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Winners of the 25th Round!



Welcome to the 25th Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.

Theme:It's a Springfield Event!


1. What year was the first Bauer BBQ held in?

Hint:It's the same year that Carl T. Evans joined the show as a SORASed Alan-Michael Spaulding and also when the legendary Pamela K. Long returned to writing GL.

Answer: 1987

2. At what hospital event did Roger Thorpe abduct a pregnant Rita Stapleton from the hall of mirrors?

Hint: Cedar's Charity ________./ "The ______ is coming to town."

Answer: Cedar's Charity Bazaar/Carnival

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!

In 2002 Guiding Light celebrated 50 years on television by having what famous supercouple get married in June?

Answer: Josh and Reva Lewis

Congratulations are in order for both Dan and Frenchfan. They both recieve a total of 20 points for getting all of the questions, including the bonus correct. Congratulations to Josh for getting the bonus correct, he recieves a total of 10 points!!


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1. 1987 and it was held in a hangar that was owned by Johnny Bauer.

2. It was at a Cedars Charity Bazaar/Carnival

3. Josh and Reva

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