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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 52 Evan talks to a mystery patient




Evan talks to a mystery patient

Evan walks into a room at a private hospital, and up to a person lying in a bed, on a respirator.

Evan: Hey dad. I’m keeping you alive, even though you abandoned my mother and me after you got her pregnant. I’m not even gonna think about all of that right now.

Evan takes out a tablet and opens up a newspaper article about Mitch and Felicia’s wedding. “I have a wedding to attend.” He says.



Rachel, Felicia, and Lorna are trying on their dresses. Lorna walks out of the dressing room and up to Rachel and Felicia.

Lorna: What do you think?

Felicia: You look great honey.

Rachel: I agree.

Lorna: I don’t like it.

Felicia: Why?

Lorna: It needs to be taken in a little bit.

Felicia: What do you wanna do? Suffocate?

Lorna: Mom it’s not like that. Where’s the seamstress?

Rachel (smiling): Reminds me of Amanda when she married Sam.

Felicia: I’m hoping Lorna will experience the happiness that I’m feeling now.

Rachel: She’s a wonderful girl. She will.

Felicia: It means so much to me to have your support. Thank you.



Mitch grabs a light jacket and opens the door, and gets a big surprise.

Mitch: Matthew?

Matt (smiling): I heard there’s gonna be a wedding.




Mitch: Come in. I thought you weren’t gonna make it.

Matt: I told a little white lie. I wanted to surprise you all.

Mitch: So your mom doesn’t know you’re here.

Matt: Nope.

Mitch: I…wow…I didn’t know you would be here. Listen I hate to ask you this last minute…

Matt (interrupting): I’ll be your best man.

Mitch hugs Matt.

Mitch: Thank you. Thank you.



Rachel: Of course Felicia. You're my friend.

Felicia: No I...really really appreciate it, especially after I didn't support you when you were marrying Carl.

Rachel: Honey. That's all in the past. You came around. You saw that Carl and I loved each other.

Felicia: You had two children.

Rachel: I also know that you've never stopped loving Mitch, and you're finally gonna marry him.

Felicia: Yes. Yes I am! I'm so happy Rachel.

Rachel: I can see it. I haven't seen you this happy since the last time you married Mitch.

Felicia: The fact that you're standing up for me is truly remarkable.

Rachel: Don't mention it Felicia. You're my very dear friend, and it is an honor for me to stand up for you.



Jack and Toni discuss Dr. Taylor's murder case.

Toni: I got nothing out of Grant.

Jack: Likewise with John Hudson.

Toni: I kind of expected it with Harrison, but he says that he was making his running for mayor speech at the time Dr. Taylor was supposedly murdered.

Jack: Dr. Hudson said he was at home.

Toni: Grant's alibi checked out.

Jack: So did John's. I checked with the hospital staff, and neighbors. They said he had gone home. It was also around the time of Dr. Taylor's murder.

Toni: So we're back to square one.

Jack: Not exactly.

Toni: You've got something?

Jack: The killer made a mistake. Another camera's footage caught someone going into Dr. Taylor's office, and then about twenty minutes later, this person's walking out with a laptop, and a folder.

Toni: Dr. Taylor's laptop.

Jack: And more than likely Sharlene's psychotherapy notes. That's the killer.

Toni: Can you make anything out of it?

Jack: Not really. I'm having CSI comb the area again.

A person with a lab coat walks in.

Jack: What do you got?

Person: We did a trace on the shell casing found at the murder scene.

Toni: What about it?

Person: It's not made in America.

Jack: Well did you find out where it's from?

Person: Not yet sir.

Toni: Don't come back until you can tell us where that bullet was purchased from. There was no use of you even comin' in here tellin' us.

Jack: Good job. Just keep looking. Go easy Lieutenant.

Toni: Joe Carlino was one of the best cops the BCPD has ever had, and it's the same bastard who killed Joe also killed Dr. Taylor. We need to find him before he kills again.



Evan is on his way to Bay City. "Time for the next person to pay. They'll wish they never turned against my mother." Evan says.



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So u got about three openings now? See i do be paying attention mister....

So happy that Matthew is back. And Lorna is back too YES LAWD.

And Evan thinks hes going to the wedding huh?

So glad Fleicia is front n Center. Loved her scenes at the brides shop

And whats even nicer is that matt came to see his dad first. That says a lot and warms my heart

U simply said person LMAO

Good episode

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That part with Evan and his father shocked me. Who is his father again? Or is this a surprise?

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