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12/27/07: THE WEDDING!!





The day of the wedding arrives as Victor, Bo, Nico, Justin and Roman walk into the church. Roman tells the others that he will look around and check with security as he pats Victor on the back. Bo says he never thought he would see the day that his father would marry anyone. He thought Victor’s business meant more to him than anything. Bo doesn’t mean to be disrespectful and Victor doesn’t take it that way at all. In fact, he agrees with him.

Victor says that for most of his life, the fight and the business did mean the most to him. He says two women changed that........Caroline and Maggie. Especially Maggie. She showed him what it means to love. And that is what he intends to do for the rest of his life. Justin is proud of his uncle, saying that he has come a long way from the man he used to know. Victor hopes he doesn’t mean he was a bad uncle. Justin says not at all. He’s just always seemed.......lonely. He didn’t want Victor to spend his life without knowing what true love was.

Steve agrees. He says that he and Victor were a lot alike back then. Victor laughs but agrees, saying they were two men who didn’t care who they hurt. Just as long as they got what they wanted. And, Steve says, they were both saved by the love of a wonderful woman. All the men agree, as Nico says it’s time for the groom to get ready. Roman walks back in and says everything is in order. Victor turns to Roman and says that when his legal troubles are over, he wants to sit down and talk to him about something.

Roman says sure. As the men walk into the groomsmen’s room, the women come in a short time later, immediately going to the bride’s room. Julie can’t believe Maggie would spend the morning running around town on her big day. Maggie pauses and tells Julie she went to the cemetery.......to see Mickey’s grave. Hope, Melissa & Sarah grow quiet as Julie asks her why she went there. Maggie just says that she wanted to make sure she was doing the right thing........and not walking all over the wonderful years she spent with Mickey.

Julie then says that Uncle Mickey would only want one thing for her.......to be happy. Hope says she’s right and, if marrying Victor makes her happy, Mickey would be proud today. Maggie tries not to cry as Melissa says that she can’t mess up her make-up now. It took too long this morning to do it. The ladies all laugh as Sarah walks over and tells Maggie that she looks absolutely beautiful. Victor is a very lucky man. Hope agrees and says that it’s time to get ready. The women then close the door to the bride’s room.........

As a mysterious dark figure walks into the church.........carrying a black duffel bag. As the figure disappears behind one of the curtains.......

It is now two hours later as guests start to arrive. Will ushers everyone to their seats as Victor II, Victor’s great nephew, comes running up. He asks Will if everything is going smoothly and Will says he’s getting everyone seated. Will then asks how the outside is going and Victor II says he never knew his uncle knew so many important people. Will says he is shocked as well. Victor II says he’s been reading the cards and well wishes from governors, senators, the mayor of his hometown in Greece, the president of the country..........Victor II hopes Maggie knows what she’s getting into.

Will then asks where Victor’s mother is and he says that Adrienne will be there shortly. Just then, she comes walking up, saying that she hopes she’s not late. Will says they are still seating people and Adrienne kisses her son as she goes and takes her seat. Victor II says he’s going back to check on things and, as Will greets more guests......

The mysterious figure walks into the upper balcony. He puts down his duffel bag and opens it.......revealing a shotgun inside. As he looks down on the incoming guests........

The scene shifts to the...


Stefano is on the phone. He tells the person on the other end that things are now in place. He wants that taken care of as soon as possible. Stefano grows angry, saying that he doesn’t give a damn about any of that. He wants it done.....and done now!

He hangs up the phone as Cassie walks in. She asks what is the matter and Stefano says he’s just taken care of some.......odds and ends. He asks how she is doing and she thanks him for recommending that she spend time with Tony. Lincoln then walks in and Stefano says.....

Stefano: Ahhh........Lincoln. Darling, would you excuse us for just a few moments?
Cassie: Of course, Papa.

As Cassie leaves, Lincoln walks over to Stefano and, as both men shake hands, Stefano asks.....

