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ANOTHER WORLD 66 Reginald Taunts Iris

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 66 Reginald taunts Iris BAY CITY CENTER Iris sits at a public computer browsing a newspaper article. Iris (reading the article to herself): Heiress Alexandra Spaulding hospitalized with an apparent heart attack. She’s in critical condition. Nobody knows the cause of it. Wow I hope she’s okay. Iris gets a welcome instant message. Iris: D.J.? She begins a I.M. conversation with D.J. D.J.: Hey grandma. Iris: Hi Honey. How are you? D.J.: I’m fine.

ANOTHER WORLD 65 St. Croix story reaches a shocking climax!!!

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 65 The St. Croix story reaches a shocking climax HOSPITAL Lindsay is coaching Gregory, who is propping himself up by the bars. Lindsay (following Gregory along the bars): You’re doing great! Keep on! Gregory (sweating): Few more…steps. Lindsay: Yes! Come on! Gregory gets to the end of the bars. Lindsay: Yes! That’s great! Gregory plops back in the wheelchair, exhausted. Lindsay: You’re making significant progress every day it seems like. Grego

ANOTHER WORLD 64 Grant makes a drastic move

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 64 Grant makes a drastic move PLANE Jack and Toni sit next to each other. Toni: Did you talk to Carly? Jack: Yeah she wasn’t too thrilled about it, but we gotta catch a criminal. Toni (nervous sigh): St. Croix here we come. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (slow cut to): ROOM Amanda and Cameron are in bed together, as Cameron holds Amanda in his arms. Cameron: Do you kno

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 63 Nicole confronts Donna

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 63 Nicole confronts Donna ALLEN’S HOTEL ROOM Allen opens the door and sees Tyrone. Allen: What up bruh? I’m glad you came. Tyrone: I’m glad you called. Allen: Dat right? Tyrone: Yeah. Donna told me everything. Allen: Toldchu what? Tyrone: About your mother. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOVE MANSION Donna opens the door and sees Nicol

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 62 Jack and Toni close in on Evan

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 62 Jack and Toni close in on Evan POLICE STATION Jack and Toni are in Jack’s office. Jack: So what have you got? Toni: We’re waiting for the report on the bullet casing from the church shooting. Jack: It should confirm everything. Rachel would have been right all along. Toni: I got a copy of the invoice for those bullets. They were purchased in St. Croix. They’re only made there. Jack: Thank God Rachel came to us when she did. Toni: Mitch would be

ANOTHER WORLD SPECIAL....Bay City Perspectives...

FOUR PERSPECTIVES... ANOTHER WORLD RECAP EPISODE Bay City perspectives AS TOLD BY TYRONE, VICKY, GRANT and RACHEL TYRONE MONTGOMERY Ever since I got married to Marley we’ve been happy for the most part. We had some issues with her guilt and all dat, but it seems like she got over it. We’re good now. Me and Toni Burrell was together for a little bit before I knew Marley, but she loved Chris Madison, and even before that, she was married to my brother, which I al

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 61 Iris is stopped from committing murder

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 61 Iris is stopped from committing murder ROOM Amanda and Cameron are being held prisoner in this room and they hug tightly, then Amanda slaps him. Amanda: Why did you leave? Cameron: Come on Amanda, I’ve been here most of the time. Amanda: Did Evan kidnap you? Cameron: After I was onto him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE NEXT ROOM Jake is with Sharlene.


ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 60 CLIFFHANGER FRIDAY The mystery patient is revealed! HUDSONS HOUSE Gregory wheels himself to the door and opens it. Gregory: Lindsay? You okay? Lindsay (wiping tears from her eyes): No. Gregory: Come in. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROOM One of the guards shoves Amanda into a room, and she’s shocked by what she sees. Amanda: Oh my God! Cameron! ---------------

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 59 Frankie's world is turned upside down

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 59 Frankie’s world is turned upside down ROOM Two men hold guns to Jake and Frankie, and Amanda is brought in by another armed guard, who pushes her toward Jake and Frankie. Evan, walks in behind them, and puts his cell phone in his pocket, as he has just called Grant for another payment. Evan: The gang’s all here. Amanda: He shot Mitch Blake! Frankie: What’s going on here? Jake: It all makes sense now. You’re avenging your mother’s death. You’re tryin

