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12/26/07: TWAS THE NIGHT...



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Frankie and Greta exit the elevator, having picked her up from her suite. Greta wonders what he has in mind for tonight, reminding Frankie she has to be up early for her father's wedding tomorrow. Frankie takes her outside and tells her he knows. He then motions to the left and Greta sees the horse-drawn carriage that Frankie arranged for on Christmas Eve. She asks how he arranged to have it on city roads.

Frankie smiles and says he pulled a few strings. He asks Greta if she is ready for a night she will never forget. Greta smiles and nods excitedly as they enter the carriage and ride off into the night.

Meanwhile, Alyson is up in her and Jean's suite, looking for a sweater that Jean wanted for the hospital to keep her warm. She is digging through all their luggage and comes across something that catches her eye. It's tucked inside one of Jean's jackets and it's a letter. The letter's envelope was stuffed in with it so both are crinkled up.

Alyson sees that the letter is addressed to her mother but seems shocked by something she sees upon glancing at it. She shakes her head defiantly, saying it can't be true as the scene shifts to...


Hope arrives and sees Steve there, pacing back and forth. She asks if Nicole called him too. Steve nods, saying he just told Kayla and Stephanie that he had a headache and needed some air. Hope says she told Bo that she lost an earring when she went to pick JT up at a friend's and adds that she hopes Bo doesn't find out she is lying. Nicole then arrives, saying she loves when people are punctual.

Hope asks Nicole what this is about. Nicole reminds Hope of what she told her a few days ago. They had a deadline to make progress and they only did with Carrie. Hope says that isn't true. Nicole tells Hope and Steve she has see for herself what they have been up to. She admits she had hoped that they were merely stalling to come up with ideas but she knows that wasn't the case. She does know they were stalling to come up with ideas to outsmart her somehow but they failed.

Nicole reveals to them she knows they warned Carrie and Alyson both about her. Hope asks how and Nicole says she has her ways. She then tells Hope that while she did manage to get Carrie home, Steve never did anything that was instructed concerning Alyson and points out to Hope she did nothing to help it along either. Hope tells Nicole to give her more time. Nicole tells Hope she is done giving more time. Time is up...for both of them. Nicole tells them she wanted results and now she is moving on to another approach...but not before blowing them out of the water.

As she walks away, Nicole turns and smiles, saying that Hope and Steve won't no when she will strike but she will...and their lives will go down in flames. Nicole laughs as she walks off. Hope begins to panic and asks Steve what they are going to do. Steve says he doesn't know. They can sleep on it and talk tomorrow at the reception. Hope asks if that is all he has got. Steve says for now.

Hope smacks him on the shoulder and says he once again screwed up and she believed him. He told her it would be ok now and now everyone will know the truth. Steve tries to calm her and tells her ot just go home and be with Bo. He thinks they both need time to think and they can talk at the reception.

A worried Hope tells Steve they better think of something or better hope that Nicole is bluffing. Steve thinks that could be true as they are all she has to do her dirty work right now. Hope sighs, hoping they can catch a break as the scene shifts to...


Lucas walks into Sami's room, saying he is glad to finally be able to see her as she has been in tests and physical therapy all day. He asks where Will is. Sami says that Caroline took him home. Lucas sees a stack of newspapers on Sami's dresser and asks what those are for. Sami tells him she had to do something to keep her busy around all the doctors today. A worried look crosses Lucas' face. Sami looks at him and says she knows all about Joelle.

Lucas apologizes for not telling her, saying he didn't want to upset her as she just woke up on Christmas Eve. Sami tells him she understands but was going to find out anyway. She knew he and everyone else was leaving something out as they caught her up on everything but that and she knew he was in trouble with her. She points out to him that Orpheus had cameras all over and showed her things, including the night Joelle drugged him and mixed drugs with alcohol, nearly killing him.

