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Winners of the 20TH ROUND!!!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

51 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee

Welcome to the 20th Round of Reader's Light. Celebrating Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary.

Theme:Family ties.


1. Can you name the family that adopted Harley's daughter, Daisy?

Hint:Daisy's adoptive father was once married to Beth. .

Answer: The Lemays (Jim and Connie)

2. True or false. Are Billy and Joshua Lewis actually half brothers?

Answer: True! While Josh and Billy share the same father, HB, they do not share the same mother. Josh is the product of HB Lewis and Miss Martha. Billy is the product of HB Lewis and Miss Sally, the mother of Kyle Sampson, and grandmother to Ben Reade.

Congrats to Dan who recieves a total of 10 points for getting both questions correct.

Bonus: Worth 10 Points!!!!

Who are Jonathan Randall's adoptive parents?

Answer: Alfred and Marissa Baines.

Congrats to Amello and Dan who recieve 10 points for getting the bonus correct!!


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1. Jim and Connie Lemay adopted Daisy and named her Susan. Connie briefly appeared in 1994 when Susan fell ill and needed a transplant (Dylan provided the organ). A widowed Jim then appeared on the scene in 1998, as played by Anthony Addabbo and was killed in a fire at Christmas in 2000.

2. True. Josh's mom is HB and Martha Lewis. HB confessed that he had had an affair with a woman named Sally, which produced Billy.

3. Olivia's sister and brother-in-law Marissa and Alfred Randall

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