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March 1983

March 1983

Matt’s change of heart would only fuel Drake’s lawsuit against the hospital, this time solely targeting Matt. Drake would suffer a brief moment of clarity when reporter Bill Avery tried to convince him to drop the suit. Drake would seemingly appear to be at a crossroads until a bitter Emerson came upon him. With an axe to grind against Matt, Emerson would encourage Mr. Corbin to continue his lawsuit against the very hospital he worked for! Emerson would underline the importance of knocking Matt down a peg or two, and getting him out of the hospital for good. Motivated by Emerson’s words, Drake and his attorney would present the hospital with an ultimatum; continue on with this lawsuit or fire Matt. Sitting in on the proceedings as owner of the hospital, Mona would vehemently oppose such an offer. Matt, noticing the toll this would take on the hospital, would begin to consider resigning from the hospital. Days later, when Matt had decided to hand in his resignation, Drake would bump into Emerson and the pair would become embroiled in a heated confrontation, with Drake accusing Emerson of using him to do his dirty work. Drake would threaten to tell everyone what Emerson had urged him to do. In the midst of the argument, Drake would collapse right there in the elevator, his airway swollen. Much to Emerson’s shock, the elevator doors would open up to reveal Matt, stunned to see an unconscious Drake on the floor. With the help of Darren Match, an intern, Matt would execute a successful tracheotomy on Drake Corbin, using only an ink pen and plastic straw while in the elevator. Shortly after stabilizing Mr. Corbin, Drake would later be diagnosed with a case of vasculitis. Matt’s curiosity would be piqued when he’d think back to Emerson admitting that he and Drake had been arguing before the man had collapsed. Matt would wonder what the pair could have possibly been arguing about. When Drake regained consciousness, he’d be under the impression that Darren had saved his life, but soon Mr. Corbin would be thrown in for a loop when he’d learn that Matt was the one who he should be thanking. Faced with such a fact, Drake would experience an epiphany of sorts and call off his lawsuit against Dr. Powers. When Emerson paid Drake a visit to make sure the man would remain mum about his involvement in the lawsuit, Drake would keep the doctor on his toes, not certain what he was going to do. Shortly after reuniting with his family, Drake would decide to leave Madison for good. Shortly before departing, Drake would receive a visit from Matt. Drake would offer a sincere apology to the doctor and thank him for saving his life. Not revealing Emerson’s backhanded tactic to get Matt removed from the hospital; Drake would warn Matt to watch his back with Dr. Mitchell.

Jason and Nola’s daughter fell victim to a rare blood disorder that required a blood transfusion from the girl’s father. When Jessica flat lined and was subsequently brought back to life, it seemed as if Jason and Nola would find comfort in each other’s arms, until Lewis Baker, Nola’s business savvy fiancé walked in. Jason would be rendered speechless upon meeting the man, unable to deal with seeing the woman that he had once and still loved, with another man. As Nola and Jason celebrated the success of the blood transfusion, both would be at odds emotionally about how they felt towards each other.

One night a former john of Carrie’s made his way into Traci’s apartment and tried to have his way with the young woman. Luckily Tom and Traci would be in the next room, and would hear when Carrie signaled for help by knocking over a lamp. Both Traci and Tom would play hero, ending with Traci threatening to hit the guy in the groins with a baseball bat.

Tobias and Greta would continue to grow close, while both Natalie and Darren looked down upon their potential pairing. Darren, having pined away for Greta for years, made it known to Tobias that he didn’t think a man like him deserved Greta. Natalie would echo the same exact sentiments, and mentioned the secret past they shared together. Natalie and Tobias had once been engaged. On the eve of their wedding, Natalie, under the pressure of FBI agents, falsely testified that Tobias was a drug trafficker. With all of this weighing heavily on Tobias, he’d push Greta away, scarring her emotionally. Tobias’s home life would not be a walk in the park either; he had to deal with his violent and lush of a father Burton. Tobias would also have to shield his father’s fierce temper from his younger brother, Cyrus, who sympathized with Burton. Weeks later, good news would grace the Fullard household in the form of a job interview for the unemployed Burton. Were things finally looking up for this suffering family?