Stefano: How are things going?
Lincoln: Well, we have our people in place......but so far, nothing.
Stefano: (After a pause) Ok. This is what I want you to do. Contact our people in Switzerland and tell them that things are moving along as planned......and to be ready when I give the order.
Lincoln: No problem, Stefano.

As Lincoln leaves, Cassie returns and asks....

Cassie: Papa.......are you planning to do something at Victor’s wedding?

Stefano just smiles........and walks over to pick up the king from his chess board. He looks at it........and laughs heartedly as the scene switches back to...


Most of the guests are seated and mingling with each other. In the groomsmen’s room, Bo helps Victor on with his bow tie, saying that he never liked putting one of those things on. Victor says that's fine........he never liked wearing those things either. Both men laugh as Justin puts JT’s jacket on him. Steve combs his hair and says the only other time he’s wearing a tuxedo is when he and Kayla get remarried.

Everyone looks at Steve, as he says it won’t be anytime soon. He still has a lot of missing spaces in his mind and won’t pull her into that until all that is taken care of. Roman says he knows exactly how Steve feels and then asks if he wanted some help in unlocking those missing years. Steve smiles, saying it would be an honor to have his help. Roman says what are brothers for, as he then tells the others he is going out and checking on things. As he leaves, Justin tells JT not to wander off too far, as he then stands and looks at Victor.

He then walks over and tells Victor one thing.....

Justin: Thank you, uncle. Without you.......I don’t know where I would be.
Victor: It’s always been my honor to watch you grow into the fine, fine man that you are.
Justin: That is because of you. You saved me, Victor. I know we haven’t always agreed with things, but......
Victor: No buts today, Justin. Just remember......how much you mean to me. Adrienne is an outstanding woman and she reminds me a lot of your mother. You keep her happy.
Justin: And you make Maggie happy. I know she will be.
Victor: Thank you, Justin.

Both men hug as Bo tells them they need to get this show on the road. Steve walks to the door and asks if the bride is ready. When he is told she is, Steve says he’s going to go sit down. He then walks over to Victor and tells him......

Steve: Wow. Where we started to where we are now. I never thought I would say this.......but thanks for becoming the man that you are now. And thanks for giving my sister a chance with Dimples over here (Pointing at Justin).
Victor: Thank you, Steve. That truly means a lot.

Steve turns and leaves as the men prepare to walk out.

Meanwhile, in the bride’s room, Maggie has just walked out and everyone gasps at how beautiful she is. Marlena and Adrienne walk in and marvel at Maggie. Alice is then brought in and her and Maggie hug as Alice tells her not to start crying. She will ruin her make-up. The ladies laugh as they then start with the bride rituals.

For the something new, Sarah gives Maggie a new necklace that she saved up for. She takes it out of the box and places it around her neck. Maggie is still holding it together as, for the something blue, Melissa gives her a silk blue handkerchief. She said she was secretly holding it for when she married Pete and now wants her to have it. Maggie hugs her and then, for the something borrowed, Julie gives her her wedding ring for luck and to bless her new marriage. The same one Doug gave her when they got married. After Julie slips it on her hand, Alice says it’s finally time for something old and she doesn’t mean herself.

As the laughter dies down, Alice says that she wants Maggie to have something that is old and timeless.......her love for her. Alice stopped thinking of her as her daughter-in-law years ago. As far as she is concerned.........her daughter is getting married today. And she wants her to know that not only is she very happy for her,........but that she feels Mickey is smiling down on her right now.

Maggie says someone is going to have to redo her make-up. As the women sit her back down for the touch-up, Marlena tells one of the ushers they will be a few moments.

Back out in the church, Lucas comes running up. Kate stops him and asks where he has been. Lucas tells her that for once, she should mind her business. Before Kate can respond, Frankie comes up and asks if everything is ok. Carrie and Will then walk up and Lucas tells everyone that things are fine. They can all go back and sit down. Lucas then pulls Frankie to the side and tells him that the truth is.....

