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Winners of the 23rd Round!!!!!



Welcome to the 23rd Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary. Theme:Death in Springfield

1. Who was responsible Richard Winslow's death?

Hint: She's related to Cassie.

Answer: Reva Shayne.

2. Who came to Springfield to announce Roger Thorpe's death?

Hint: He kidnapped both Holly and Michelle and held them prisoner on the Isle of Lost Souls.

Answer: Sebastian Hulce

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!
How did Tammy Winslow die?

Answer: Keeping it simple, Tammy was hit by a car and later died from her injuries. ;)

Congratulations to ~bl~ and oakdalelover who recieve a total of 20 points for getting all the questions correct, including the bonus, correct. Good job you two!!!!


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1. Reva Shayne

2. Sebastian Hulce

Bonus: She pushed Jonathan out of the way to keep him from being ran over by a car. She was hit by the car herself. I think Alan had hired the driver to do the deed.

**I think! I don't pay as close attention to GL like I used to**

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1. Reva pulled the plug on Richard because he asked her to do so.

2. Sebastian

Bonus: Tammy was hit by a car driven by Gillespie. Daisy was a passenger when this happened, but she was high. Jonathan was the person that Gillespie was supposed to hit. Alan hired Gillespie to do the dirty deed. In the past, Gillespie had been hired by Olivia to off Ava...

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