Stunned by the fact that a woman of Elizabeth’s age and stature was single, Mona would go against the young woman’s wishes and set her up on a blind date with Madison’s newest arrival, Royce Bryant. Though Elizabeth wasn’t particularly fond of the idea, she’d surprisingly get along with Royce upon their first meeting. However it’d be proven that there existed more to Elizabeth than what met the eye, when she made a cryptic call to someone noting how she had Mona and everyone in town fooled.

It would take a silver ring, for Emma to remember where she had met Walt Richards from. As a child, Emma’s family took in the son of a homeless man. That same young boy who stayed with Emma for many months kept the same ring that Walt wore on his finger today. When Emma confronted Walt with such a fact, a cornered Walt would confirm that her suspicions were true; his real name was not Walt Richards, but Denny Graves, the son of a coal miner in West Virginia. Walt would reveal that after his father died, he went to work for a coal company and after many years of hard work and dedication he rose up through the ranks. Upon amassing great wealth as President of that very same coal company, he changed his name to Walt Richards. Walt would have Emma swear to secrecy about his less than humble beginning, ashamed that his past might taint himself somehow in Mona’s eyes. Emma would reluctantly agree. From then on, Emma and Walt would reaffirm the friendship they had once forged as kids. Walt found Emma to be breath of fresh air, a break from the life he had submerged himself many years ago as the wealthy Walt Richards. He found Emma’s grounded personality charming, while Mona found their bond troubling.


February 1983

February 1983

The Hope Charity Ball, an event designed to raise money for the hospital, was held at the country club. Much to Matt’s surprise, this year’s ball would be meant to honor him and his many years of dedication to the hospital. A variety of faces from Matt’s past would show up at the event, Rev. Samuel Shafer the former chaplain of the hospital, Dave Stewart, the son of Matt’s old colleague from medical school, and the wealthy Ebenezer Winthrop; a business mogul whose life Matt saved many years ago. The ball would have a variety of moments, from high drama to those of hope. Emerson and Mike made fools of themselves by having too much to drink. Mike publicly expressed his disproval of his father’s relationship with the much younger M.J. Match, while Emerson made his jealousy of Matt known to everybody. Despite the intensity of such moments, it would bring Matt much joy to deliver the grandchild of his very first patient, right there on the ballroom floor. Shortly after such a monumental event, Matt would come to realize that his services as a doctor were still needed, and he’d decide to not retire. Bill would shed his combative attitude towards Matt, and write a favorable article praising Matt’s years at Hope Memorial.

Elsewhere that night the infamous Ann Larimer would return to town, making a surprising visit to her ex-husband Steve. In the midst of pouring her heart out to him, Steve would shockingly regain consciousness! Jason and Erich would be rendered speechless upon seeing Steve awake. Soon news would spread of Steve’s awakening, and it’d reach the guests at the charity ball. Unfortunately for Tom, it’d interrupt his attempt to tell Carolee that he had fallen in love with her. Steve would share an emotional reunion with his family and friends, until one particular person would emerge from sidelines; Ann. When Steve wondered why Ann was not behind bars, soon the reason would come walking into his hospital room; a seven year old boy by the name of Jacob. “Steve, this is your son.” Ann would say to a shocked Steve. Carolee would reveal that she had not pressed charges against Ann because it’d leave the young boy parentless. Steve would try his best to grapple with such a fact.

Many other stories played out on the night of the ball; Althea was involved in a head on collision with Hope Memorial’s newest doctor, Dr. Oliver Mitchell, Emerson’s estranged son. Sumner Prescott was revealed to be once an apprentice of Mona Aldrich’s. Mona’s business rival, Ebenezer Winthrop, revealed that he was moving his company and family to Madison. Ebenezer was married to Penelope Winthrop, who often kept her husband and family grounded. The couple shared a daughter, named Julie, who was quite the spoiled brat. Ebenezer’s handsome and ambitious nephew, Logan, resided with them. Ebenezer constantly groomed the young man to take over the Winthrop Empire, while brushing aside his daughter’s desire to join the corporate world. A teenage Michael-Paul Powers became the object of affection for Julie, while he pinned after his long time friend Stephanie, who dated Logan.