He doesn’t remember a thing from the night before after going to see Joelle. He woke up in an alley, went home, got dressed, let Sami know he was ok, and came to the church. Frankie tells him to be cool. He hasn’t heard anything in the news so they will talk about things after the wedding. As they go into the church to sit down.......

The scene fades to everyone being seated in the church.

Claire walks out as the music starts playing, dropping rose petals in the aisle as Victor and Nico start to walk behind her. Before they go down the aisle, Greta walks up......and simply says how much she loves Victor and hopes he will be happy. Victor tries not to cry as they both hug each other and, as Greta goes to sit down, they continue down the aisle. After Claire is done, she walks over and sits in Belle’s lap, as everyone applauds her. As Belle kisses her baby on the cheek, Bo and Julie walk out arm in arm. Victor and Nico smile as they walk down the aisle as the scene slowly looks upward.....

To the mysterious man in the balcony. He starts to place a silencer on the rifle and gets ready to take aim.

Back down on the floor, Justin and Sarah come out together as they walk down the aisle. Steve and Kayla hold hands and Marlena smiles as this couple takes their place.

Everyone then stands as the wedding march starts to play. Don takes Maggie’s arm and tells her that he has the car running in the back if she wants to ditch this pop stand. Maggie laughs and Don then tells her one thing.....

Don: Be happy, lady.
Maggie: Thank you, Don.

Don then walks Maggie down the aisle as Victor is amazed at how beautiful his bride looks. All the ladies start to cry and even Bo, Steve and Lucas wipe away tears of joy, which touches everyone. As Maggie reaches the alter, Don shakes Victor’s hand, and Father Jansen asks.....

Fr. Jansen: Who gives this woman away?
Don: I do, sir.......with great pride.

Don raises Maggie’s vale and kisses her on the cheek and then takes his seat as everyone sits down. Fr. Jansen continues, saying.....

Fr. Jansen: My, my. After the year everyone in this church has had, it is truly a blessing that we gather today to wed this man, and this woman, in the sacred bonds of holy matrimony. I had asked both Victor and Maggie if they had any words to say.......but they both said they ain't getting any younger.....

Everyone laughs.......

Fr. Jansen: And just want to get the show on the road. So, without further ado, Victor.......
Victor: Yes, sir.....
Fr. Jansen: Do you take this woman......to be your lawful wedded wife..........to honor and to cherish, for better or worse, in sickness and in health......for as long as you both shall live?
Victor: I certainly do.
Fr. Jansen: And Maggie..........do you take this man........to be your lawful wedded husband..........to honor and to cherish, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health......for as long as you both shall live?
Maggie: I do.......forever.

Kayla starts crying and Caroline wipes away tears as Fr. Jansen continues.....

Fr. Jansen: Then, may we have the rings please?

As Julie and Nico pull out the rings, the scene quickly goes to the balcony, as the gunman takes aim......

Fr. Jansen: Victor, Maggie......these rings are a symbol from Almighty God.......of your love, faith and devotion to each other. These rings symbolize the bind that will keep and hold you in this life and into the next, and they symbolize the love that each of you share. Please......place the rings on each other’s finger.....

As Victor and Maggie exchange rings, Belle and Philip smile. Don smiles as well.......

As the gunman readies himself to pull the trigger, aiming in Victor and Maggie’s direction.....

Fr. Jansen: With these rings, you two are now joined......as husband and wife. I now pronounce you husband and wife, and Victor.......you may now kiss your bride.

Victor lifts the vale off of Maggie’s face and, as he kisses his new bride....

The gunman takes aim..........and the screen suddenly goes black!




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Ohhhh, what a romantic wedding (minus the sniper of course). I adore how you brought back Adrienne and Justin, littleVictor and Don. It was so sweet. Such a beautiful, well written read. I could so picture this wedding in my head as if it was happening. Loved the something old, sonething new, etc....especially Alice's something old. I loved it!

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