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Doug is sitting alone, thinking about the advise Jean gave him at the Salem Inn last night. Doug then thinks back to his wedding to Julie.


Doug begins to tear up and wonders if there is anything left between them to fight for. He then thinks about the advice Jean gave him and tells himself he knows what he must do. He takes out his cell phone and begins to dial.


Alice and Julie are sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast when the phone rings. Julie tells Alice she will get it and is shocked when she answers to hear Doug on the phone. Doug asks Julie if she can meet him at pier 11 this morning. Julie tells Doug that Lucas is having a meeting with Joelle to address her accusations and that the whole family is going to support him so she can't make it. Alice motions to Julie, who puts down the phone and asks Alice what she wants.

Alice tells Julie to go ahead. Maggie can come and get her. Alice tells Julie she can't give up the chance to work things out with Doug. Julie asks if she is sure. Alice nods, saying the family could use some good news right now and she may be the one to bring it to them. Julie says she hopes so and then picks the phone back up, telling Doug she will meet him in an hour at pier 11. Doug tells Julie it sounds good and hangs up.

Alice tells Julie the fact that he called and wants to talk is a good sign. Julie agrees, saying she finally sees a ray of hope. Alice takes Julie's hand and tells her to just have faith and it will all work out. Julie and Alice embrace as Julie says she will try and thanks her for her support and comfort. Alice smiles, saying it's her job. They both laugh.


Maggie is lying in Victor's bed when she hears a rattling noise. She sits up to find Victor standing over her with a covered tray. Victor smiles and says that breakfast is served. Maggie is shocked. Victor says he made it himself. It's the first time in at least 10 years that he even stepped in the kitchen. Maggie is impressed and asks Victor why he did this. Victor says he wanted to surprise her because he wants to make everyday they spend together special because he loves her. Plus, he wanted to give cook a day off. They both laugh.

Maggie begins to dig into her tray and asks Victor if he is just trying to kiss up to her after that shootout with Stefano and Orpheus last night. Victor asks how Maggie found out. Maggie tells him she overheard Nico talking about it with the head gatekeeper. Victor reminds Maggie of their agreement. Maggie says she remembers and that she isn't judging him or lashing out. She just wanted to know if that is why he was doing this for her. Victor smiles and then kisses her passionately, telling Maggie that is why he did it. Maggie smiles and kisses him back as one thing leads to another and the two of them begin to make love.


Caroline, Max, Stephanie, and Billie arrive at the hospital, wondering why Frankie called them there. Frankie then races around the corner, thanking them for meeting him. Billie asks Frankie what is going on. Frankie says he doesn't know. Rich called and said that he had big news on Greta's condition so Frankie decided to call all of them down like they said they wanted him too. Jack then appears, saying he is sorry he is late. Billie turns and looks at him and the two of them lock eyes. Frankie says it's fine as Rich hasn't been around yet.

Just then, Rich appears from Greta's room. Frankie asks what is going on. Rich smiles and tells them all to come in and see for themselves. Everyone enters to see Greta turning her head toward them with her eyes open. An overjoyed Frankie races over to her and kisses her forehead while also embracing her. He tells Greta he is so happy she has finally come back to them. Caroline whispers to Billie that it's pretty clear Frankie is quite taken with Greta. Billie says she knows and that she hopes Frankie tells her how he feels. Caroline tells Billie she is going to call Victor.

Once Caroline leaves, Jack comes over to Billie, commenting on how great it is that Greta is ok. Billie smiles and says it is. Things go silent as Jack asks Billie if she has calmed down. Billie says she's fine. Jack nods and says that's good. He tells Billie that he would like to talk to her later in a calm manner about things so they can work everything out. Billie tells Jack she was calm last night until he started acting like an idiot who refuses to listen to reason. Jack tells Billie that it's not the place to argue. Billie tells Jack she doesn't care and then mentions talking later. She asks why they can't talk now. Jack explains he has a lunch date with Elizabeth and Alex. Billie turns away in disgust and takes a deep breath. Jack reminds Billie that Alex is his son and he needs to bond with him. Billie tells Jack she gets that but then stops herself before going on. She tells Jack she can't deal with this. It feels like she is talking to a brick wall.

