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12/28/07: IMPLOSION





Right before the gunman pulls the trigger...........A nickel plated revolver is pointed at his temple with Roman Brady, the man holding it, saying....

Roman: Pull that trigger and you're dead.........a half a second later.

The gunman puts the weapon down and Roman walks him out quietly at gunpoint. Once outside, he hands him over to one of Victor's men, saying that he will ask him questions later on and to get him to the station.........quietly. As the men lead the gunman away, Roman puts his gun away and walks back into the church...

Where Victor and Maggie are celebrating becoming husband and wife as family and friends embrace them and cry tears of joy as loud organ music plays. Victor and Maggie look into each other's eyes. Maggie is in tears and Victor admits to her that he has never been as happy as he is right now. Maggie smiles. They kiss and then proceed down the aisle as Caroline watches, fighting back tears. Victor and Maggie stop in the vestibule and see Roman there. Victor asks if everything is ok. Roman says it is now. Nico walks back there and Roman tells Victor he will fill Nico in and he can fill him in later. Victor nods and then turns his attention back to his bride. The scene then shifts to...


Several hours later as guests have arrived for the wedding reception and are awaiting the bride and groom. Bo walks over to Nico and asks if they are coming. At that moment, Nico sees them get off the elevator and tells Bo to prepare everyone. Bo tells everyone to be quiet as Victor and Maggie walk in. Everyone claps for them as Nico says:

Nico: Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kiriakis!

Victor and Maggie acknowledge the crowd and thank them for their applause. Victor then takes the microphone and thanks everyone for being there for their special day. Maggie does the same. Victor then tells everyone to enjoy the reception as it's also a New Year's Eve celebration and they are grateful everyone is there to celebrate with them.

Everyone applauds. Nico then announces it's time for the bride and groom's first dance. We then see a montage set to
EDWIN MCCAIN'S "COULD NOT ASK FOR MORE" (CLICK HERE TO PLAY!) as Victor and Maggie share their first dance and remember the journey that got them to where they are today....working together during the island adventure in summer 2006, Victor comforting Maggie over losing Mickey and Maggie comforting Victor over Philip fighting for his life and his feeling guilty, Victor helping Maggie through her fall off the wagon, the adventure in Sydney, their time apart this winter and their reunion on the cruise ship this past summer, their first time making love, special dinners and nights together, and Victor proposing to her.

Victor then motions for all the couples to join them on the dance floor. Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla, Tony and Anna, Doug and Julie, Max and Abby, Frankie and Greta, Roman and Marlena, and others join them on the dance floor Jack asks Billie to dance but she says she doesn't feel like it. He promises not to step on her feet. She reluctantly agrees. Lucas asks Alice to dance and she agrees, saying how wonderful he is. He helps her up and along. Shane asks Kim to dance. She asks him to take Caroline for a spin. He agrees and Caroline does as well, after some urging. Philip approaches Belle, who is holding Claire, asking if beautiful wife or daughter would like to dance.

Belle tells Philip it's not a good time and walks off as Philip stews. Abe asks Lexie if she would like to dance. Lexie thinks it's too soon but tells him it's ok for him to dance with Celeste. She can handle it and she knows she would like it. Abe asks if she is sure. Lexie nods. Abe asks Celeste, who agrees, as long as it's ok with Lexie. Lexie smiles and nods. Mike approaches Carrie and asks her to dance. Carrie says she would love to and hits the dance floor with him. The montage then goes from everyone dancing to Maggie choosing not to toss the bouquet and simply giving it to Alice, saying it's only right since she has been the greatest influence on her life. They embrace. We then see Victor taking the garter off Maggie's leg and tossing it to the single men. Alex ends up catching it, shocking everyone. Jack pats him on the back. The montage continues with Victor and Maggie cutting the cake and shoving it gently in each other's faces, leading to a kiss as the montage ends.

Victor then says he has something he wants to say to Mrs. Kiriakis.

Victor: I'm a man who has everything one could want. A nice home, money, power...things that are assumed can make one truly happy. People of that nature are ignorant and they would learn how empty one can feel leading a life like that without someone to share it with. Family, friends, a beautiful woman...love. Money can't buy it yet it's the greatest thing one can have. I never thought I would find it but I found it. With you. During a time of despair for both of us, a bond formed that will last for the rest of our lives.

Maggie begins to cry.

Victor: My only hope is that I can make you as happy as you have made me, Maggie. That I can protect you. That I can love you like you deserve to be loved. Treat you like you deserve to be treated. Make every wish you have come true.
Maggie (crying): You already have, Victor. I love you and you are all I need. All I want.

