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Winners and a History Lesson (36)



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee

Welcome to the 36th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Blood Relations!

1.True or False: Susan “Daisy” Lemay is related to Ben Reade through blood.

Answer: True!

How? One would think they're not. I sure did. I was THIS CLOSE to pairing the two together until I figured out that Daisy and Ben are in fact related. Daisy is Billy Lewis' granddaughter. Billy Lewis is Kyle Sampson's half brother. Kyle Sampson is the biological father of Ben Reade. Ben's mother is Maeve Stoddard. Maeve Stoddard was married to Fletcher, and when she died, Fletcher raised Ben like his own son, which is where he gets his last name from. (Kyle I guess was presumed dead?)

2. Henry “Coop” Bradshaw is the product of Jenna Bradshaw and Buzz Cooper. Who is the father of Jenna’s other son?

His occupation was also a jewel thief.

Answer: Jeffrey ( <_< ) Morgan (not O'Neil) is Ian "Rocky" Cooper's father.

Each question is worth a total of 5 points.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
What two Lewis men has Olivia Spencer been married to?

Answer: Joshua Lewis and his nephew Harlan "Bill" Lewis III ;)

Congratulations to Frenchfan who racks up another 20 points for getting all the questions correct. Not far behind is Josh who recieves a total of 10 points. Great job to everyone! ;)


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1/ It's hard: I think they are half-cousins. Because Ben's biological father, Kyle Sampson is Billy's half-brother. Billy is Bonnie's grandfather.

2/ Jeffrey Morgan

3/ Josh Lewis and then his nephew Bill Lewis.

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