Billie goes over to Frankie and Greta. Billie tells Greta she is so happy she is awake and that she will come by later and visit so they can catch up. Greta whispers "thank you." Frankie explains that Greta is going to need rehab to help regain some motor skills and to help get her communicating again. Billie says it's understandable and tells Greta to let her know if she needs anything. Greta nods. Billie then motions to Frankie to follow her. Frankie does and asks what's up. Billie urges Frankie to tell Greta how he feels about her. It's been obvious for months and life is too short, as they both know, to wait another day, let alone moment. Frankie isn't sure he can and doesn't want anyone to get hurt. He doesn't want to lose his friendship with Greta.

Billie thinks about her and Jack and tells Frankie that it doesn't matter. She uses Jack and her as an example, noting that it may not be the best example with their problems right now. Frankie thinks it's too much of a risk. Billie tells Frankie he doesn't have to worry about a make version of Elizabeth showing up to cause problems. Neither he or Greta has any past loves out there with Eric and Jennifer both gone. Frankie tells Billie he will think about it. Billie smiles and embraces Frankie, telling him she will come by and check on Greta later. Frankie tells Billie he will see her at Lucas and Joelle's meeting. Billie nods and walks by Jack without acknowledging him. Jack turns and watches Billie leave and sighs.

Outside the room, Billie looks in and watches Jack with Frankie and Greta. She wipes tears from her eyes and says that she just doesn't know what else to do. She walks away as the scene shifts to the nurses station, where Caroline is talking to Victor. She tells him she is sorry to interrupt but just thought he should know and the doctors had tried to reach him and failed. Victor says he was busy all night and had a good part of his men dealing with a situation so things were in chaos. Victor thanks her for telling him and says he will be right over. Victor hangs up and Maggie, who is still in their bed, asks what is going on. Victor smiles and tells her Greta is awake. He tells Maggie he hates to cut their morning short but he really wants to see her. Maggie says it's no problem and that she will go with him. She then gets out of bed and and grabs some clothes as Victor thanks her and goes into the bathroom to begin getting ready.

Meanwhile, Max and Stephanie leave Greta's room. Max says he is happy for Frankie. He was so worried about Greta. Stephanie says she can tell Frankie cares for Greta. Max tells Stephanie he wishes he could admit to both Greta and himself. Stephanie thinks he will in time. Max then mentions that he forgot to ask her if she has heard from Abby. Stephanie shakes her head, saying she figures she is still with friends. Max tells her he figured she would contact her since she is her cousin and admits he is a little worried. He just thinks it's suspicious she would take off shortly after Jack came home and in the midst of her therapy. Stephanie thinks it's weird too but can't find reason to worry.

Max notes that Forrest is missing too and he just thinks it's strange. His gut tells him it's no coincidence. Stephanie asks if Max talked to Jack. Max says that Jack is the one that told him Abby was with friends when he called looking for her after she wasn't answering her cell. Max mentions that he got the sense that Jack seemed worried about something but it would just be an assumption to say that he was worried about Abby. He tells Stephanie that he isn't going to keep asking Jack because he has enough on his mind and he doesn't want to push. Stephanie tells Max she can't imagine Jack lying to him about Abby as there is no good reason for that. Max shakes his head in frustration and tells Stephanie he just can't shake the feeling something more is going on here and admits he doesn't like the feeling he's getting.

Malibu, California

Forrest comes into the kitchen carrying a bag while talking to Miranda on the cordless phone. Miranda can't believe he is just giving up and that he told Abby everything. Forrest tells her he had no choice. Abby overheard them and there was no way out of the situation. She's not stupid. An angry Miranda tells Forrest she knew something like this would happen and thinks Sylvia played a role because of her resemblance to Abby. Forrest thinks she did too. Miranda asks what he plans to do now. Forrest says he has already told Dr. Dobbs that he is leaving and for him to keep treating Abby. Forrest adds that he will continue to fund the cost of her therapy. Miranda tells Forrest she will have to call him back. There is something she has to do. She hangs up as Dr. Dobbs enters the kitchen. Meanwhile, Abby sits in her room near her bed. She recalls everything Forrest told her last night and her reaction and wonders if she has handled this all wrong.

Dr. Dobbs asks if Forrest is sure about leaving. Forrest nods and asks if he told Abby. Dr. Dobbs says he told her through the door of her room. He assures him that she is still in there but remains silent. Forrest thought that was the case. He then enters the hallway and walks to the door of Abby's room. He tells her through the door that he is leaving now and she doesn't have to worry about him being around anymore. The ISA will likely take a new approach and he assures her that Dr. Dobbs will continue working with her and that he will take care of the payment. Forrest tells Abby he does care for her and that he has enjoyed the past few months with her. He considered her a dear friend and promises her this was never about her looking like Sylvia or some other ulterior motive. It was simply about protecting her. Forrest says he just hopes she can understand that in time and apologizes for lying to her.

