her daughter. She then recalls Frankie and Greta falling through the skylight. The bartender puts her drink in front of her and notices her trembling and being upset. He asks if she is ok. Billie looks at the drink, picks it up, hesitates and thinks for a few moments, and says:

Billie: No. I'm not ok. But...I will be.

Billie then takes a sip of her drink and puts it down. The bartender smiles and walks off. Billie then looks at her drink, thinking again. She then looks at it with disgust before picking it up, hesitating again for a moment, and then raising it close to her mouth and taking another sip...followed by another..and...

The scene pans up and shows an overhead shot of Billie at the bar and then fades to black.



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You know, I don't like the character of Patricia. But she is right. The Brady's and Abe have had carte blanche with the police force forever. So even though I don't like her, I think it's absolutely necassary to have her around. She could easily become the character we love to hate. Especially now that Joelle is gone I would love to see Patricia's backstory explored.

Loved the dialogue in this episode. Sometimes just a little dialogue can say a lot, which is evidenced in this episode. Excellent job throughout the whole episode. You guys did it again :)

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