Nurse Traci Bishop took in Carrie Ballard, a distressed prostitute who had been raped by the now deceased Fredrick Garland. Traci and Maggie helped Carrie find the strength to move on after the rape, while psychiatrist Gail Crawford helped the girl out psychologically. Traci wouldn’t take Carrie in out of sheer goodwill; she’d take the young woman in because she saw a bit of herself in Carrie. Taking Natalie aside in secret, Traci would admit that years ago while training to become a nurse; she too used to be a hooker. Traci would try to balance her attempt to turn Carrie’s life around with her blossoming friendship with Tom. Traci feared what would become of her friendship with Tom if he learned of her tawdry past.

When Louise became privy to the nightmares her husband Emmett was having, she’d schedule to have him see a therapist. However upon going to the first session, Emmett would chicken out and fib to his wife that he had seen a shrink about his problems.

Emerson would be stunned to learn that his son, Oliver, was now working at Hope Memorial. Charging into Matt’s office, Emerson would accuse the doctor of bringing their so called feud to an entirely new level. It would be then that a puzzled Matt would learn that Emerson was Oliver’s father, a fact that Matt that had been completely unaware of up until that moment. Calling Oliver into his office after Emerson stormed out, Matt would inquire why Oliver had kept such a secret from him. Oliver had not wished to make his father privy to the fact that he was in town, noting that he had no intentions of reconciling with him. Oliver simply cited his desire to work there at Hope Memorial without any interruption or distraction. When asked as to what was the source of this monumental rift between father and son, Oliver would strike an emotional chord with Matt by revealing that he held his father responsible for his mother’s suicide. In detail, Oliver would describe how his mentally ill mother unraveled day by day as Emerson focused heavily on his career as a doctor. One fateful day, Oliver’s mother would try to take her life by leaving the car on in the garage with a young Oliver in the backseat. Fortunately Emerson would arrive home early just in time to save his son, but it’d be too late for his wife. The story would nearly be similar to how Matt had lost his first wife, and how Mike came to resent him for her death. Matt would face the fact that possibly, he and Emerson weren’t so different after all.

As the month progressed, Mona schemed to get Ann out of town by offering the woman money to either leave town with her son, or leave Jacob behind in the care of the Aldrich’s. When Ann refused to accept such an offer, Mona tried to recruit Ann’s protective yet absent minded father, Ben, to convince Ann to leave town. Ben made his skepticisms known to his daughter about the Aldrich’s accepting Jacob as their own. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Luke urged his sister Nola to call Jason and tell him that Jessica had fallen ill. In the midst of celebrating his brother’s return, Jason would receive news of his daughter’s hospitalization and hightailed it straight to the city of brotherly love. Jason’s fiancé, Simone, fought off doubts that Jessica’s illness could bring Nola and Jason closer together.

Mona spoiled her grandson, Peter, with a brand new mustang. Derek fumed at the idea of his mother in-law turning his son into a spoiled brat, and both he and Cal protested the gift. Meanwhile the cracks in Derek and Cal’s marriage would begin to show when the couple went house hunting. Shortly before arriving in town, Derek protested the idea of moving to Madison, but due to Cal’s constant prodding and begging, he’d give in. Similar to then, Cal would behave the same way about picking which house they lived in and her behavior resembled that of a spoiled brat. With their marriage on the rocks, Cal fought off the affections of her son’s friend from boarding school, Royce Bryant. Confident and handsome, Royce saw his friend’s mother as a stunning display of beauty, and he seized every opportunity to make this known to her. With her marriage more troubled than before, how long would Cal be able to fend off Royce’s attraction to her?


January 1983

January 1983

Disillusioned with the medical profession and what it had become, long time doctor Matt Powers stunned his family and friends with his plans to retire. Matt would constantly butt heads with the hospital administrator, Emerson Mitchell, over budget cuts and hospital politics. Adding to the hostility between the two would be the fact that Dr. Mitchell was currently dating Matt’s ex-wife Dr. Maggie Hanson. Meanwhile, the career driven Dr. Althea Gibson dated the very ambitious Gordon Prescott. When Gordon’s father paid a visit to him, he’d be turned off by Althea’s strong sense of independence and her commitment to her career. In some ways, Sumner Prescott wanted his son to settle down with a woman who would undoubtedly settle down with his playboy son. The whole town would rally around the bedside of the comatose Dr. Steve Aldrich (The final three years of THE DOCTORS being a figment of Steve’s mind.), the victim of a car accident. For three years, his wife, Carolee, unwaveringly sat at his bedside hoping for the best, and yet there’d be no change in his condition. Returning to the family fold after ten years of having declared independence from her controlling mother, Dr. Cal Kincaid would arrive in town to accompany Carolee at her brother’s bedside. Losing faith, Carolee would contemplate taking her husband off of life support. While Cal vehemently opposed the idea, Mona would try to illustrate her side of the issue, supporting such an action after three years of torture. In the midst of all this, Carolee would seek comfort in the arms of Dr. Tom Crawford, a surgeon at Hope Memorial that Carolee had met three years ago. For those three years, Tom had become Carolee’s shoulder to lean on.