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 58 Grant vows to stop Evan

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 58 Felicia is surrounded by her loved ones HOSPITAL Cass, Rachel, Lorna, and Paulina sit with a distraught Felicia on a chair. Felicia (in tears): Why Cass? What have I done? Cass: This is not your fault. Paulina: I know how you feel. Felicia: Oh…my God I’m so sorry. Maybe you should take the kids home. Rachel: I’m gonna go check on mine. Paulina: Can I get you anything? Felicia: This must be dredging up memories for you. Why don’t you take D

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 57 Felicia pays vigil to Mitch

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 57 Felicia pays vigil to Mitch MONTGOMERYS HOUSE (creative consultant ML COOKS) Donna is there with Marley sitting on the living room couch. Donna: So how are you and Tyrone doing? Marley: We’ve never been better. Donna: That’s wonderful. You know Toni Burrell is back in town. She’s investigating Dr. Taylor’s murder. Marley: Hope she finds whoever did it. He was a great therapist. Donna: I know you were seeing him. Marley: He really helped me.

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 56 Mitch has been shot!!!

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 56 Mitch has been shot!! PLANE Evan brings a glass of wine to Amanda, who slaps it out of his hand. Evan: Come on Amanda don’t be like that. Amanda: Where the hell are you taking me? Evan: I wish you never saw me. I had to take you. Amanda: What are you up to Evan? Evan: I’m getting justice for my mother. Amanda: Why did you shoot Mitch? Evan: Because he is the one who turned against my mother. Amanda: Your mother was trying to kill my father.

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 55...CLIFFHANGER FRIDAY...Wedding shocker...and another Genoa City/Bay City connection

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 55 Wedding shocker!!! And a Genoa City/Bay City connection continues… CHURCH Charlie, Lindsay, and Kirkland are sitting on one side of the church. Kirkland sits next to Charlie. Charlie is sitting between Kirkland and Lindsay. Charlie: Hey Kirkland. Kirkland: Charlie. Charlie: Have you met my cousin Lindsay? Kirkland: Cousin? Lindsay: Cass’s niece. Kirkland: What are you all doing here? Charlie: My dad is giving Felicia away. Kirkland: Is t

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 54 Mitch and Felicia's wedding begins

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 54 Mitch and Felicia’s wedding begins CHURCH Rachel, Felicia, Lorna, and Amanda are upstairs in the bride’s room. Rachel, Lorna, and Amanda already have their dresses on. Felicia still has a robe on. Felicia: You all look so beautiful today. Amanda: Thank you Felicia. Lorna: This is your day mom. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you this happy. Rachel: I second that. Amanda: Well Lorna, let’s go take our places. Lorna: See ya downstairs mom.

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 53 Iris gets some bad news

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 53 Iris gets bad news P.I. FIRM Frankie walks in and sees Jake. Frankie: Jake I’m glad you’re here. Jake: What’s up? Frankie: I’m taking a trip…to St. Croix. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASS’S HOUSE Nicole: I’m sorry about the trouble I’m causing you again. Cass: Nicole what’s going on with you? Nicole: Reginald kept me locked up in Pinehaven,. Cass: He said you weren

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 52 Evan talks to a mystery patient

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 52 Evan talks to a mystery patient Evan walks into a room at a private hospital, and up to a person lying in a bed, on a respirator. Evan: Hey dad. I’m keeping you alive, even though you abandoned my mother and me after you got her pregnant. I’m not even gonna think about all of that right now. Evan takes out a tablet and opens up a newspaper article about Mitch and Felicia’s wedding. “I have a wedding to attend.” He says. -------------------------------

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 51 Amanda demands answers

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 51 Amanda demands answers ALLEN’S SUITE Allen answers the door and Amanda walks in. Allen: Amanda? Amanda: You’re gonna tell me what the hell is going on, and you’re gonna tell me right now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CASS’S HOUSE Cass opens the door. Cass: Frankie. Frankie: May I come in? Cass: Um…sure. Frankie: I have something I need to tell you. Cass: Is it something I should know with Ch



ANOTHER WORLD 50TH EPISODE!!! Dr. Taylor's killer is revealed!!!!

