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ANOTHER WORLD 64 Grant makes a drastic move




Grant makes a drastic move


Jack and Toni sit next to each other.

Toni: Did you talk to Carly?

Jack: Yeah she wasn’t too thrilled about it, but we gotta catch a criminal.

Toni (nervous sigh): St. Croix here we come.


(slow cut to): ROOM

Amanda and Cameron are in bed together, as Cameron holds Amanda in his arms.

Cameron: Do you know how long I’ve waited for this? This is what kept me hoping.

Amanda: I had no idea you were kidnapped. If I’d known…

Cameron: Shhhh you didn’t know. I don’t want to talk to about the reason why I went missing. I just wanna enjoy my time with you.

Amanda is thinking about when she and Allen had sex.

Amanda: You’re right. I want to think about you.

Meanwhile, smoke is seeping in from underneath their door.



Frankie: Yes that’s all of it.

Sharlene: So Janice conceived twins, but one of the eggs was implanted in Emma. That’s so weird.

Jake: I can’t believe Carl Hutchins is still alive.

Frankie: I don’t know how my brother pulled it off.

Jake: I’m quite sure he had a lot of help.

Sharlene: You’re right Jake. No way he could have done this by himself.

Smoke is also rising from underneath their door.



Someone rings the doorbell, and Evan, drying his hair, and dressed in tan terrycloth robe, goes and opens the door to Grant.

Evan: What are you doing here?

Grant: We have some business to discuss.

Grant has his hands behind his back, with rubber gloves on his hands.




Cameron: How’s Alli?

Amanda: She’s well.

Cameron: Is she still in California?

Amanda: Yep. She seems very happy there.

Cameron: Just like we were when we were in Bay City.

Amanda: I had spoken to Josie. She called and asked where you were.

Cameron: Was it about my son?

Amanda: She didn’t say.

Cameron: What’s…what’s that?

Amanda: I know it smells like smoke.

They notice the thickening smoke coming from underneath the door.

Cameron: This building’s on fire…

Cameron takes the bedpost and rams it against the door, causing it to open.

Amanda: Oh my God.



Jake: We gotta get outta here. We gotta find out who helped Evan set all this up.

Sharlene notices the thickening smoke.

Sharlene: Oh My God.

Frankie: Aunt Sharlene what is….

Jake: This building’s burning!

He goes to bang on the door screaming for help. He tries to turn the knob and it’s too hot…but it opens.

Jake: Come on let’s get outta here!



Grant: Aren’t you gonna invite me in?

Evan: I’m not exactly dressed for the occasion Grant.

Evan turns around and Grant shuts the door, and puts his gloved hands in his sport jacket pockets.

Evan: I wonder how you got here. Where are the guards?

Grant: You forgot. It is MY money paying them. I dismissed all of them, and I told them to unlock all the doors so your hostages can leave.

Evan: Why did you do that?

Grant: BECAUSE this is over.

Evan faces Grant.

Evan: For whom? You or me.

Grant: You.

Evan: Are you telling me that you’re not gonna fund my plan anymore?

Grant: No more Evan. I am not gonna let you bleed me dry.

Evan: Your money supply is endless Grant. I don’t think you wanna stop.

Grant: Your blackmail, your hush money, it’s time for it all to end.

Evan (taking out his cell phone): If that’s what you want Senator, then so be it. I can make it all be over. All it’ll take is one phone call.

Grant takes out his gun, with a silencer, and points it at Evan.

Grant: Put the damn phone down.

Evan starts to dial a number, and Grant shoots him in the abdomen. Evan falls to the floor, and consequently drops his cell phone. Grant squats to face Evan, and confiscates Evan’s cell phone.

Grant: Was it worth it Frame? I bet you think it wasn’t now, don’t you? I shot my own brother. What makes you think I wouldn’t do the same to you?

Evan: Got to hell.

Grant: By the looks of things, you’ll get there first.



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Great suspense in this, multiple characters in danger, all their stories tied together. Grant's ruthlessness works well here as it's done for a reason, to protect people.

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