Lucas tells Sami that Joelle just confessed to being involved with Orpheus and how he bowed out and she began her tirade on him on her own a few days ago. Sami tells Lucas she knows he didn't do anything wrong, even if he can't remember much. Lucas thanks her for saying that.

Sami then suggests Lucas do something about it. Lucas points out having a restraining order against him and that he has tried everything. Sami thinks if he goes over to Joelle's and talks to her calmly, without raising his voice, that she may at least listen. She thinks it's worth a shot and he can maybe offer her a deal.

Lucas points out that he did offer several and nothing. Sami asks him to try and just see if presenting himself in a different way will help. From what she gathers, it seems all their encounters of late have been tense and Joelle seems like a woman who had it tough and is using the situation. Lucas knows she has had it tough, especially with her mother and her son.

Sami encourages Lucas to go see her now but Lucas wants to stay with her. Sami insists, saying it would make her feel better. Lucas reluctantly agrees and says he will be back soon. They kiss. Sami smiles and wishes him luck. Lucas says he will need it, thanks her, and walks out.


Maggie has a suitcase packed as Victor enters the foyer and points out the next time they see each other, she will be walking down the aisle to meet him to become husband and wife. Maggie smiles, saying she can't wait. They kiss. Maggie tells Victor she never thought she could have happiness like she is feeling again.

Victor didn't think he would either and says he loves her. She does the same as they kiss again and she tells him she has to go before midnight. Victor smiles, asking if she is that superstitious. Maggie nods and bids him good night. Victor does the same as they both smile and she leaves.

After Maggie has left, Nico joins Victor and asks if he would like to share a drink with his best man...kind of like a farewell to bachelorhood. Victor smiles and says he would love to. They enter the living room and Victor pours the drinks. Both men then raise their glasses with Nico saying:

Nico: May Mrs. Horton and yourself be blessed with a happy and long life together.
Victor: I'll drink to that.

Victor and Nico toast and then down their drinks as the scene shifts into...

A montage of Frankie and Greta in the horse-drawn carriage, riding through the streets of Salem. Greta lies on Frankie's chest, with his arms around her, both laughing and smiling. We then see the carriage ride through Salem Park. They stop and see people ice skating at the pond. Soon after, we see them lacing up their skates and him helping her to skate on the ice. At one point, Frankie falls and Greta laughs. She helps him up and they both end up falling backwards into the snow. They lock eyes and then end up in a steamy kiss.

We then see the scene shift to them building a snowman. Frankie turns his back and Greta takes the opportunity to throw a snowball at him. Frankie retaliates and they end up in a snowball fight that ends in a close moment and a kiss. The scene then shifts to them being back in the carriage as it pulls up in front of the Salem Inn. Frankie takes her inside and says he had a great time. Greta says she did too. They kiss again as she thanks him for everything he has done in the past few weeks. Frankie admits he was always a sucker for a beautiful woman but her beauty is so overwhelming, he would take on the world for her.

Greta smiles and bids him good night, saying she will see him at the wedding tomorrow. Frankie nods and wishes her the same. After he leaves, Greta smiles, saying all her dreams are finally coming true. She thinks she has finally found love. The scene then shifts to the...


Maggie is now sitting with Alice, Doug and Julie as everyone else has gone to bed. Julie asks Alice if she is tired yet. Alice reminds Julie she is a night owl and tells her she can go on up to bed with Doug. Maggie tells Julie she can as she can help Alice to bed. Julie says she will do that and wishes Alice good night, kissing and embracing her as Doug does the same. Julie then does the same to Maggie and says she will see her in the morning of her big day. Maggie smiles, saying she can't wait. Doug bids her good night as they go upstairs.

Once alone, Maggie says she can't believe tomorrow is the day already. She admits she is nervous and hopes that it all works out. Alice asks if she is happy. Maggie nods. Alice tells her that's all that matters and that Mickey will be happy too tomorrow if she is. He will be watching her...always. Maggie smiles, admitting she is almost afraid to be happy.