A variety of new faces entered the focus. Cal’s senator husband, attorney Derek Kincaid shared a romantic past with Althea. Maggie’s niece Louise Parker and her cop husband Emmett. Emmett was haunted by memories from the Vietnam War. The Fullards entered the focus as well; they were headed by the abusive and alcoholic Burton. A widowed Burton resided with his two sons, Cyrus Fullard, a young teenage prodigy and the recently released from prison Tobias, who now worked at the hospital as a janitor. Accompanying the Fullards, would be the Kalikrates family who ran Pops Moon Palace, a diner frequented by much of the staff at the hospital. The family was composed of the eccentric Pops Kalikrates, the young and brooding Tony, and Alicia, a young social climber in training who envied the Aldrich’s wealth and power. Business mogul Walt Richards was Mona’s husband of three years, and continued to fight an uphill battle with pancreatic cancer. Carolee’s mother was revealed to have been living in Madison for quite some time after Steve’s accident. Emma helped Carolee raise Erich and Stephanie in Steve’s absence, and helped Carolee deal with Billy’s death. Emma ran the Simpson boarding house, not too far from the hospital, where Darren Match and Natalie Bell resided. Jason was revealed to be engaged to Simone Carlyle, a woman that worked for him at his law practice. Unbeknownst to Jason, his mother, Mona orchestrated his break up with Nola, by paying a woman to seduce her son. Taking her scheme even further, she arranged for Simone and Jason to hook up in order to prevent Simone’s mother, Edith, from selling her share of Aldrich Enterprises.

Mona butted heads with the help at the mansion, while constantly smothering her ill husband. Mona continually feared losing her husband, but Walt would help Mona realize that letting him enjoy some of the finer things in life would not be the death of him. Carolee’s mother, Emma, was confident that she had met Mr. Richards before. Meanwhile Mona’s goddaughter, Elizabeth Stoddard had come to stay with her. The young girl appeared to have lived a tragic life, having lost her father only a few months ago. Meanwhile Elizabeth’s mother was nowhere to be seen while she grieved the loss of her father.

The hospital was placed under lockdown when accused rapist Fredrick Garland took Carolee hostage. Matt and Maggie found themselves stuck in the elevator and were forced to sort through their problems. Greta grew close to the mysterious Tobias, while Natalie seethed in the background. As cops Emmett and Nate searched for the suspect, Emmett recapped to his partner how he came to hold grudge against Mona. Two years ago, Emmett tried to pin a murder on Mona, a murder that Emmett still believed she was guilty of. Tom and Mike played hero by rescuing Carolee from Fredrick’s clutches. In the midst of such a life threatening experience, Carolee decided not to take her husband off of life support.

Simultaneously, while the hospital was placed on lockdown, Mona’s reckless grandson, and Cal’s son, Peter collided head on with a taxi in Chicago. The young man had been on his way to Madison, when his car collided with a taxi, containing a feisty pregnant teenager named Stacey. Perhaps doing the most mature and responsible thing in his short young life, Peter stayed with the young woman and helped her give birth. Shortly after paying off the taxi driver to say it was his fault, Peter paid a visit to Stacey to make sure that she was alright. When Peter departed, Stacey parted ways with her newborn, tearfully giving the baby up for adoption.

