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12/31/07: IMPLOSION PART 2






Patricia is with several officers who are still canvasing the apartment. Lucas can't believe what he is seeing. Patricia asks if it looks familiar. Lucas says nothing. Patricia supposes he can't remember anything...again. Lucas says he can't. He admits coming to see Joelle and then his mind is a blank. Patricia smiles, saying just like the last time and the time before that. Lucas assures her it's the truth. Patricia laughs, saying:

Patricia: I guess it must be true. I mean, your a Horton, right? That should buy you a free pass! Give me a break!

Just then, an officer tells Patricia an officer came across a little boy in the park. It's Joelle's son, Joey, and he found Joelle near death. EMT"s and more man power is on the way. Patricia and Lucas are stunned. Patricia says let's go and they race off as the scene shifts to...


Everyone at the reception reacts in shock and horror at the images of Steve and Hope making love being played on the big screen. Victor quickly orders someone to turn it off. Bo and Kayla both look at Hope and Steve, appalled at what they just witnessed. Kayla looks at Steve in disbelief as Bo looks at Hope, rage beginning to build in his eyes as tears well in Hope's as they lock eyes. Hope becomes overwhelmed with emotion and runs off in tears. Bo chases after and Steve and Kayla follow as the crowd talks amongst itself.

Stephanie and Caroline want to go after them but Victor stops Caroline, saying they need to deal with it themselves. Abby consoles Stephanie as Max and Alex look on. Maggie hates what just happened. Roman and Marlena can't believe it. Abe says he can't either and remembers what he has to tell Roman and says he needs to talk to him...right now. Meanwhile, Lexie sees Celeste in a corner and goes to her. She sees that she is upset and asks if she is ok. Celeste looks at Lexie and says lives will be destroyed tonight...and that death is closing in on Salem. Tony and Anna come over just as she says this and they both look at Lexie and Celeste with concern and worry.

Up on the rooftop, Greta can't believe what she just saw. Neither can Jack, Billie, and Frankie. Billie admits she never thought she would see Hope cheat on Bo, let alone with Steve. Greta looks at a smirking Nicole, asking if she did do this. Nicole nods and admits she did just as Hope comes racing on to the roof with Bo, Steve, and Kayla close behind. Nicole looks at Hope and says that she warned her and Steve to do as she requested but they dragged their feet and will now pay the piper. Hope becomes enraged and lunges for Nicole, tugging at her hair and beginning to choke her. Jack and Frankie pull her off Nicole as an angry Bo says that is enough and that he wants answers right now. Hope looks around and tells Bo there are too many people around. Bo says he doesn't care and he isn't chasing her again.

Bo:Kayla and I have wondered...for MONTHS! All the times you two took off...were talking in a corner, thinking no one was watching. Do you take us for idiots? Kayla kept saying you would slip up and I guess, in a way, you did. How sad is it??!! How disgusting is it that we couldn't rely on you both to be honest with us. HUH??!!
Hope (in tears): BO!! Please!! It's not what it looks like. Let me explain.
Bo: Well, someone better. And they better NOW!

Kayla is hyperventilating. Jack asks if she is ok. She begins to clutch her stomach and says she is fine, just in shock. Steve looks at her with concern. Kayla stares daggers at him.

Steve: Bo...look, man. We didn't set out to hurt you or Kayla. What happened was a mistake. There were circumstances...
Bo: Oh, this should be good.
Hope: It started when Steve found out some things about his past while on the ship with Orpheus.
Kayla: You mean when Orpheus forced Steve to work with him?
Steve: Yeah. He reminded me of memories from my past...from my missing years. He recreated situations...he was playing mind games with me. He then told me something I wouldn't have believed if not for some of the vague memories I had of being with a woman while I was imprisoned.
Kayla: A woman?
Bo: What did he tell you? Tell us!!

Steve is silent. Hope is silent and looks over at Billie, her eyes filling with worry over the devastation Billie may feel as a result of what is about to be said.

