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11/19/07: RACING EYES



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The power is now fully back on and everyone is moving about in the ballroom. Lexie, Tony and Patricia can't believe what they just heard. Cassie once again tells them she hit Greta as a frustrated Stefano covers his face and shakes his head in a disappointed manner. Patricia demands to know why Cassie didn't come forward sooner and all Cassie can say is that she's sorry and that she will accept whatever punishment she receives.

Meanwhile, Roman asks Anna if she is sure about what she just told him. Anna nods and tells Roman that Kate told Billie that she saw Sami with Orpheus. Marlena and the others are overjoyed. A tearful Marlena tells Roman they need to go get there daughter...NOW!! Roman says they are on the case and tells Abe they need to go. Marlena insists on coming too. Caroline, Belle, Lucas, Will, Victor, Maggie, and Frankie also wish to go, among others. Roman says he isn't going to argue with any of them since they will just come anyway. All he will say is that they stay out of the way and listen to orders.

Roman then leads them all out. Philip tells Belle he will go with her to lend some support. Belle tells him she doesn't need him and races off. Abe tells Celeste to go downstairs and tell an officer to take her home with the power now on. Theo needs her. Celeste tells Abe she has a horrible feeling about tonight. Abe tells her to just go home. Celeste reluctantly agrees. Julie tells Maggie she is going with her and Victor. Maggie doesn't think Victor going is the best idea but he insists he must, especially with Orpheus involved. Julie insists on going to but wonders what to do with Alice. Doug offers to take her home. Julie thanks him and lovingly glances at him.

On another floor of the building, Steve and Hope wake up in each other's arms. Hope quickly gets up and realizes the severity of what her and Steve just did. She begins to get dressed as Steve looks around, seemingly in shock, saying he doesn't know what happened. Hope reminds him she warned him they would lose control if they kept revisiting the past and now look what happened. They had sex and have destroyed their lives and the lives of everyone they love. Steve begins to get dressed and tells Hope to calm down. She tells him to shutup. They will talk about what happened later. She just wants to find Bo and get out of there, no matter how disheveled she looks. Steve tells Hope he is sorry but she once again tells him to shutup. She races out of the room as Steve follows, still finishing getting dressed as a mysterious person watches from around the corner. The camera the pans up to reveal the person is...

...NICOLE!!! Nicole flashes a devilish grin and then walks off. The scene then returns to...

the ballroom, as Jack tells Abby to go home but she refuses, saying she cares about Billie too. Jack realizes he is fighting a losing battle and agrees, especially after Forrest offers to come to for Abby's protection. Stephanie decides to go with the group since Abby is going and asks Doug to tell her mom. He agrees. Roman tells Doug as he passes by to tell Bo what is going on when he sees him. Doug says he will but then Hope and Steve come running in. Everyone stares. Doug asks what happened to them. Hope explains they got stuck in an elevator during the blackout and, when the power returned, the elevator was malfunctioning and went all the way to the top floor. They ended up on the roof and got soaked.

Just then, Bo and Kayla walk in the ballroom. Bo is just about to say they couldn't find Hope and Steve when he sees them both right in front of them. Bo and Kayla embrace their spouses, saying they searched several floors for them. Hope repeats the explanation she gave everyone else. Bo and Kayla say they are just happy they are both alright. Abe then interrupts and tells them what is going on. Bo says he's on it. Hope, Kayla, and Steve say they are going to and follow as Bo races off

As the group races into the lobby, Joelle looks on, watching Lucas and Will and showing a devilish grin. Meanwhile, the mystery person watching Lucas and Will takes off from around the corner to avoid being seen. Alyson and Alex are still at the bar and admit it feels like a stampede just left the building. Alex asks if she would like to keep the night going since it's still young and recommends a night on the town. Alyson smiles and says she would like that. The scene then shifts to...

Patricia, who sees Abe running by and stops him, telling him Cassie just confessed to Greta's hit and run and she needs him. Frankie overhears Greta's name to and stops, along with Caroline. Tony fills them all in as Stefano fumes. Frankie and Caroline can't believe Cassie would do that, especially since they still consider her a part of their family. Cassie just shakes her head and cries. Roman then returns and asks what is going on. Abe tells him he has business and tells Roman to go ahead. Frankie says that he and Caroline will meet Roman there. Roman races out.

Caroline wonders if they should tell Victor. Frankie doesn't think now is the right time, at least until they get answers. Frankie announces that Greta told him she was ready to finally make a statement about the hit and run earlier. The only issue is she doesn't remember much. Patricia thinks they should take Cassie over to the hospital right now to get to the bottom of this. She tells Frankie to go get Dr. Barbara Harris and to tell her to meet them at the hospital. They may need to use expertise. Frankie races off. Patricia then orders everyone else to come with her, saying they will get to the truth...tonight!


Miranda looks on with glee as Billie, Kate, and Orpheus are still stunned by the revelation that just took place. Orpheus can't believe he has a daughter. Kate can't believe the thought of this never occurred to her. A devastated and shocked Billie, who is still feeling the effects of fainting, asks:

Billie: How could you do this to me?
Kate: I didn't know, Billie. God, when I think about what would've happened if Curtis...
Billie: Typical. Thinking about yourself. Even if you did know, would you have told me?
Kate: Billie...
Billie: You may not have known but you still slept with him. You whore!

Billie then hauls back and slaps Kate, sending her to the floor as Miranda laughs in the background. Billie tells Miranda to shut up, saying she is no better than her mother with the way she is behaving. Orpheus has had enough and admits one bombshell was bad enough but now this one...this is just too much. Kate recovers and gets up, telling Billie she doesn't like this anymore then she does. Billie just shakes her head and says:

Billie: I'm one of them. I'm a Dimera.

Kate tries to reach out and comfort her but Billie backs away and covers her face with her hands as she breaks down in tears while Miranda looks on, smiling. Kate notices this and stares daggers at her while a stunned Orpheus walks over to the window, still trying to come to grips with the latest revelation to shake up his life. As he looks out the window, he hears sirens and then sees a mass of police cars and SWAT vans pulling up. His eyes open wide with shock and worry as he realizes he may have been found out while, upstairs, Sami stares out the window in her room and sees the very same sight and becomes overjoyed.

Sami: Oh My God!! They found me! Finally! I'm going home!

The scene then freezes on Sami's joyous face and fades to black.




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wow what a good episode. so much is going on. So glad to see Not only that Hope and Steve did the deed but Nicole saw them. Yes I love it. I love Nicole. I wonder what is she goings to do now.

Also loved the scene with Billie and her new family. That musta been one hell of a slap for Kate to fall to the ground. Damn who hasn't Kate slept with.

Again very good episode, Moved very fast and it was much shorter ;) (Though, like I have any room to talk huh?)

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Oh GOSH I hope Sami is finally rescued!

Orpheus a DiMera...and now Billie...you two throw in so many twists...I love it...

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