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30th Round of Reader's Light!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee

Welcome to the 30th round of Reader's Light, celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.
Theme: Infedility!

1. Can you name Ross Marler's brother who slept with his wife Blake Thorpe?

Hint: The role was portrayed by Hunt Block.

Answer: Ben Warren

2. Phillip Spaulding betrayed his wife Harley Cooper by sleeping with who?

Hint: She's the mother this two children (one a result of this tryst that occured after they were stranded after their plane crashed).

Answer: Beth Raines Bauer

Each question is worth a total of 5 points.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points
When Jonathan and Tammy were in limbo, who did Jonathan sleep with resulting in him becoming a new dad??

Answer: Lizzie Spaulding

Congrats to Josh and Frenchfan who got all the questions correct. They recieve a total of 20 points. Congrats to aMLCproduction who recieves a total of 10 points.


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1. I think his name was Ben

2. Is it Beth. I am really stumped on her name but she is very beautiful I think her character name is Beth.

3.I know who the woman is but can't think of her this young lady's name. I know she is sexxy as hell. So I guess it don't count..lol

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