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10/22/07: CURVEBALL PART 3






As Stefano looks at Orpheus, his son, in shock, he starts to step backwards. One of his men on the inside see this and points a gun at the window. Roman sees this and fires a shot into the window, barely missing Stefano. Orpheus jumps up and takes two big steps before diving on top of Stefano and shielding him from the gunfire. At that very moment, Bo’s men come out of the shadows with weapons drawn. Stefano and Orpheus’s men take positions themselves and, as one of Stefano’s men gets antsy.......

Gunfire erupts. Roman starts shooting Stefano and Orpheus’s men from the rooftop while glass from the front of the restaurant flies everywhere. Marlena is accidentally pushed outside into the middle of the gunfight but, like the hero that he is, Bo comes flying up in his limousine and jumps out of the car, grabbing Marlena. At that moment, from around the corner, a black Corvette comes blazing down the street. The man known as Hawk slams on the breaks and jumps out, pulling out a huge nickel plated Magnum from his long black trench coat.........

And opens fire at Stefano’s and Orpheus’s men. Injured and dead men are flying everywhere, as is the case on the inside of the restaurant. Stefano looks up at his newfound son.........and gives him a look of contempt. Orpheus looks down at his father..........and spits on the floor. Then, both men get to their feet, then duck down and make their escape. Out in the streets.........

Bo has pushed Marlena into the limousine and, as he takes cover, looks up at Roman. Both men’s eyes lock as Bo gives his brother the order. At that moment, in slow motion, Roman drops the sniper rifle, reaches down to his bag..........and pulls out a machine gun! He then throws his baseball cap off stands up, puts one foot on the railing in front of him........

And opens fire, spraying the entire street and storefront with a rain of bullets that have not been seen in this city in years. Men drop dead after being shot and killed, their bodies littered with bullets. Bo jumps into the limousine and orders his driver to........


The limousine driver guns the car as it flies down the street. Hawk jumps into his car, slams into reverse, backs up, turns, and floors the accelerator as the black Corvette flies off into the night. Roman sees that Bo, Marlena and Hawk have made their escape and puts the machine gun back into his bag. He then puts is cap back on, looks over the railing at the death and blood running in the streets, and quickly makes his escape as well off the building.

Inside the restaurant, dead men and women lay everywhere as Orpheus and Stefano make their getaways. Stefano turns to his left and thanks........

Stefano: Lincoln. Thank you.........for pulling me out of there.
Lincoln: No problem, Stefano. What the hell just happened?
Stefano: We were blindsided tonight. That’s what happened. And I know by who.
Lincoln: Victor..........
Stefano: (Smiling) Yes. Yes, indeed.

At that moment, Stefano gets a phone call from none other than........

Orpheus: Well, no thanks for saving your miserable life?
Stefano: Thanks? HA!! You must be CRAZED. I’ll thank you when I bury you, how about that?
Orpheus: And here I thought we could go to a ball game sometime.......and you could buy me a hot dog.
Stefano: You must have gotten your sense of humor from that witch mother of yours.
Orpheus: Don’t you talk about her like that, !@#$%^&*]. She must have feared you enough to hide me for all those years.
Stefano: And that is what I’m going to get to the bottom of. Starting tonight. There is no way in HELL I could be the father of a BASTARD like you!
Orpheus: We’ll see who the bastard is.........DAD.........when this war is over. Goodnight.........and sleep well.

Orpheus hangs up the phone as Stefano orders Lincoln to get every man in Italy on this right now. He wants answers..........and he wants them now, before he is forced to kill his own son.

As the police drive up to the deadly scene, Anna and Tony come driving up as well. They get out and survey the death and destruction as Anna asks Tony when this all will end. As Anna turns her back, one of Orpheus’s lone gunmen walks out from around the corner and, mistaking Anna for Marlena, takes aim at her. Tony, who is standing a few feet away, turns to see this, and in slow motion, runs toward Anna.

At that moment, a shot rings out and Tony lands on Anna as they both fall to the street. When Tony looks at Anna..........she is not responding. Tony begs for Anna to be ok and, after a few very anxious moments,........she starts to stir. Anna looks up into Tony’s loving eyes..........and she embraces him, as he smiles and hugs her for all it’s worth. They then look over towards where the shot came from........and see the gunman laying in the street, dead. When they look at the figure walking down the alley across the street and into the night........

The scene shifts to the other side of the street to see a smiling Roman Brady pull the brim of his baseball cap down as he gets into a black Cadillac and drives off into the night.