The lockdown would have lasting ramifications; Tom grappled with the fact that he intentionally took another man’s life and it left him unable to operate on his patients. Seeking advice from Matt, Tom would reluctantly agree to seek counseling, while keeping his psychiatrist mother in the dark. Matt dealt with the fact that a woman had died en route to Hope Memorial during the lockdown, which he implemented. The ill woman had been sent across town to another hospital, and would be pronounced dead on arrival. Drake Corbin, the husband of the deceased was out for blood and sued Hope Memorial. Reporter Bill Avery was out to prove that Matt was irresponsible in his decision to lock down the hospital that fateful night. All of this would deeply sadden Matt to know that his final days at the hospital would be mired in scandal.


About the show

About the Show

The Heritage of Hope is a fan fiction based on the now defunct soap The Doctors. The Doctors was a soap that aired on NBC from April 1, 1963 to December 31, 1982. The Heritage of Hope begins at the time when The Doctors ended, in the year 1983. However the twist is that the one of the show’s leading characters, Dr. Steve Aldrich (Laurence Lau) has been in a coma for the last three years. Steve’s coma erases the last three years of The Doctors but creates a mystery of sorts, of what has really happened while our leading doctor was sleeping.

Like The Doctors, Heritage of Hope is set in Madison. The show revolves around the lives of four doctors, Matt Powers (Jerry ver Dorn), Maggie Fielding (Deborah Adair), Althea Davis (Robin Mattson), and Steve Aldrich whom all work at Hope Memorial Hospital. Accompanying the medical Powers family and the wealthy Aldrich family are the poor and struggling Simpson, Parker, and Kalikrates families and the wealthy Winthrop and Kincaid families.

Welcome to the 39th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Mothers of Springfield

1.Who confirmed to Roger that Blake and Ross had been sleeping together?

She did it out of spite.


2. Name this famous mother of Springfield: She has one son who started drinking before he turned 21, a daughter who was raised by the carnival, and one daughter who she had late in life. What is her name?

She is currently on Guiding Light.


Each question is worth a total of 5 points.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
Beth Raines is the only daughter of what Springfield resident?


Congrats to aMLCproduction who recieves 5 points, ~bl~ and Frenchfan who recieve 20 points!
Welcome to the 38th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: The Grant and Speakes families.

1. The role of David Grant was originated by what actor?

He played the role from 1992 to 1995.

Answer: Monti Sharp

2.While David and Kat were a couple, Hamp fell in love with David’s older sister. What was her name?.

Hint: The role was portrayed by Amelia Marshall from 1989 to 1996.

Answer: Gilly Grant

Each question is worth a total of 5 points.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
What instrument did Hampton “Hamp” Speakes play?

Answer: Saxophone or simply the sax ;)

Congratulations to both Frenchfan and ~bl~ who both recieve a total of 20 points for getting all the questions correct!!!!!
Welcome to the 37th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Deaths in Springfield

1. What Bauer family member was succumbed by an exploding music box?

She has the same first name as a former first lady turned Presidential candidate.

Answer:Hillary Bauer

2. The scientist who created Reva’s clone, Dolly, was named Michael Burke. How did he die?

.Vanessa Reardon and Vicki Spaulding nearly died because of it.

Answer: An explosion in the Spaulding lab or a bomb.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
How did Maureen Bauer die?

Answer: Injuries she sustained from a car accident.

Congrats to Frenchfan!!!! Frenchfan recieves a total of 20 points for getting the bonus and both of the two questions correct!!!
Welcome to the 36th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Blood Relations!

1.True or False: Susan “Daisy” Lemay is related to Ben Reade through blood.

Answer: True!

How? One would think they're not. I sure did. I was THIS CLOSE to pairing the two together until I figured out that Daisy and Ben are in fact related. Daisy is Billy Lewis' granddaughter. Billy Lewis is Kyle Sampson's half brother. Kyle Sampson is the biological father of Ben Reade. Ben's mother is Maeve Stoddard. Maeve Stoddard was married to Fletcher, and when she died, Fletcher raised Ben like his own son, which is where he gets his last name from. (Kyle I guess was presumed dead?)

2. Henry “Coop” Bradshaw is the product of Jenna Bradshaw and Buzz Cooper. Who is the father of Jenna’s other son?

His occupation was also a jewel thief.

Answer: Jeffrey ( <_< ) Morgan (not O'Neil) is Ian "Rocky" Cooper's father.

Each question is worth a total of 5 points.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
What two Lewis men has Olivia Spencer been married to?