Alice reminds her that Mickey would want her to be and that they all want her to be. Maggie smiles and embraces Alice, saying she doesn't know what she would do without her. Alice smiles, telling Maggie she would be lost. They both laugh as the scene shifts to...


Jean is reading a book in her room when Alyson bursts in and tosses the letter she found in Jean's face, asking when she planned to tell her that her father died over a decade ago. Jean tells Alyson she can explain. Alyson tells Jean she found that letter in one of her jackets. It's from one of her friends wanting to keep in touch, who wrote her to see how she was doing on the anniversary of her husband's death, knowing how hard it is.

Jean explains that she never told her about the accident because of the fight they had. She knew Alyson would feel guilty as the last thing she said to her father was "I hate you." She didn't want it to destroy her or eat away at her.

Alyson begins to break down and says that she made the pain deeper by keeping that from her. She robbed her of the chance to grieve for her father and it makes her wonder what else she doesn't know. Jean says that's it. Alyson thinks that is enough and tells Jean she can't even look at her right now. Alyson begins to hyperventilate and says she has to go. Jean begs her not to leave upset.

Alyson breathes deeply and says she is fine. She just needs to digest all this and needs to be alone. She walks out as Jean looks at the letter and begins to tear up, saying she is so sorry.

Meanwhile, outside Jean's room, Alyson breaks down, crying out:

Alyson: I'm so sorry, daddy! So sorry...

Alyson crumples into a chair in the waiting room and puts her face in her hands, crying uncontrollably as the scene shifts to...


Kayla comes into the bedroom and sees Steve staring out the window. She tells him Stephanie is asleep and asks if he wants to spend some quality time under the sheets. Steve is silent. Kayla asks if something is wrong, saying he has been quiet since returning from his walk. Steve turns, smiles, and says everything is fine and it's going to stay that way...no matter what he has to do. Steve takes Kayla in his arms as the scene shifts to...


Hope lies in bed as Bo gets out of the shower and admits he is shocked to see her hitting the hay so early. Hope says she is tired and they have a long day with the wedding tomorrow. Bo agrees and asks if something is wrong. Hope turns, smiles, and says everything is fine. They're fine and it's going to stay that way. It has to. Hope embraces Bo, kisses him, and then says good night. Bo says good night to her and turns out the lights and lays down as a worried Hope looks on and then shifts to...


The grand ballroom is all prepared for the wedding reception as a mysterious man walks in. The man walks slowly further into the ballroom as the camera pans up to reveal his face to be...Nicole in disguise. She is wearing a brown wig, a mustache, glasses, and fake eyebrows. She smiles and pulls something out of her coat and, after looking at it lovingly for a few seconds, begins to laugh, saying:

Nicole: When will people learn never to underestimate me. (looking above) I'm sorry, Eric...I have to do this. I didn't want to but they left me no choice. It's time they all pay...and pay dearly.

Nicole then walks off further into the ballroom as the scene shifts to...


Joelle hears a knock at the door and wonders if it's Joey coming home since he forgot his key. She goes to answer and is shocked to see Lucas. She tries to close the door but he forces it open, saying he wants to talk...calmly. Joelle says they have nothing to talk about. Lucas tells her Sami is awake and their family has been through enough. He wants this to be resolved...tonight.

Joelle asks how he got past the outside guard and the hall guard assigned by the police. Lucas asks "What guards?" He then adds he saw no one and tells her to stop changing the subject. They have business to tend to.

Joelle orders him to leave, reminding him there is a restraining order. Lucas says he isn't leaving until they reach an understanding. Joelle goes to pick up the phone but Lucas forcefully removes it and throws it on the couch. Joelle begs him to leave but Lucas refuses. Joelle then grabs him and tries to forcefully remove him but Lucas stops her, grabs her tightly, and orders him to listen to her, saying defiantly that this must stop...NOW!! The scene then suddenly goes black.




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