Bo: Well?! Come on!

Steve looks at Hope, who nods, saying:

Hope: We have to. It's time...time to admit everything.
Bo: Damn straight, it is!!
Steve: Chelsea was imprisoned at that time with Abby and Forrest. Orpheus took me to them and told me that Chelsea...was my daughter.

Billie's face turns to one of shock, saying she never slept with him. Bo looks at Steve in disbelief, saying that is impossible. Steve shakes his head as Hope jumps in and says:

Hope: It's not...because I'm Chelsea's mother.

Billie, Bo, and everyone is shocked and in disbelief as the scene shifts to...


Philip and Alyson are dancing among a large crowd on the dance floor, both drunk and both all over each other. Philip tells her he is so glad they did this. He is having the time of his life and is feeling an unbelievable rush. Alyson agrees, saying she feels truly alive tonight. They continue to dance, with her dancing growing more and more seductive. They end up being pushed closer together, forcing them into a moment where they lock eyes and she says:

Alyson: Whatever...happens tonight...stays between us...
Philip: Letting loose...time of our lives...the way it should be...

Alyson then lunges forward and kisses Philip passionately. He breaks away as they lock eyes again for a few months before they kiss again, this time with him kissing her. They break apart and look each other for a moment before she races off with him behind him as the scene shifts back to...


Caroline thinks Victor and Maggie should just leave for their honeymoon before they miss their flight. They both say they could never leave with what is going on with Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla. Alice, Bill, Laura, Doug, and Julie insist they go, saying if something happens they will fill them in. Victor looks at Maggie and tells her it's really not their business and it may make things worse if they knew they were holding back because of them. Maggie nods, saying they should go then. They just hate not being able to stay with midnight only less then an hour away. Alice says it's ok. Their union has made 2008 a blessed year already. Victor and Maggie say their goodbyes as everyone throws rice and they head off.

Meanwhile, everyone on the rooftop is still stunned by Hope's revelation, especially Billie and Bo, who think it can't be true. Hope insists it is, saying they have DNA tests to prove it and Chelsea found out herself on the island from Stefano last year. When she returned to Salem, she had a DNA test done that proved it. Greta jumps in and says it's true. She found Chelsea at the hospital as she was there having a DNA test done to see if Victor was her father after Stefano had revealed that to her as well. Chelsea confided in her and swore her to secrecy, admitting she was also there when Hope found out. Hope says she found out on Christmas Eve last year when Chelsea came out of her coma. Chelsea had felt it was time to tell her after all that had happened. Hope adds that they kept the truth because so much was going on...the war between Victor and Stefano, Chelsea's very own problems and Billie helping her deal with them, Bo concealing his molestation and working with Roman on busting Victor and Stefano and then the Orpheus ordeal. Hope tells Bo she is sorry and so is Chelsea. There was just enough going on and they felt it was for the best.

Billie says if this is true, where is her real daughter? Hope looks down in sadness. It's up to Steve, who tells her that Georgie likely did die in the swamp in her arms. Billie is devastated and asks Hope how she and Steve could keep this from her. Hope says they thought it was for the best. Bo says:

Bo: Why do people always assume that they know what is best? That's a pathetic excuse.
Hope: One that you used too to justify keeping the truth about Zack from me! As well as the truth about other things, like your molestation and undercover operation with Roman.
Bo: So, that must be what Orpheus was talking about on the ship. He looked right at you and I was blind to it. Damnit!

Jack goes over to Billie and asks if she is ok. Billie has tears streaming down her face and is trembling, recalling learning for sure she was a Dimera and Orpheus' daughter earlier and stunned by what she has just learned. As a concerned Jack looks on, Billie can say nothing but:

Billie: I don't know how much more I can take.