Answer: Joshua Lewis and his nephew Harlan "Bill" Lewis III ;)

Congratulations to Frenchfan who racks up another 20 points for getting all the questions correct. Not far behind is Josh who recieves a total of 10 points. Great job to everyone! ;)
Welcome to a special 35th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Christina Blake Thorpe Spaulding Spaulding Marler Marler!

1. True or False: Blake is aunt to Cassie's son, Roger Jessup(R.J.).

2. In 1991 who did Blake try to have deported, thus jump starting one of the show's most infamous triangles?

Hint: She is Marina Cooper's mother.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
True or False: Blake is Dinah's step mother.

Congratulations to you Frenchfan, you gain a total of 20 points for getting all questions correct including the bonus!!!
Welcome to the 34th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Easy as 1-2-3!

1. When Jonathan first arrived in Springfield, who had taken his place as Reva's son?

Hint: He is Ava Paralta's ex-husband.

Answer: Sandy Foster

2. Name the four actors who recieved a statue during GL's sweep of the Emmys during the 2005-2006 season.

Hint: Their characters are Reva, Billy, Jonathan, and Dinah.

Answer: Kim Zimmer, Jordan Clarke, Tom Pelphrey, and Gina Tognoni

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
Name one owner of the Beacon Hotel.

Answer: Cassie Layne and/or Olivia Spencer.

Congratulations to Dan, Frenchfan, and Josh! The three of them gain a total of 20 points.


Welcome to a special round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Phillip Granville Spaulding

1. Who are Phillip Spaulding’s biological parents?

Hint: Ross Marler’s brother and Alan Spaulding’s ex-wife.

Answer: Justin and Jackie Marler

2. What is the name of Phillip’s oldest daughter?

Hint: She shares a daughter with Jonathan Randall.

Answer: Lizzie Spaulding

Each question is worth a total of 5 points.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
Who could be considered to be Phillip’s oldest and best friend?

Answer: Dr. Rick Bauer

Congrats to Dan & Frenchfan who recieve a total 20 points for getting all the questions above correct!!!!
Welcome to a special 32nd round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Reva’s Men!

1. When Claire Labine was writing the show, Reva was paired up with a doctor, portrayed by Mark Dobbies. Can you name this character?

Hint:______'s Ark

Answer: Noah

2. Can you name just two men that Cassie and Reva have both been involved with romantically?

Hint: One is becoming a minister on the show.

Answer: Joshua Lewis and Jeffrey O'Neil

Each question is worth a total of 5 points.
Bonus: Worth 10 Points
What was the name Alfred Baines using when he was seducing Reva?

Answer: Nate

Congrats to aMLCproduction who recieves a total of 10 points!!!!!!
Welcome to the 30th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Infedility!

1. Can you name Ross Marler's brother who slept with his wife Blake Thorpe?

Hint: The role was portrayed by Hunt Block.

Answer: Ben Warren

2. Phillip Spaulding betrayed his wife Harley Cooper by sleeping with who?

Hint: She's the mother this two children (one a result of this tryst that occured after they were stranded after their plane crashed).

Answer: Beth Raines Bauer

Each question is worth a total of 5 points.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
When Jonathan and Tammy were in limbo, who did Jonathan sleep with resulting in him becoming a new dad??

Answer: Lizzie Spaulding

Congrats to Josh and Frenchfan who got all the questions correct. They recieve a total of 20 points. Congrats to aMLCproduction who recieves a total of 10 points.
Welcome to a special edition of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Today's trivia celebrates the very unqiue character of Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis (Spaulding) Lewis Winslow Cooper Lewis Lewis (Whew!!!) .

1. Who was Reva Shayne's first husband?

Hint: It's not Joshua.

Answer: Harlan "Billy" Lewis II

2. Who is the biological father of Reva's son Jonathan?

Hint: He's a prince!

Answer: Prince Richard Winslow

3. Who is to blame for Reva losing HB Lewis's child, Josh and Billy's potential half brother or sister?

Hint: She was married to Billy Lewis and shares a daughter (who was once troubled) with Ross Marler.

Answer: Vanessa Reardon

Each question is worth a total of 5 points.

Bonus: Worth an extra 5 Points
What was the name of Reva's clone?

Answer: Dolly

Congratulations to Dan, ~bl~, and Josh. All three of them recieve a total of 20 points!!!! Great job to everyone who participated this week. The next round will be posted Sunday night.
Welcome to the 27th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Places.

