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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 53 Iris gets some bad news




Iris gets bad news


Frankie walks in and sees Jake.

Frankie: Jake I’m glad you’re here.

Jake: What’s up?

Frankie: I’m taking a trip…to St. Croix.



Nicole: I’m sorry about the trouble I’m causing you again.

Cass: Nicole what’s going on with you?

Nicole: Reginald kept me locked up in Pinehaven,.

Cass: He said you weren’t well.

Nicole: That’s not true. I’m much better than I was before. Cass I’m really really sorry about everything that I’ve done. Letting Felicia take the rap for Jason’s death; stalking Frankie.

Cass: I’ve forgiven you for that Nicole. A long time ago.

Nicole: Have you?

Cass: I know that you weren’t in your right mind. You had lost touch with reality.

Nicole: Reginald told me something you said while I was in the hospital. He said you only used me to get over Kathleen’s supposed death…that you never loved me. Is that true?



Reginald opens the door and Iris walks in with a bottle of champagne.

Iris: Get a glass. This calls for a celebration. We finally got the old bitch to sell my father’s company. All you have to do is sign it over to me.

Reginald: I wouldn’t break out the bubbly just yet my dear.




Jake: St. Croix? Going on vacation.

Frankie: I wish. This is certainly no getaway.

Jake: What’s going on? How can I help?

Frankie: I think I might get some answers down there. I feel a very strong vibe about that picture of St. Croix. Ever since Emma told me that she was not my biological mother, my vibes have gotten stronger about St. Croix.

Jake: Isn’t that where your Aunt Janice was killed over thirty years ago?

Frankie: I think the answers I’m looking for are there, and I’ve got to go.

Jake: You think you’re going by yourself?

Frankie: Of course.

Jake: No you’re not. You don’t know what you’re gonna run into down there.

Frankie: Who’s gonna come with me?

Jake: I am.



Cass: Why would you believe anything Reginald says?

Nicole: Of course Cass, my father can lie better than a Persian rug, but there’s something about that statement that stuck with me.

Cass: Yes I said it, but I was angry with you about everything that happened. I did not mean that. You made me very happy…

Nicole: Until you found out that I killed Jason.

Cass: It was an accident.

Nicole: Frankie has every right to not want me around your child. She’s grown up to be a fine young lady. I would never do anything to hurt her.

Cass: Well Charlie’s certainly not a child anymore, and neither is your son. It’s another lie you kept from me. I was gonna marry you Nicole. Why did you keep that from me?

Nicole: I didn’t think it was something that I could do anything about. Reginald paid Allen’s father to take him, and I never knew where he was. He found me in Pinehaven, and Reginald forced him…

Cass: Forced him to do what?

Nicole: Reginald forced Allen to be a mole in Cory Publishing.

Cass: Allen was arrested. Are you saying that Reginald masterminded the whole thing?

Nicole: Yes.

Cass: How do I know this isn’t another lie?

Nicole: I didn’t go through the trouble of escaping that hellhole of a hospital, and come all the way to Bay City to tell false stories.

Cass: Do you have any proof that Reginald placed Allen as a mole at Rachel’s company?

Nicole: I knew the truth. That’s why Reginald kept me locked up all these years, but I don’t have any concrete evidence.

Cass: Well then it’s your word against Reginald’s, and I’m sorry your word is not gonna hold much water.

Nicole: Because I’m a former mental patient and he’s Reginald Love.

Cass: Pretty much. Without evidence we’ve got nothing, and we’re not gonna be able to help your son, and we can’t bring Reginald down.



Iris: Why not? You and your grandson caused Rachel to sell Cory Publishing. A company that my daddy built from the ground up. A company that rightfully belongs to Mac’s children.

Reginald flashes back when Rachel told him that he can only buy Cory Publishing on the condition that he cannot sell it to Iris.

Reginald: The sale’s not final yet. You know it has to be approved by the S.E.C.

Iris: Well that takes no time at all really. You will sign the company to me…unless you’re having…second thoughts, and I really don’t think you want to have those. Especially when Evan Frame is using your private jet to go back and forth to St. Croix so he can carry out his revenge mission.

Reginald: Iris, you do not need to worry about that. You are going to get exactly what you deserve.

Iris: Wait a second, there’s something you’re not telling me. What is it?

Reginald: A condition of the sale was that I cannot sell it to you.

Iris: What? How can that be?

Reginald: Rachel had the clause put in the contract.

Iris: Who the hell does she think she is? Keeping my father’s company from me! You accepted that deal! You double- crossing BASTARD!

Reginald: Iris you need to calm down.

Iris takes out her cell phone and makes a phone call. “I’m on my way down there.” She says.

Reginald: What are you up to Iris?

Iris: I’m gonna make that bitch Rachel pay once and for all.



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The more adn more I see ur opeing the more adn more I aprriceate them

Thank u as a reader for doing them. I dont know how u find the time. Writing 5 shows a week is a major task

HAHA IRIS . She should be mad at Reggie. I wonder what she is going to do now.

I also enjoyed cass and Nicole

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Another great chapter. It's nice to hear Cass and Nicole address their relationship.

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