Meanwhile, Bo asks Hope:

Bo: Alright. Go on. Then what?
Hope: Steve had no idea that I was Chelsea's mother so, after we all were back in Salem after the ship disaster, he launched his own investigation.
Steve: I wanted to know if Chelsea was really mine. I had no proof.
Hope: I overheard him saying something to Chelsea as she was dragged off to the hospital.
Steve: I didn't tell her I could be her father. I told her I had some ideas and would work on it.
Hope: Hearing that and overhearing him when he went to Tony for help with access to Maison Blanche...I decided to follow him.
Bo: Knowing how dangerous that was! Why didn't you come to me?
Hope: You had enough going on! Plus, it wasn't my place to tell you or Kayla what was going on.
Bo: No, of course not. We're only talking about Chelsea here. The girl I believed was my daughter.
Hope: Bo...it's not like that.

Bo shakes his head while Kayla tries to conceal the fact she is in pain. Nicole looks on with glee.

Bo: Go on, Hope. Keep going. Then what?
Hope: I don't think I should.
Bo: Go ahead.
Hope: Once I arrived at Maison Blanche and Steve saw me, I told him I was Chelsea's mother and we put two and two together...and realized I could be the woman in his memories. So, we tried recreating the memories he was having in a room he thought was the one in his memories...one thing led to another...
Bo: And you made love...
Steve: No. We came close and stopped ourselves. We pulled back because we didn't want to make a mistake. Tony arrived and we got dragged into something he was working on.
Hope: It's not our place to say what but we ended up in Italy and got stuck in a pit.
Steve: We nearly were gassed to death and it recreated another past memory, where I, as Patch, rescued Gina and was beaten badly.
Bo: Oh, Patch and Gina, eh?
Hope: You know I called myself that at Maison Blanche. I gave Steve that name then. He said it seemed familiar and it seemed to stick.
Bo: Yeah. Sure.
Steve: So, we got lost in the memories, man. We came close again...
Bo: To making love. But, of course, it was only close and we are supposed to believe that with all these lies.
Hope: It's the truth. Tony saved us and we then went with him to see Liz to help him with what he was dealing with and came back to Salem. We were going to leave the past alone, not wanting anything to happen but the Myers crisis...it convinced me I had to know. I would have regrets and pieces of my past were missing.

Bo shakes his head in disgust.

Bo: It's the Gina scenario all over again.
Hope: Bo...we went back to Maison Blanche, with Tony's help. I remembered where I had left a diary Gina had wrote in and we found it. We read it in the room we were held prisoner in and learned about Gina and Patch's story. I forced Steve to stop reading it when things got to be too much. We headed back to Salem and I refused to read the rest. The memories...emotions...were too powerful.
Steve: She was afraid and she was right. I kept pushing and...
Hope: The night of the Ball...I told Steve not to come...
Kayla: That's why you wanted to stay home that night.
Steve: Hope was feeling uncomfortable and she knew I was pushing to read the rest of the diary. When the power went out, we got stuck in the elevator and we read the rest.
Hope: The elevator malfunctioned when the generator began working. Steve saved me and we ended up on the roof. We got soaked from the storm. I was feeling overwhelmed...the memories. All the emotions from that time as Gina...they were flooding through my mind. I tried running away but we ended up on an office floor and we locked eyes, We both knew the whole story and...it was too powerful.
Steve: We lost it...we lost control. We got lost in the past.
Hope (in tears): We were weak. I was weak.
Bo: WEAK!! WEAK?! That is all you got!!

Hope breaks down in tears, saying she is so sorry repeatedly as Bo turns away in disgust. Steve looks at Kayla and says he is sorry...from the bottom of his heart. Kayla is hyperventilating and clutching her stomach. Steve asks what is wrong. Kayla says she needs to stay calm and is really trying. Steve tries to console her but Kayla pushes him away, telling him to back off. Steve says he is worried but Kayla tells him he should've thought about that before. Steve puts his arm around her but she yanks it away, telling him to think of his child. Steve says he is thinking about Stephanie and knows she is hurting but gets the feeling she is talking about someone else...but they only have one child. Kayla looks at Steve and says:

Kayla: Your right. I was talking about our unborn baby. I'm pregnant, Steve.