THE 50TH EPISODE OF ANOTHER WORLD GRANT’S HOUSE Grant answers the door, and gets an unexpected visitor. Grant: Toni Burrell. Toni: May I come in? Grant: Sure. Toni: I’m gonna get right to the point. I have to ask you some questions about Dr. Taylor’s murder. Grant: Ask away I…I will do anything I need to do to bring the killer to justice. Toni: Really Grant? Grant: Yes. Toni: Well you can start by telling me why you were depositing large amounts of money in Dr. Taylor



ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 49 Jack comforts Vicky

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 49 Cass covers for Nicole PI FIRM Jake and Frankie talk about their trip to Pinehaven. Frankie: Are you gonna go to Rachel with the information? Jake: I’m not sure. It’s like someone was putting Allen up to doing what he did. Frankie: Yeah, he couldn’t possibly afford that bill working at Cory Publishing. Jake: I’m gonna get outta here. Frankie: Where are you going to go? Jake: Umm…not sure. Frankie: You should be going home, and working things o



ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 48 Allen's mother is revealed

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 48 Allen’s mother is revealed CASS’S HOUSE Cass, Charlie, and Lindsay are in the living room. Cass is at his desk reviewing files while Charlie and Lindsay greet Cass and sit on the couch. Charlie: Hey Dad. Lindsay: Hey Uncle Cass. Cass: Girls. Charlie: Don’t mind us. We’re just talking. Cass: Keep it down I’m doing some work. Lindsay: My mom has a home office. You should probably invest in one. Cass: I am, but not right now. Lindsay: She ke



ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 47 Felicia gets a pleasant surprise

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 47 Felicia gets a pleasant surprise FELICIA’S APARTMENT Mitch and Felicia lie on the couch and have a discussion. Felicia: I can’t believe it’s so close. Mitch: Our second wedding. Felicia: I get the feeling the second time is going to be the charm. Mitch: It will be. I can’t wait to make you my wife. I’ve always loved you Felicia. Felicia: Me, too. Mitch: Oh so you’ve always loved you, too huh? Felicia (tapping Mitch on his chest and chuckling):



ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 46 Jake and Frankie are hot on the trail of Allen's mother

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 46 Jake and Frankie are hot on the trail of Allen’s mother PINEHAVEN HOSPITAL Jake, dressed in a shirt, slacks, and tie, walks up to the receptionist, an older woman with a lab coat on. Frankie hides unseen close by. Jake: Hi. Receptionist: Umm…hello? Jake: Can you tell me where the Human Resources office is? I was supposed to have an interview today. Receptionist (curious): For which position? Jake: Security. Receptionist: Oh. That’s on the fifth



ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 45 Rachel decides on a buyer for Cory Publishing

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 45 Rachel chooses a buyer for Cory Publishing! HOSPITAL Lindsay is doing physical therapy exercises with Gregory. Gregory: You know I…I never apologized to you. Lindsay: For what? Gregory: Losing it over my cousin’s death. Lindsay: Oh you have nothing to be sorry for. I understand. Gregory: I was using steroids so I could get an advantage on the football field at school, and I got rages because of them. Lindsay: We’ve all made mistakes. Gregory:



ANOTHER WORLD Episode 44 Paulina and Iris exchange barbs

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 44 Iris and Paulina exchange barbs BAY CITY CENTER Paulina is walking out of the coffee shop, and Iris is walking toward it, and they run into each other on the way. Iris: Hi sis! Paulina: Iris I’m glad I ran into you. Iris: Are you now? Paulina: My son told you talked to him a while ago. Iris: I see that you poisoned his mind against me. Paulina: I told him the truth about you. Iris: Your truth…but does he know about you? Paulina: You stay awa




RECAP EPISODE OF ANOTHER WORLD The takeover of Cory Publishing – Rachel and Amanda hired Allen Lovett, who has been working with Reginald Love to force Rachel to sell Cory Publishing. It was also revealed that Iris, Rachel’s ex-stepdaughter, was masterminding the whole takeover from prison. As part of the plan, Reginald got Iris’s release hearing moved up quickly, so there was no time for Rachel and Cass to form a strategy. Rachel decided not to testify against Iris to keep her incarcerat



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