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Winners of the 19th Round!!!!!



Welcome to the 19th Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.


1. What family owned pub first started out in 1982 when a house collided into their place of residence?

Hint:Though it's not run by the same family today, it's still up and running today in Springfield..

Answer: Company

2. Can you name one of the two town newspapers?

Hint: One was had once been owned by Holly Reade, the other is owned by the Spaulding's.

Answer(s): The Journal (Holly) or The Mirror (Spauldings)

Congrats to Amello for getting number one correct. Congrats to Dan who got both questions correct.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!

What family BBQ during the 4th of July is most of the town invited to?

Answer: The Bauer BBQ

Congratulations to both Dan and Amello for getting the bonus correct. Dan gains 20 more points while Amello gains a total of 15 points. Great job to everyone who participated this week!


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1. Company and the Reardon family owned it until 1998 when Buzz bought it with money he had won, I believe, from the lottery (Just an interesting tidbit: That bizarre Company storyline was written by DAYS/GH luminary Pat Falken Smith in a very brief GL stint).

2. The Springfield Journal (Holly), The Spaulding Mirror (Spauldings)

3. Bauer BBQ

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