Steve is shocked, as is everyone else.

Kayla: It was going to be a New Year's surprise after midnight but, I guess the surprise is on me.

The scene then shifts to...


Philip and Alyson throw each other into the door as they kiss passionately and he tries to open the door. He does and they begin to rip each other's clothes off as he closes the door. They then collapse on the bed and begin to make love as the scene shifts too...


Lucas and Patricia arrive at the crime scene and sees a bruised and bloodied Joelle being tended to by EMT's. An officer tells Patricia that Joey found her and ran off to get a security man from a nearby hotel, who called 911. Joey panicked when they took too long and ran off to get help on his own. Lucas hates to think of what that child is going through. Patricia gives him a cold look and asks about Joelle. The officer says she seems to indicate she was raped again and adds that she has several stab wounds, one to the side and two to the abdomen. There is also a gash on her neck and she was beaten badly and appears to have been dragged at one point. She is in and out of consciousness but the EMT's think she won't make it more then an hour.

Patricia wants to talk to her and goes over and kneels down next to her. Patricia can't believe she is even conscious and asks Joelle if she is awake. Joelle slightly opens her eyes as Patricia asks her if she knows who did to her and what happened. Joelle nods and whispers she was raped...and attacked real bad. She screams in pain as the EMT's say they are losing her as she begins to hyperventilate. Patricia asks if she knows who did it and to tell her right now so justice can be served for her and her son. Joelle says she will be with her mother soon...she can feel it. Patricia tells her to tell her who did it. Joelle then lifts her trembling hand and manages to point at Lucas, saying it was him just as she closes her eyes and stops breathing. The EMT's push Patricia out of the way and begin CPR as Patricia coldly stares at Lucas and the scene shifts to...


Stephanie worries about what is going on with her parents as Max and Abby assure her everything will be ok while Alex looks on. Lexie asks Celeste if she has any idea what is going to happen. She shakes her head, saying midnight will bring terror to Salem. Lexie looks at an equally worried Tony and Anna. Abe has finished telling Roman and Marlena about Roman's impending arrest. Roman says he will just have to deal with it. Marlena says she will be right by his side. Carrie and Belle, who have arranged to send the kids home, are there and say they will do the same. Just then, several officers arrive and approach Roman, saying they hate to do this but he is under arrest for the murder of Orpheus. Everyone is stunned as Roman is handcuffed and read his rights. He is then dragged off as Marlena follows, along with Belle and Carrie. Caroline wants to go too but Marlena tells her to stay, saying she will call her. Abe tells Celeste he is going to and asks if she can find a way home. Lexie agrees to take her as Abe races off before Celeste can say anything about her premonition. Tony and Anna notice it's almost midnight.

Meanwhile, up on the rooftop, Steve is stunned that Kayla is pregnant. Kayla tells him to just not say anything. She needs to stay calm for the baby. Hope tries to reach out to Bo but he rebuffs her, telling her he can't even look at her.

Bo: After all the hell you gave me over lying after Zack's death and about me and Roman. All the hell you gave me over my concealing my molestation and you do this? When you slept with John, I could take that. You were under mind control. This time...there was none of that. THERE WAS NO DAMN BRAIN CHIP, HOPE!!

Hope breaks down yet again.


Frankie and Jack try to calm Bo as Greta comforts a devastated Hope as Billie and Jack look on. Bo then looks at Nicole smiling and supposes she found out and was blackmailing them. Nicole nods. Bo assumes they didn't produce so she exposed them. Nicole says that is true and admits she was happy to do it. They deserved it as they looked like they enjoyed their little romp. Steve tells her to shut up as Kayla grimaces in pain. Bo tells Steve that Nicole would've had nothing to gloat about if he and Hope didn't have sex. Bo admits he can't even fathom this and he doesn't know if he believes any of the BS they just told him. Steve insists it's true. Bo then asks if he enjoyed the sex. Steve begs him not to do this. Bo wants an answer and an honest one.