Victor and Maggie kiss as the crowd applauds. Meanwhile, Hope takes Steve aside and tells him she isn't taking no chances. She is going to tell Bo everything...tonight. Steve says he was thinking the same thing, saying it's better that Bo and Kayla here it from them and not Nicole. Hope tells Steve she is sick of keeping secrets from Bo and everyone else. It's going to be a New Year and it's time for a clean slate. She just needs to hope that their love can get them through this. Steve agrees, saying it's time they do this, whether Nicole is bluffing or not. Hope says she is going to try to drag Bo home as soon as she can. Steve tells Hope he is going to do the same for Kayla. They both wish each other luck.

Patricia arrives and bumps into Abe, who asks why she is there. Patricia tells him not to worry. She isn't there for his buddy, Roman. She has other business she isn't going to share with him out of fear he will cheat the system to get one of his friends off. Abe rolls his eyes as Patricia walks off. Lucas is looking for Frankie to talk to him when Patricia approaches him, asking where he was last night. Before Lucas can answer, Patricia says she already knows the answer. She tells him that 911 dispatch got a call this morning. Joelle's son. Joey, returned from a sleepover and found the apartment ransacked, with blood stains on the couch and rug, and ran straight to the neighbor's, who called 911. Joey then ran off to find his mother.

Lucas turns white as a sheet and has no words. Joelle says that his expression says it all and asks what he did with Joelle. Lucas says he did nothing and isn't speaking without his attorney present. Joelle says that's fine but he is coming with her to Joelle's apartment. Lucas asks why. Joelle takes him by the arm and says she wants him to see what happened for himself. Lucas, realizing he has no choice, agrees and goes over to Maggie and Victor to wish them the best, saying he has to go, not telling them what is up. He then goes and tells Will to tell everyone he had to take care of something and tells him he will see him at the hospital later. Before Will can say anything, Lucas takes off as Will wonders what is going on.

Philip walks over to Belle and Claire and asks Belle what the hell her problem is. He's been trying for weeks and it's not enough for her to even let him spend a half hour with his daughter. Belle tells Philip to calm down. Philip reminds Belle he has been calm but enough is enough. He is trying and she won't even give a little. Belle tells Philip he has alot to prove before he can earn the right for her to "give a little." Philip says he's had it and he isn't trying to prove nothing to her anymore. He's done and he tells her to go ahead and turn Claire against him. There is clearly nothing he can do. Philip walks off and straight to the bar as Belle looks on and walks off.

At the bar, Philip begins to down shots as a clearly drunk Alyson walks up and sits down next to him.

Alyson (looking at Philip): Bad night?
Philip: You could say that.
Alyson: Me too. Bad few days, actually. Just...learned my dad is dead and my mom kept it from me for over a decade. And the last thing I said to my dad? I hate you. Nice, huh?
Philip: Yeah...why are you telling me this?
Alyson: I'm hammered and your cute. You seem easy to talk to. I've been kicked out of one bar already. That's why I came here, although I forgot about the reception. Too many people here that I know. Not that I care. I just want to forget about my sorry excuse for a life and let loose. I'm sick of playing it safe. Gets me nowhere.
Philip: Yeah, I guess. No. You know what? Your right.
Alyson: I am?
Philip: Surprisingly in your state, yes. I'm just going to sit back and just live tonight. It's something I haven't done since high school, to be honest. Hey, what do you say we take off? It's New Year's Eve and I would rather be around people who don't know me or have expectations. What do you say?
Alyson: We don't even know each other. I mean, I know your Philip Kiriakis but...
Philip: And your Alyson Parker. It's a small town. We know all we have to. You just talked about not playing it safe. Why not be adventurous?
Alyson: Got a point. Alright. Hell, why not? I'm already two sheets to the wind. Wait, this is your father's wedding...
Philip: The important parts are over. It's all good. I will tell him I'm off.

Philip then walks off and goes over to Victor, congratulating him and welcoming Maggie into the family. He says he is heading off with a friend he hasn't seen in awhile, if that is ok. Victor says sure and wishes him a Happy New Year, saying he will see him after the honeymoon. Philip nods before walking off and back to the bar. He tells Alyson everything is set and they take off as he helps her along.

Jack approaches Billie and says he enjoyed their dance. Billie says she did too. They look at Max and Abby dancing. Billie tells Jack it's great they are together again. Jack agrees. A messenger then shows up, looking for Billie. Jack asks why she would need a messenger. Billie says it's a case she is working on and excuses herself. She signs for the envelope the messenger has given to her and thanks him. She sees it's from the ISA and goes off to open it privately.

