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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 47 Felicia gets a pleasant surprise




Felicia gets a pleasant surprise


Mitch and Felicia lie on the couch and have a discussion.

Felicia: I can’t believe it’s so close.

Mitch: Our second wedding.

Felicia: I get the feeling the second time is going to be the charm.

Mitch: It will be. I can’t wait to make you my wife. I’ve always loved you Felicia.

Felicia: Me, too.

Mitch: Oh so you’ve always loved you, too huh?

Felicia (tapping Mitch on his chest and chuckling): You know what I mean. Did you tell Matt?

Mitch: Rachel called him.

Felicia: And?

Mitch: He said he’s not going to be able to make it.

Felicia: Oh honey I’m so sorry.

Mitch: Me, too. I wish my son could see us get married.

Felicia: I called Jenna, and she can’t make it, but she sends her congrats.



Reginald is on the phone. “How the hell did you let that happen? I’m gonna have all of your jobs at Pinehaven. Don’t worry, she’ll probably come directly to Bay City, but I’ll deal with you all when I’m done dealing with her."



Allen is in his cell when Tyrone walks up to him.

Allen: What happened?

Tyrone: The judge set bail.

Allen: How much?

Tyrone: Fifty thousand dollars.

Allen: How the hell am I gonna come up with that kind of money?

Tyrone: You’re not. Someone posted bail.

Allen: What? Who?

Amanda walks up to the both of them.



The big orderly corners Frankie in Room 1030.

Frankie: What do you mean?

Orderly: You don’t work here. You’re trying to get information on the patient.

As the orderly approaches Frankie, the sprinkler system is activated, and the water gets in his eyes. Frankie uses this opportunity to escape.





Jake and Frankie are riding.

Frankie: Quick thinking with that sprinkler system.

Jake: I hadn’t heard anything from you so I lit a match.

Frankie: Whoever was supposed to be in Room 1030 wasn’t there.

Jake: Really?

Frankie: But I saw newspaper clippings of Allen Lovett’s arrest on the bed.

Jake: Allen’s mother was staying in Room 1030. He’s been paying for his mother’s care. She must have escaped when she read about his arrest.

Frankie: And she’s probably headed right to Bay City. It looked like a lot of money on that bill you gave me. You’d have to be rich to afford it.

Jake: I think someone with a lot of money was helping him pay that bill.

Frankie: Wonder who that might have been.



Tyrone: Amanda? You posted bail?

Allen: Amanda, you didn’t have to…

Amanda: I wanted to.

Tyrone: I’m gonna go check on the paperwork.

Allen (watching Tyrone leave): You didn’t have to do this after what I’ve done to your family.

Amanda (looking around for guard, and sees none in earshot): I care about what happens to you.

Allen: Same here, that’s why I don’t want you helping me. You should move on with your life. I’m not worth it.

Amanda: You couldn’t have done this on your own. Someone had to have forced you to do this.

Allen flashes back to Reginald threatening Allen’s mother.

Allen: It was all me Amanda. I am behind this entire operation.

Amanda: Allen you are covering up for someone. Tell me who it is so I can help you.

Allen: You should not get involved Amanda. For your own good, you need to forget that you ever met me.



Mitch: What about Lorna?

Felicia: You know she never returned my phone call. Hope everything is okay with her.

Mitch: That’s certainly not like her. Have you tried texting her?

Felicia: It’s easier to just push a button and call.

Mitch: You know she’s very busy. I’m sure she’ll get back to you.

Felicia: But the wedding is approaching fast, and I still haven’t heard from her.

Someone knocks on the door.

Mitch (watching Felicia going to open the door): It’s 2012. Everybody texts now.

Felicia (opening the door): You’re calling me old fashioned now huh.

Felicia opens her mouth in complete surprise as she sees a familiar face...Lorna.blogentry-14971-0-59575500-1335121534_th

Felicia: Oh my God!

Lorna: Did you really think I would miss my mother’s wedding?



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Thank you so much for followin gup with Frankies escape. As a write I woul dhave skipped it. I also notice things r or have been very smooth the last few eps. No more feeling of stop gaps.

I am really feeling Allen and his story with Amanda. We r seeing a different side to him. A rootable side to him. Good job with fleshing him out.Very glad Amanda came to his aide and its shame regggie didnt and Allen should have told her the truth

YEA LORNA!!! I AM SO HAPPY. Damn this show is good.

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Good to see Amanda taking a more active role in her life and in the story. I can't wait to find out more about Allen's mother.

Can we also put up some Alicia Coppola Lorna photos too :)

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