1. What city did Gus Aitoro grow up in?

Answer: The windy city of course, Chicago.

2. Where did Blake Thorpe Marler give birth to her daughter, Clarissa Marler?

Answer: The Bauer cabin. (She was concieved in the bathroom of the carriage house.)

Each question is worth a total of 5 points.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
Name the city that Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines ran off to in 1983.

Answer: The Big Apple; New York City.

Congratulations to Josh who recieves a total of 15 points. Congratulations to ~bl~ who recieves a total 20 points!!!!
Welcome to a special edition of the 26th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: A Revolving Door of Writers

Pamela K. Long (1983-1986, 1987-1990)
Name three characters this Texas alumn introduced onto the canvas.

Correct Answers:
1.Jackson Freemont
2.Annabelle Sims
3.Kyle Sampson
1. Reva Shayne
2. Alexandra Spaulding
3. India von Halkein

Also could have been added: Roxie Shayne, Hawk Shayne, Sarah Shayne, Rusty Shayne, Claire Ramsey, Fletcher Reade, Maeve Stoddard, Mindy Lewis, Jim Reardon, Kurt Corday, Billy Lewis, and HB Lewis. Just to name a few ;)

Megan McTavish (1995-1996)
Name three characters this former actress brought back onto the show.

1.Reva Shayne
2.Nola Reardon
3.Quint Chamberlain
1.Meta Bauer

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
David Kreizman (2004-present)
What Marler did this writer bring back, even though the character was on the run for murdering Hart Jessup?

Correct Answer: Dinah Marler

Congratulations to the following winnners: Oakdalelover, Frenchfan

Welcome to the 25th Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.

Theme:It's a Springfield Event!


1. What year was the first Bauer BBQ held in?

Hint:It's the same year that Carl T. Evans joined the show as a SORASed Alan-Michael Spaulding and also when the legendary Pamela K. Long returned to writing GL.

Answer: 1987

2. At what hospital event did Roger Thorpe abduct a pregnant Rita Stapleton from the hall of mirrors?

Hint: Cedar's Charity ________./ "The ______ is coming to town."

Answer: Cedar's Charity Bazaar/Carnival

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!

In 2002 Guiding Light celebrated 50 years on television by having what famous supercouple get married in June?

Answer: Josh and Reva Lewis

Congratulations are in order for both Dan and Frenchfan. They both recieve a total of 20 points for getting all of the questions, including the bonus correct. Congratulations to Josh for getting the bonus correct, he recieves a total of 10 points!!

Welcome to the 24th Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary. Theme:Brothers and Sisters

1. Can you name Olivia Spencer's two siblings?
Hint: Both have appeared on Guiding Light.

Answer: Marissa Spencer Baines and Sam Spencer.

2. Name Alan-Michael Spaulding's two cousins?

Hint: They're twins and were portrayed by David Irizarry.

Answer: Brandon (Lujack) Luvonacek and Nick McHenry

Worth 5 points each.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!
Can you name Gus's sister who came to Springfield in 2002?

Answer: Eden August

Congratulations to oakdalelover for breaking the four way tie with the other players. Oakdalelover recieves a total of 20 points, thus bringing Oakdalelover's total to 40 points!!!!! The question is, how long can oakdalelover keep the lead? The 25th Round is NEXT!!!!
Welcome to the 23rd Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary. Theme:Death in Springfield

1. Who was responsible Richard Winslow's death?

Hint: She's related to Cassie.

Answer: Reva Shayne.

2. Who came to Springfield to announce Roger Thorpe's death?

Hint: He kidnapped both Holly and Michelle and held them prisoner on the Isle of Lost Souls.

Answer: Sebastian Hulce

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!
How did Tammy Winslow die?

Answer: Keeping it simple, Tammy was hit by a car and later died from her injuries. ;)

Congratulations to ~bl~ and oakdalelover who recieve a total of 20 points for getting all the questions correct, including the bonus, correct. Good job you two!!!!


Welcome to the 22nd Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary. Theme:Coopers, Spauldings, and Shaynes.

1. Frank and Harley are the product of Buzz and who?

Answer: Nadine Corley Cooper

2. Can you name all the Spauldings that Harley has been with romantically?

Answer: Alan-Michael Spaulding, Phillip Spaulding, and Gus Aitoro.