Meanwhile, Greta congratulates her father on his and Maggie's marriage and welcomes Maggie into the family. Greta sees Frankie and excuses herself, wishing them the best on their trip and marriage. They both wish her a Happy New Year and she does the same. While alone, Greta asks Frankie to meet her at her suite after the reception for a special surprise. There is something important she needs to tell him and she thinks it's time for them to take things to a much deeper level. Frankie smiles, saying he is intrigued. They kiss.

Caroline approaches Victor and Maggie and embraces and kisses both of them, telling Maggie she landed a good man. She tells Victor he landed a good woman too and says she wishes them the best. Maggie thanks her, saying that means alot coming from her. They embrace. Victor tells Caroline she will always hold a special place in his heart. Caroline nods, saying she feels the same way. They embrace.

Doug and Julie sit with Laura, Billi, Mike, and Alice and admit they are sad that Spencer, Stephen, Tommy, Jessica, Joshua, and Pete all had to leave so soon. Alice says they had no choice with the storm causing flight delays the next few days. Victor and Maggie come over, along with Melissa and Sarah, who admit that they have to get going to in order to get home. They admit they would love to ring in the New Year with them but have no choice saying they have already said goodbyes to everyone else. Don comes over and says he must head out too, apologizing for that. Everyone says their goodbyes, wishes each other a Happy New Year and wish Victor and Maggie the best.

Abe is on his cell when Celeste comes over, just as he is hanging up. She notices he looks upset and asks what is wrong. He looks over at Roman and Marlena dancing and says that he checked into some things at the station and a case has been built up against Roman. He tells Celeste officers are on their way to arrest Roman for Orpheus' murder.

One of the employees working the reception discovers a DVD while moving the wedding gifts, labeled "To Victor and Maggie...One Their Special Day. Play Me." The employee takes the disk to Nico, who inspects it and deems it safe. They go to Victor, who inspects it. Maggie thinks someone made it as a gift and tells Victor it's harmless. Victor admits he must agree, not seeing what harm a DVD can be and it does appear safe. He instructs the employee to play the DVD on the big screen.

Meanwhile, Billie comes out of a back room, with the envelope she received crumpled in her hands. Kate comes over and asks if she is ok. Billie is silent, her hands trembling. Kate again asks if she is ok. Billie then says:

Billie: It's true. He's...he's...
Kate: Oh...sweetie. I told you not to get your hopes up.
Billie: Orpheus...he's...really my father. I'm a Dimera.

Kate embraces Billie as Jack looks on. He sees what is happening and asks if everything is ok. Billie looks at Jack, tears welling in her eyes, and takes off. Jack looks at Kate, who tells him to follow her, saying Billie wouldn't want her to help anyway. Jack races off but bumps into Frankie and Greta, who ask what is wrong. Jack says he thinks something is wrong with Billie, filling them in about the messenger. Frankie and Greta offer to go with Jack to see if they can help. Jack thinks it wouldn't hurt, given how Billie has been lately. They race off.

A short time later, Billie races on to the roof, where she finds a man who appears to be working the reception. She apologizes, saying she had no idea anyone was up there. The man shrugs it off and walks off just as Frankie, Greta, and Jack arrive on the roof. Greta bumps right into the man and looks at him strangely, saying she knows him. The man doesn't think so and tries to run off. Greta then reaches and pulls the fake mustache off to reveal Nicole!! Greta then pulls Nicole's hat, wig, and glasses off and asks what the hell she is doing at the wedding and on the roof no less. Nicole suspiciously looks through the skylight at the ballroom below as Greta and everyone else does as well. Greta asks what she is up to.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Hope tells Bo she would like to go home and ring in the New Year by themselves. Bo asks why. Hope says there is something she wants to do...to tell him. At the same time, Steve tells Kayla he wants to go home, saying he wants a clean slate going into the New Year. Kayla asks what he is talking about. Just then, the employee begins playing the DVD on the big screen and everyone turns around to watch...and...shockingly...


Everyone looks on stunned, turning toward Steve and Kayla and Bo and Hope. On the roof, Greta looks at Nicole and asks if she did this. Frankie asks why she would thinks that. Greta says that Nicole was disguised and on the roof, looking down right before it happened. She asks Nicole if she did it. Nicole smiles as the scene shifts back into the ballroom as Bo and Kayla both look at their spouses in shock and disbelief as a horrified Hope and Steve look on as the scene fades to black.





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a very good episode... SHOCKING ENDING - OMG, Victor's vows to his wife was just beautiful... Classic SOAP moment!!!! For a moment there, thought was actually watching DAYS... NICE!

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OMG . Shocking ending in deed. I didn't think it was going down like this. Poor Hope and Steve. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Great job. Wow I am still tripping. The whole town has now saw Steve banging Hope's guts out. Damn. Pure classic soap and it's the way a big secret like that should be exposed. Again great job guys

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