Two hours later, after Bo has dropped Marlena off at her home and left men there, Roman comes flying into the house, looking for her. When she comes running downstairs, he pointedly asks.......

Roman: What in the !@#$%^&*] was that, woman?! You could have gotten yourself killed.
Marlena: Oh, that’s really something, coming form Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald here. Since when did you take up sniper work, huh?
Roman: That’s not the damn point.........
Marlena: IT IS THE DAMN POINT!!! I wouldn’t have had to do none of that [!@#$%^&*] if I had had my husband here by my side. You still don’t see that, do you?
Roman: Yes, I do, Doc. But this isn’t like...........the Strangler, or when Stefano kidnapped you or the twins, or when Orpheus has played one of his sick games. This is three men fighting for control of this city and each other’s destruction. I had to take a side..........and I did. Please understand that and realize that this has nothing to do with you.
Marlena: Then we have nothing more to say to each other. There’s the door. Don’t let it hit you in that stupid ass of yours on the way out. Oh and by the way......

Your [!@#$%^&*] is in the closet. I suggest you take it with you.

Marlena stomps back upstairs as Roman storms to the closet, takes out his luggage, opens the door, and slams it behind him. He then jumps in his car and speeds off into the night, leaving a dejected........and crying Marlena upstairs........alone.


Tony walks with Anna. They stop to sit down and Anna says that Salem is just as lively as ever. Tony then turns to her and asks if the look she gave him tonight meant something. Anna pauses, then says that he disappeared from that very pier years ago in a fog and took her heart with him. She doesn’t know if she can go through that again. As Anna stands up, Roman comes walking down the stairs to where the couple is sitting and Anna looks at both men, saying that they really need to figure out what’s important to them........before it’s too late.

She then says she is going to check on Marlena, leaving Roman and Tony to look at each other and then out into the Salem River, as Roman says.....

Roman: Damn, man. What a night.
Tony: Sure as hell was, Roman.

The scene then fades back to............


Bo walks into the living room. Victor walks over, hands him a drink, and shakes his hand. Bo says Victor shouldn’t be too proud of him with how he screwed up. Hawk, who was outside, walks into the living room as well, telling Bo that Victor knows how well he did tonight. Bo thanks Hawk for his timely intervention. Hawk says it was all in the wrist. He then finishes his brandy and says he has a meeting with a beautiful lady. They will talk tomorrow morning. Victor and Bo say their goodbyes and, as Hawk leaves, Nico walks into the room.

Bo walks past Victor and Victor notices that Bo seems distracted. Bo says that he is waiting for word from one of his men on a private matter. When Victor asks what it is, Bo reluctantly tells him it has to do with Hope and then quickly follows it up with a request to leave it alone. Bo then walks past Victor and upstairs to the surveillance room as Roman walks into the room. He asks Victor if he could crash at his place and Victor smiles, telling Nico to instruct one of the servants to get a room ready. As Nico leaves, Victor picks up his cellphone and makes a call.............

Victor: Well...........I guess a Father’s Day card is in order.
Stefano: (Laughing) Excellent move, my friend.
Victor: You would have done the same.........
Stefano: Oh, and I will. The oil tankers were the first salvo. The next one will be the last.
Victor: Well, dear friend, better get two coffins ready, one for you........

And one for that bastard of yours. Good evening.

Stefano: (Smiling) Till we meet again.

Both men hang up as Victor looks at Roman. He tells him that Bo is very distracted and now is not the time for that. Roman says he’ll talk to him. Victor says he better.........before this........distraction........costs him dearly. The scene shifts to Roman and then back to Victor, as it fades out into.........


Orpheus walks into his darkened bedroom and sits down on the end of the bed. He then reaches over and picks up a picture of a woman. He looks at it and then, after a few moments, presses it to his face, while quietly saying..........

Orpheus: Why.............why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me?

The scene then goes into a close-up on him holding the picture to his face...........and then it slowly fades to black.




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Wow, just wow.

These last three episodes are up there as your top episodes of the year. And I can't wait to see what more you have coming for us. Excellent work.

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Whoa! This episode is just fantastic...as fantastic as the last one! Excellent aftermath of the reveal and that huge gunfight, with everyone involved.

Keep this up. I mean, this is a start to a great week and a great continuing of the last fantastic week. I agree with Tishy, these are your top episodes of the years. I mean all your other stuff was great, but this even beats the end of Vendetta and the Cruise, hell even Marie's funeral but that was different kind of drama.

Again just keep this up. You two are AWESOME. Can't wait for Halloween. :D

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