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11/20/07: CORNERED






Greta is sitting in her room when Caroline, Frankie, Stefano, Tony, Lexie, Cassie, and Abe walk in. Patricia and Barbara follow close behind. Greta asks what is going on. Frankie fills her in on Cassie's confession and asks Greta if she still feels ready to make a statement now. Greta reminds Frankie she told him she was ready and admits being shocked that Cassie would do such a thing. Frankie and Caroline feel the same way as Cassie was and still is considered a part of their family.

Tony still can't believe his daughter would do this. Patricia tells him they will find out for sure right now and asks Greta how much she remembers about that night. Greta admits she doesn't recall much. Patricia asks if she would be willing to let Barbara put her under hypnosis to help her remember. Greta agrees without hesitation, saying she wants to get to the bottom of this too. Frankie asks if she is sure. Greta says she is and that she wants to do it now. Barbara comes forward and begins the hypnosis process.

The scene then moves forward to much later. Greta is now under hypnosis and Barbara is waling her through that night as Tony asks Cassie why she hit Greta. Stefano tells her not to say anything and tells Tony this is all his fault. He asks him how it feels to have put his own daughter in a position where she may end up in prison. Tony reminds Stefano he had no idea and thought he did it. Stefano comforts Cassie and tells her it's going to be alright. He will stand by her and get her out of this. Cassie and Stefano embrace as Lexie comforts Tony.

Meanwhile, Barbara announces that Greta is at the point of the hit and run. Greta begins to describe what was going on as she walked across the street to get to Salem Towers. She says there was no cars coming and then one came out of nowhere...that was driven by...a woman! Cassie turns away, preparing herself to accept her fate. Barbara asks if she can tell if it's Cassie or not. Greta is silent for a moment and then says it's...a blonde!! It's not Cassie!!

Cassie turns around in shock. Stefano is shocked as well. Tony admits he is confused. Caroline wonders what this means. Frankie thinks back to that night and recalls Nicole being at the Towers drunk. Frankie also points out she hates Greta and had even more motive as Greta had helped Eric during his illness last year, something that irked Nicole. Abe calls the station and tells them to find Nicole Walker-Brady and to bring her to University hospital...NOW!!


Doug sits Alice down and asks if she needs anything. Alice says she had quite enough to eat and drink at the ball but would like him to turn the TV on to see if there are updates on Sami. Doug goes to turn the TV on as Alice mentions why it's so hard for him to admit he can't leave Salem because he still loves Julie. Doug tells Alice there are many reasons why he is still in Salem, most of which have to do with Hope and her being MIA quite a few times. Alice tells Doug she doesn't believe him and neither does anyone else, including Julie.

Doug tells Alice he will always care for Julie. Alice thinks he loves her and that he always will. She advises him that the sooner he admits that, the better off he and Julie will both be. Doug tries to change the subject as he turns the channels on the TV. He stops when he sees a news report on a hostage situation. Doug and Alice see Roman, Marlena, and Bo on screen, among others, and are horrified that Sami and so many others are in danger.


Greta comes out of hypnosis and asks what happened. Frankie fills her in and asks if she is ok. Greta says she is and says she should've known Nicole was behind this. Abe says they are bringing Nicole in now. Just then, an officer comes in with a kicking and screaming Nicole, who wants to know the meaning of this. The officer tells Abe she wasn't far away and was at a nearby bar. Caroline rolls her eyes, saying that figures. Abe tells Nicole about what Greta recalled under hypnosis and asks her to explain what she did the night of the hit and run. Abe tells her they already know she was at the Towers and that she was drunk and they know she hates Greta, meaning she has plenty of motive.

Nicole insists she did not hit Greta. She says that if she did, she would've finished the job. Caroline asks if she could be anymore cold-hearted. Nicole smiles. Abe asks where she was and if she has an alibi. Nicole says she stayed at the bar all night and there was a bartender there. Abe tells Patricia they will have to find the bartender. He then asks Nicole if she went anywhere else. She says she went home but it was late and no one was around. Abe tells Patricia they have nothing right now and have to let Nicole go. A frustrated Patricia realizes Abe is right and tells Nicole she is free to go...for now.

Patricia tells Cassie she is wondering why she confessed. A relieved Cassie says she thought Stefano had done it and was protecting him. Stefano says he thought the same of Cassie because she was out driving angry that night after fighting with him. Abe still doesn't think something is right and tells Stefano and Cassie to stay on call in case they need to ask more questions. Stefano and Cassie agree. Nicole is outraged that everyone believes a mob family over her. Everyone stares at her as Nicole says the hell with all of them. They're all hypocrites and she will prove it and make them all pay. Nicole then walks off in a huff.

Abe's cell then rings. It's Roman, who asks Abe if he has handled what he had to. Abe says he has for the moment. Roman tells him that he better get his ass over to Orpheus' penthouse getaway. They have multiple hostages and have no clue how to get in without causing a catastrophe. Abe says he is on his way. Caroline asks what is going on. Abe fills her in and says he has to go. Patricia says she must as well. Caroline insists on coming too. Abe says he won't argue but whoever goes needs to listen to instructions and stay out of the way. Greta tells Frankie to go with his mother and assures him she will be fine. Stefano tells Cassie he is going too. Cassie asks why. Stefano tells her to nevermind and says there is no time. They must go. Tony looks at Lexie and tells her he has to see this. Lexie and Tony then race off behind Stefano, Cassie, Caroline, Patricia, Frankie, and Abe as Nicole watches and soon follows.


