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The Horton clan is gathered in Alice's living room. Many conversations are going on so the noise level is at a high level. Tommy and Bill sit by Alice, with Maggie sitting on the couch with Julie and Doug. Jessica, Josh, Melissa, Pete, Sarah, Spencer, Stephen and Don are all sitting on fold up chairs. Mike and Laura come out of the kitchen with more cookies and doughnuts to serve the masses.

Bo, who is holding JT, and Hope are getting their coats and preparing to leave. They tell everyone they will see them later at the Pub for Caroline's Christmas Day party. Alice says they will be there. Goodbyes are exchanged as Bo and Hope leave with JT and, after a short lull, the conversations pick up again.

Bill and Tommy can't believe Maggie and Victor managed to put a wedding together in such a short period of time. Maggie smiles and says the Kiriakis and Horton families have connections and carry alot of clout around here. Don admits he never thought he would see the day where Maggie would be with a guy like Victor, or that any Kiriakis would marry a Horton for that matter.

Jessica says that's because they never thought they would lose Mickey so soon. Everyone then turns silent. Alice breaks the silence and says he will always be with them, as will the many other loved ones they have lost or that have left Salem.

Jessica then tells Joshua she misses Nick. Spencer looks at Stephen, who tells him that he knows he would like answers about his mother and says it's not the time or place. Spencer reminds Stephen he says that every holiday, actually every day. Spencer then says that he will drop it again, for now and for everyone's sake.

Mike then stands up and says he has something to say since they are speaking about those away from Salem. Everyone gives him their full attention. Mike says he has decided to return to Salem indefinitely. He will be working at University Hospital again and asks Alice if it's ok if he stays with her, Doug, and Julie for the time being. Alice says she would love that.

Laura and Bill are shocked and ask why he decided on that move. Mike mentions how Jeremy has graduated from medical school and thinks he can run the clinic in Israel for him, along with Robin. He adds that he feels it's time to come home to Salem for a bit as Israel can get kind of hectic.

Julie makes the comment that they all wish it was alot quieter there. Mike agrees and suggests Laura and Bill consider staying in Salem. Laura tells Mike she enjoys counseling Billi's patients in Africa. Doug wonders if there is a little more going on. Laura and Bill look at each other awkwardly. Bill says they are friends and have managed to move past the pain of the past. Laura agrees, saying she is just happy they can be as close as they are and, if more happens, then it happens.

Maggie thinks it's ok as long as they are happy. Laura and Billi agree they are. They just wish Jennifer were still with them. Alice says they all do but she is watching over them, with Tom and so many other loved ones that have passed. Laura says she is just glad Abby and Max worked things out last night and that Jack made it.

Maggie adds that she is happy Sami woke up last night. They all could use some good things happening. Doug thinks they may have finally turned a corner. Julie hopes so. Alice tells everyone they just need to have faith and hope that is the case as the scene shifts to...


Greta tells Frankie they need to get back to the Pub and asks why he is always dragging her to the park. Frankie says it's the only place big enough to avoid the paparazzi that is always after her. He wanted to be alone with her. Greta apologizes. Frankie says it's nothing. He likes spending time with a real princess. Greta smiles and asks what they are doing.

Frankie says he has a Christmas gift for her. He gives her a present, which she unwraps. She opens it and finds a sapphire heart pendent. Greta is in awe. Frankie tells Greta it's his heart and it belongs to her. It has for awhile and he just couldn't find the words to explain it so he showed her. Frankie then confesses he has fallen in love with her and can't hide it anymore. He needs her to know in hopes she feels the same.

Greta gets choked up and says all she can do is cry tears of joy right now. She tells Frankie she doesn't think she wants to say what she truly want to right now. She doesn't want to jinx it as she has been down this road. She tells him he has made her so very happy, more then he can ever know. They embrace, then slowly pull apart, look into each other's eyes, and then kiss passionately as the scene shifts to...


Marlena, Roman, Belle, Lucas, and Will are all in Sami's room. Lucas is right by Sami's side as Carrie walks back into the room with Evan. Sami tells them all they don't need to be there as she knows there is a party at the Pub. Marlena tells Sami they have missed her so much and want to spend time with her. It's Christmas, afterall.

