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24th Round/A tie breaker!!!!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

51 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee

Welcome to the 24th Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary. Theme:Brothers and Sisters

1. Can you name Olivia Spencer's two siblings?
Hint: Both have appeared on Guiding Light.

Answer: Marissa Spencer Baines and Sam Spencer.

2. Name Alan-Michael Spaulding's two cousins?

Hint: They're twins and were portrayed by David Irizarry.

Answer: Brandon (Lujack) Luvonacek and Nick McHenry

Worth 5 points each.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!
Can you name Gus's sister who came to Springfield in 2002?

Answer: Eden August

Congratulations to oakdalelover for breaking the four way tie with the other players. Oakdalelover recieves a total of 20 points, thus bringing Oakdalelover's total to 40 points!!!!! The question is, how long can oakdalelover keep the lead? The 25th Round is NEXT!!!!

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1.Sam Spencer and Marissa Spencer Randall,wife of Alfred.

2. Brandon Luvonacek (called Lujack)and Nick Mc Henry

Bonus:Eden August

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