Kate sees Orpheus pacing and points out that he is clearly worried. Orpheus tells her to shutup. He has to think. Miranda tells him the jig is up. He's cornered. Orpheus instructs one of his men to bring Sami to him and then tells Miranda to put a sock in it. Kate suggests Orpheus fire a bullet into Miranda's skull and says she will even do it for him. Billie tells Kate to be quiet. She's making things worse. Miranda coldly looks at Kate. Orpheus holds his head and orders them all to be silent. Sami is then dragged over to Orpheus and taunts him with the fact that he's surrounded. She then looks at Kate, Billie, and Miranda and wonders what is going on. Miranda tells Sami they are in the same boat as her right now. Sami looks at Billie and notices how upset she looks. She points out that something else is going on. Orpheus grabs her by the hair and tells her to nevermind that. It's time they send a message to daddy...

Meanwhile, outside, Marlena breaks through the police barrier and asks Roman what is going on. Roman tells her she needs to stay back. A desperate Marlena reminds him their daughter is in there. Roman embraces her and says he knows. Roman promises her that he will rescue Sami. They embrace. Steve comes over to Kayla and Stephanie, who are behind the police barrier. He tells her he is going to help Bo, Roman and the police. Kayla says she knows she can't stop him but begs him to be careful. Steve embraces his wife and daughter and looks over at Hope. He recalls their making love earlier and tells Kayla to always remember he loves her. Kayla says she knows. Steve runs off as Hope watches.

Bo then comes over to Hope and asks if she can help keep everyone behind the police barrier. Hope says she will try and begs Bo to be careful. He kisses her and smiles, saying that's his middle name. Hope tells Bo that she loves him. Always had and always will. Bo tells her he knows that and asks if she is ok. Hope nods, saying she is just worried about what is going on. Bo kisses her on the forehead and says it's going to be alright before running off. Hope shakes her head and looks up to the heavens as tears well in her eyes, saying she is so sorry for what she did.

Belle is holding Marlena when she notices Philip behind her. She reminds him she told him not to come. Philip says he had to be there for her. Belle says she doesn't want to argue and turns her attention back to her mother. Meanwhile, Jack asks Bo if there is anything he can do. Bo tells him to keep everyone behind the police barrier. Abby comforts Jack and says she knows he is worried about Billie. Jack says he hates the way he treated her and now he may lose her before he can apologize and makes things right. Abby embraces him as Forrest and Max look on. Lucas comforts Will and says it's all going to be alright. He tells will to go over to Belle and Marlena. He needs to check on things with grandpa Roman.

Caroline, Frankie, Abe, Patricia, Stefano, Tony, Cassie, and Lexie then show up. Abe asks Bo and Roman to fill him in. Patricia demands to know what is being done. Her phone rings and she says it's her superiors. She runs off to take the call. Bo orders Caroline and Frankie to stay behind the barrier. Caroline is horrified by the situation and worries about Sami. Frankie comforts her. Stefano takes out his phone and calls Lincoln and tells him to get down there with some men as Lexie and Cassie look on. Tony turns and notices Anna nearby. He approaches her but she walks off, leaving him alone. Julie, Maggie, and Victor watch the happenings. Victor says he has to get closer to hear what is going on. Maggie begs him not to do anything dangerous. He smiles and kisses her, assuring her he just wants to get an update. Maggie nods and embraces Victor as they both pledge their love for each other.

Roman, Bo, Abe, and Steve stand in awe of the building, wondering what they can do. Lucas, Victor, and Stefano come over, asking for updates. Bo tells them to stand behind the line. Lucas reminds him that the woman he loves is in there and so is his mother and probably his sister. An officer then walks over and says that Orpheus somehow managed to radio in on their frequency. He hands a walkie-talkie to Abe, who takes it and asks if Orpheus is there. Roman then grabs it and asks the bastard to pick up. Orpheus says hello to Roman and asks him to find some binoculars and to look up at the top floor. Roman gets some from an officer and looks up, only to see Orpheus holding a gun to Sami's head near a window.

Roman: Damn you!
Orpheus: Now, now. Is that anyway to talk to a man holding a gun to your daughter's head?
Roman: Let her go. You can have me! Take me!!
Orpheus: Funny you should mention that because I was just about to propose a trade.
Roman: Trade?
Orpheus: You, Kiriakis, and Stefano...for Sami and the other hostages. Non-negotiable. Take it or leave it. Do we have a deal?

Roman, Bo, Victor, Steve, Lucas and Stefano look at each other as Roman looks into the binoculars and sees Orpheus holding the gun to Sami's head as Orpheus says through the radio:

Orpheus: The clock is ticking, Roman.

The scene then fades out on a worried Roman and then fades to black.




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Great episode! You can tell its sweeps month! The twist that Greta thinking it was Nicole was excellent. The writing for Nicole is always spot on. She must be so fun to write for.

The ending. Wow. Edge of your seat and I love it! Simply amazing, great pacing and great wonderful read. Excellent job all around

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What an awesome episode....This is what Days is truly to be...I always get chills when I read close to the ending of the episodes that are posted, because I know it's going to be an edge of your seat type moment...and the gun to Sami's head sent chills.

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