Sami reminds Marlena they have all been there since she woke up and says they can all catch up later. She wants them to go and have fun at the Pub and that's a order. Roman doesn't think they can argue with that. Lucas says he will stay with her. Sami tries to encourage him to go but he says he is staying with her and no is not an answer.

Sami tells Will to go but he wants to stay with her too. Sami tells Will it would make her happy if he went to the Pub. Will reluctantly agrees. Everyone says their goodbyes and is so thankful she is awake. Sami thanks them for everything and says seeing them and being back with them was the greatest gift she could ever get for Christmas. It was the best present ever.

Will embraces Sami and she kisses his forehead, telling him to have fun.Marlena blows her a kiss and Carrie waves Evan's little hand at her to say bye. Sami and Lucas wave back as everyone leaves. Once alone, Sami smiles at Lucas and says:

Sami: Alone at last...

They then kiss as the scene shifts to...

Jean's room as Alyson holds Sam at her side. She hands Jean some Christmas cookies from Caroline and tells her to enjoy but to eat quietly so a nurse doesn't catch them. Jean smiles and thanks her for everything, saying she could not have asked for a better Christmas. She is happy that Sami is awake too. Alyson agrees, saying all she needs is for Nicole to get hit by a U Haul and this Christmas would be flawless. They both laugh as Jean says she wouldn't wish that kind of fate on anyone but her. Alyson agrees and says she just hopes Nicole has an epiphany and stays away as the scene shifts to...


Nicole sits in her suite, drinking champagne and looking at her picture of Eric. She mentions how that is all she can bear to do right now as she misses him and wishes they could be together with Evan and Sam. A family...the way they should be. Tears stream down her face as she vows to spend Christmas next year with their children, the way it should be, and the way he would want it. The scene then shifts to...


Philip is in the living room making a phone call. He then hangs up as Victor enters the room. He notices Philip is upset and asks if something is wrong. Philip tells Victor Belle keeps rebuffing him and has hardly let him spend time with Claire. He held her at mass last night and that's it. He can't even give her the presents he bought. Victor tells Philip to give Belle time. It hurts like hell now but Belle needs to make sure his efforts to change are truly sincere. Philip asks if Victor is impressed. Victor nods, saying his work at Titan has been splendid and was needed since he had other matters.

Victor tells Philip he thinks he is really changing for the better and he is proud of him. Philip thanks Victor and says that means alot. Victor says he has one more gift for Philip he wanted to give him in private and, with the staff off the rest of the night, it seems like the perfect time. Philip tells Victor he already have him several gifts. Victor hands him a wrapped box and tells him to open it. Philip does and finds a frame inside, containing a picture of Philip and Victor with the inscription at the top reading,"The Kiriakis Empire: The Present and the Future."

Philip says he is touched and thanks Victor. Victor tells Philip he just wanted to let him know how proud he is of how far he has come in the past few months and wanted to urge him on to continue his hard work. Victor admits a year ago he was worried about him but now feels he is on the road to becoming a strong leader of the Kiriakis Empire.

Philip smiles and then embraces Victor, showing a guilty look on his face and recalling how he betrayed his father to Orpheus. Victor shows a devilish smirk as he hugs Philip and says he loves him and adds that he would like nothing more then to give him all that he earns and deserves as the scene shifts to...


The Horton clan has now arrived and the Pub is jumping. Stephanie is talking with Max, Abby, and Jack (who is holding JJ). Stephanie says she is so happy they worked things out and asks Abby if she feels much better now. Abby says she does and thanks Stephanie for all she did, saying she already thanks her grandmother too. Jack says he is pleased too and tells Max he knows that both him and Abby care about each other but warns him not to hurt his daughter again. Max nods and says Jack has his word.

Meanwhile, Hope goes behind the bar to fix a drink. Steve joins her and asks how she is doing. Hope says she is just trying not to think about Nicole or their secret but it's hard. Steve says that it's Christmas and that they can worry about it all tomorrow. He tells Hope to try to enjoy herself. Hope says she is doing her best and walks off to rejoin Bo, who is with Roman, Marlena, Caroline, Kim, Shane, Kayla, Adrienne, and Justin.