Congratulations to both Dan and Frenchfan for getting both of these questions correct. They recieve a total of 10 points!

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!

Who is Reva Shayne's father?

Answer: That would be Hawk Shayne played by the talented Gil Rogers.

Congratulations are in order again to Dan and Frenchfan!!!! All together they tie, both recieving a total of 20 points for getting the bonus correct!



It's back to 2003 for GL:TB as they revisit the

Bill/Michelle/Danny triangle.

Reader's Light and regular installments of GL:TB return this Monday.

Reader's Light will be returning on Monday, July 16, 2007(next Monday). I thought I would wait until the beginning of next week to start the trivia and stuff rather than just start in the middle of the week. It will also coincide with GL:TB getting back into the mix of things when I decide go back to when Millee Taggart departed the show in 2003, and you all will get an installment of what I would have done with the Bill/Michelle/Danny triangle. It's quite the read. Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday the 13th lol, and an excellent weekend.


Welcome to the 21st Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary. Theme:Children of Springfield

1. Jude Bauer is the product of what two people in Springfield?

Hint:Jude happens to be the product of a one night stand between Phillip's ex wife and his best friend.

Answer: Rick Bauer and Harley Cooper

2. Can you name all of Dinah Marler's siblings?

Hint: Three are the product of her father and Blake. .

Answer: In all she has a total of five! On her father's side there is Jason, Kevin, and Clarissa Marler. On her mother's side there are Bill Lewis and Maureen Reardon.

Each question was worth 5 points! CONGRATULATIONS to ~bl~ who recieves a total of 10 points!!!!

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!

Can you name Reva Shayne's two grandchildren?

Answer: Susan "Daisy" Lemay and Sarah Randall.

CONGRATULATIONS to ~bl~ again who recieves another 10 points. All together ~bl~ has recieved a total of 20 points.


Welcome to the 20th Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.

Theme:Family ties.


1. Can you name the family that adopted Harley's daughter, Daisy?

Hint:Daisy's adoptive father was once married to Beth. .

Answer: The Lemays (Jim and Connie)

2. True or false. Are Billy and Joshua Lewis actually half brothers?

Answer: True! While Josh and Billy share the same father, HB, they do not share the same mother. Josh is the product of HB Lewis and Miss Martha. Billy is the product of HB Lewis and Miss Sally, the mother of Kyle Sampson, and grandmother to Ben Reade.

Congrats to Dan who recieves a total of 10 points for getting both questions correct.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!

Who are Jonathan Randall's adoptive parents?

Answer: Alfred and Marissa Baines.

Congrats to Amello and Dan who recieve 10 points for getting the bonus correct!!


Welcome to the 19th Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.


1. What family owned pub first started out in 1982 when a house collided into their place of residence?

Hint:Though it's not run by the same family today, it's still up and running today in Springfield..

Answer: Company

2. Can you name one of the two town newspapers?

Hint: One was had once been owned by Holly Reade, the other is owned by the Spaulding's.

Answer(s): The Journal (Holly) or The Mirror (Spauldings)

Congrats to Amello for getting number one correct. Congrats to Dan who got both questions correct.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!

What family BBQ during the 4th of July is most of the town invited to?

Answer: The Bauer BBQ

Congratulations to both Dan and Amello for getting the bonus correct. Dan gains 20 more points while Amello gains a total of 15 points. Great job to everyone who participated this week!


Welcome to the 18th Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.


Theme: It wasn't that long ago....

1. Can you name the psycho who tried to kill Blake so she could have her professor, Ross Marler, all to her self?

Hint: The role was occupied by a One Life to Live star.

Answer: Tori Granger

2. Where did Josh and Reva get married for their third wedding?

Hint: It's a hotel.

Answer: The Beacon

Congratulations to Josh and FrenchFan for getting these questions correct. They recieve a total of 10 points.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!

Can you name the Dynasty star who joined GL in 2002 as Alexandra Spaulding?

Answer: Joan Collins

Congrats Josh, FrenchFan, and aMLCproduction for getting the bonus correct. aMLCproduction recieves 10 points. Josh and FrenchFan recieve an additional 10 points bringing their total to 20 points!