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Winners of the 37th Round



Welcome to the 37th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Deaths in Springfield

1. What Bauer family member was succumbed by an exploding music box?

She has the same first name as a former first lady turned Presidential candidate.

Answer:Hillary Bauer

2. The scientist who created Reva’s clone, Dolly, was named Michael Burke. How did he die?

.Vanessa Reardon and Vicki Spaulding nearly died because of it.

Answer: An explosion in the Spaulding lab or a bomb.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
How did Maureen Bauer die?

Answer: Injuries she sustained from a car accident.

Congrats to Frenchfan!!!! Frenchfan recieves a total of 20 points for getting the bonus and both of the two questions correct!!!

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1/ Hillary Bauer

2/ Explosion of the Spaulding Lab

3/ Car crash after learning that her husband Ed carried an affair with Lillian Raines (I hate you JFP for killing off Maureen)

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