Carrie holds Evan in a corner as Tony and Anna walk in. Tony says he wishes Cassie would've came but admits he is lucky he spent Christmas Eve with her. Anna looks at Carrie and wonders if she should go over. Tony thinks she shouldn't push. Anna agrees and says she will just give it time as they have at least made progress. Carrie turns and looks at Anna and approaches her.

Carrie tells Anna that she did what she did last night because they all have enough problems and she was thinking she was too harsh on her. She would like to start trying to talk things over and see where it goes. She apologizes for saying all that she did. She's her mother and nothing will ever change that. Anna embraces Carrie, saying she doesn't know how much that means to her.

Tony walks up to Marlena and asks if she has seen Cassie. Marlena nods, saying she told her Merry Christmas in person last night. She only wishes Cassie would spend more time with her and other loved ones and not with Stefano. Tony agrees, saying he was shocked that Stefano encouraged her to spend Christmas with him. Abe, Lexie, and Celeste come in with Theo and overhear.

Abe says he opened his home to Stefano last night and was shocked he was so appreciative. Celeste adds that Stefano realizes every year at Christmas the mistakes he has made when he sees how alone he truly is. Lexie nods and looks at Tony as both of seemingly reflect on how Stefano has affected them.

Billie walks in with Kate. Jack and Billie come face to face. Jack says he is happy she made it. Billie says Caroline invited her and Carrie invited her mother. Jack smiles and says he is sorry he didn't get her anything. Billie says she doesn't have anything either and adds that all she wants from him is time. She tells him it's like she told Abby, she needs to work some stuff out and then they can try to get back on track.

Jack says he can give her what she needs and says he knows what he wants from her as a gift. Billie smiles. Jack says he wants her promise that she will always be a part of his life, no matter what happens between them. Billie begins to tear up and nods, saying she can promise that. They embrace.

Frankie and Greta then arrive at the Pub as Kate walks up to Carrie and says she knows she is missing Austin. They all are. Carrie admits to Kate it's hard. It's Evan's first Christmas and his father isn't here to share it with him. Kate nods and begins to tear up. She embraces Carrie and says he is still with them and always will be. Meanwhile, Carrie sees Mike and smiles at him. Mike smiles back at her.

Billie is at the bar as Bo walks up and asks if she heard from Chelsea. Billie shakes her head, saying she didn't want to speak with anyone. It seems it would be too hard for her. Bo nods. Billie says she misses her so much. Bo says he does too. They jug as Hope stands nearby, having overheard them and missing Chelsea herself.

Meanwhile, Marlena is outside the Pub, looking at the stars above. She thanks God for bringing Sami back to the people who love her and for getting them through such a trying year. She adds that she will hold to her word now that he brought Sami back as that was a sign that it is ok. Ok to move on from the past and forgive herself. She thinks she can do that now. She just hopes God will help them now as Roman faces the charges against him. Marlena says she feels their family deserves peace and hopes they get it.

Roman then comes out and asks if she is ok. Marlena smiles and nods. She then tears up as she wishes Eric could be there. Roman agrees and says he will always be with them. They kiss and enter the Pub, with Victor right behind them. Victor says he is happy he made it, kisses Maggie and then Greta, and stands next to her as Caroline asks everyone to raise their glasses in a toast.

Caroline: It's been a rough year but we persevered. Just like we all always have and just like we all always will. That is the stuff the Brady's (scene pans over all the Brady's present), the Horton's (scene pans over all the Horton's present), and all of our friends and loved ones (scene pans over Abe, Lexie, Tony, Anna, Celeste, Theo, Kate, Billie, Jack, and Victor) are made of. Here is to a much better year ahead and to good health and good times to be had by all. Merry Christmas!

Everyone yells out "Merry Christmas!" as we see couples kissing and family and friends embracing each other as the scene pans on Alice, who says:

Alice: Another special Christmas in Salem...


The scene then pans on Alice as she smiles as the sounds of all the happy and joyous people in the Pub can be heard. The scene then fades to black.




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