Forrest then turns away and picks up his bags. He thanks Dr. Dobbs for his help and hands him an envelope full of cash, telling him that should take care of everything. Dr. Dobbs wishes him luck and promises that Abby will be well taken care of. Abby is listening to everything behind her door and wonders if she was too harsh and not understanding enough. Just then, the phone rings. Dr. Dobbs answers it. It's Miranda, who tells Dr. Dobbs who she is and to put Abby on the phone. Dr. Dobbs tells her that Abby has locked herself in her room. Miranda asks if there is a phone in her room to which Dr. Dobbs replies there is but Forrest and hims disabled all the phones but the main phone so she couldn't get away. Miranda just tells him to put her on the phone.

Forrest asks Dr. Dobbs what is going on. Dr. Dobbs fills him in and tells Abby she has a phone call. He lies and says it's her father. Abby is shocked and opens the door slightly, asking if this is a trick. Dr. Dobbs hands her the phone and tells her to see for herself. Abby takes the phone and closes the door completely, locking it. She answers the phone, acting as if it's Jack and telling him she misses him and wants to come him. Miranda tells Abby that she is not speaking with her father. She introduces herself and tells Abby that she is in great danger. Everything Forrest said is true and he is the best chance she has at protection for herself and her family.

Miranda assures her that Forrest is on the up and up and that he really wants to bring his brother down. She tells Abby she must listen to Forrest and do what he says. Not just for her sake but her loved ones' sakes. Abby asks how she knows this isn't a trick. Miranda tells her she don't but she can always call Shane Donovan, who is her former partner, and he can vouch for who she is. She tells Abby to trust her instincts and that she is confident she will make the right decision. Miranda hangs up as a confused Abby wonders what to believe and what she should do.


Jack sits with Greta and tells her about all she has missed. Greta is shocked that Jack has a son. Jack smiles, saying he would like him to work at The Spectator too, if that is ok with her. Greta smiles, having difficulty talking. Jack tells her it's ok. They can talk about that when she is better. He tells her not to worry about The Specator and that he will take care of everything as he has all along. Greta thanks him. Jack looks at his watch and says he has to go but he will be back soon. Greta nods and they both embrace. Jack tells Frankie she is all his and leaves. Greta smiles at Frankie and tells him she could hear him talking to her all along. Frankie says he was there pretty much every day for the entirety of visiting hours. Greta laughs and says he must have no life. Frankie laughs and shakes his head, saying he cares about her. Greta and Frankie lock eyes. Frankie tells Greta there is something he has to tell her.

Just then, Victor and Maggie walk in. Victor races right over to Greta and embraces her. He then kisses her hand and says it's such a relief to have her back. Greta says she could hear him talking to her too. He says he is her father and there ways nothing that would keep him from being by her side. Greta smiles. Victor says he looks forward to them spending time together now and promises he will not take this second chance they have for granted. Greta says she won't either. They hug as a tearful Maggie watches, telling Frankie how beautiful the scene is. Frankie agrees, saying Victor already seems to have fallen in love with his newfound daughter. Greta then remembers Frankie wanted to tell her something and tells Victor she is sorry but she wants to hear what he had to say since it seemed important. She calls to Frankie and asks what he wanted to say. Frankie tells her it's ok. It can wait. They have nothing but time now. Greta and Frankie both smile at each other as Greta turns her attention back to Victor.

The scene then pans up to show Victor at Greta's bedside, talking to her, as Frankie and Maggie watch and then the scene fades to black.




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Good episode. Love the Victor/Maggie/Greta scenes

I just have a question. Doesn't everyone know that Victor is Greta's father? Wouldn't he be notified as the next of kin when she woke up?

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Good episode. Love the Victor/Maggie/Greta scenes

I just have a question. Doesn't everyone know that Victor is Greta's father? Wouldn't he be notified as the next of kin when she woke up?

Good question Tishy. The approach I took was that Victor was busy and so was his men as a result of the shootout and all so it was hard to reach him. I was thinking about that while writing but never thought of adding a line during editing. Maybe it was the SON outage and all that threw me off. I added a line explaining that because it's something that I should've put in initially to avoid confusion.

Thanks for pointing that out :) . It was really helpful.

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I really like the Victor/Maggie pairing. Such a long episode but that only means that you had so much you wanted to write about. Great work.

BTW, I thought for the longest time your name really was Roman!

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