Steve tells Bo he loves Kayla and only Kayla and that what happened with Hope is complicated and just a mistake. They just got lost in the past. Bo says:

Bo: Lost in the past, eh?

Bo hauls back and punches Steve, sending him to the ground as Hope and Kayla scream out for Bo to stop.

Bo: When I get through with you, your ass will be knocked so far into the past, you will really be lost.

Bo then begins to beat the hell out of Steve as he begins to fight back. Frankie and Jack jump in to break it up as Kayla, in obvious pain, tries to help too, along with Billie. Meanwhile, Nicole sees everyone distracted and decides it's time to go. Greta sees this and races over to her, grabbing her and saying she is going to pay for what she has done. The scene then shifts down below, into the ballroom, as midnight is approaching. Those still left at the reception prepare to ring in the 2008 as Celeste trembles, telling Lexie "It's coming..."

The scene shifts back to the rooftop as Bo and Steve continue to fight as everyone tries to break it up. We hear people counting down from 10 below in the ballroom. Greta still has a hold of Nicole, who tells Greta to let go of her. Greta says it's about time someone puts an end to her games. Nicole then says she doesn't think so and pushes Greta off of her, sending her backward toward the fight. The action then happens in slow motion as Bo and Steve continue to fight and force themselves and everyone trying to break the fight up into Greta, who loses her footing and falls back toward the skylight. The countdown to 2008 is at 5 seconds. Frankie sees Greta falling and puts his arms around her as they both crash through the skylight as the clock strikes midnight and everyone yells "HAPPY NEW YEAR". The crowd in the ballroom below sees glass and two bodies dropping from above and scream in terror, taking cover. The glass from the skylight, Frankie, and Greta then fall to the ground, Greta's bloodied body on top of Frankie's as everyone looks on in horror as AULD LANG SYNE-(CLICK HERE TO PLAY FOR THE SCENE!!!) begins to play.

Caroline screams in pain and races over to Frankie as Laura and Bill race over to help. Alice, Doug, and Julie look on, horrified. Lexie races over to help as Tony and Anna do as well. Max races to his brother's side along with Abby, Stephanie and Alex. Hope, Bo, Billie, Kayla and Jack look on, shocked and almost numb about what just happened as Nicole looks on, worried and scared about what will happen next to her. Meanwhile, Celeste looks at the carnage as tears stream down her face, saying:

Celeste: It's only...just beginning...

The scene then pans up for an overhead shot of the ballroom and everyone trying to help Frankie and Greta as AULD LANG SYNE continues to play among the chaos. The scene then fades to black.





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I do have to say this is the best episode I've read of this blog yet. It was so intense and I was on the edge of my seat during the Hope/Billie and nem scene. Such good drama. So many people involved. And that Nicole is one nasty Bitch. Wow it was one shock after another and then on top of all that, Great(I never liked her, hope she's leaving) and Frankie are dead falling from the celiling. This is getting good.

Great [[email protected]#$%^&*] job! Truly jaw dropping drama. And the greatest thing it was drama from the heart, not some big car chase or some big action scene, it was character driven drama that had me on the edge of my seat. Again great job I can't stop saying that. lol

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Wow, loved that Bo and Kayla have found out about Steve and Hope. I love Hope and Steve and think that they are really hot together. I coulde really invest a lot into them as a long term couple.

I like that Alyson and Phillip hooked up. I like her with him rather than Alex. I don't really care for Alex, I don't know why, he hasn't grown on me. Maybe because I would rather see a new character paired up with a character already on the canvas instead of two new characters together.

Poor Lucas, he can't catch a break. Joelle gets raped again, which please, don't have her go through it again. As much as I HATE the character, I hate seeing rapes more. I so want Lucas and Sami to have a happy ending.

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