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The takeover of Cory Publishing –

Rachel and Amanda hired Allen Lovett, who has been working with Reginald Love to force Rachel to sell Cory Publishing. It was also revealed that Iris, Rachel’s ex-stepdaughter, was masterminding the whole takeover from prison. As part of the plan, Reginald got Iris’s release hearing moved up quickly, so there was no time for Rachel and Cass to form a strategy. Rachel decided not to testify against Iris to keep her incarcerated, so Iris was released. Allen has been leaking information to Reginald about the sale of Cory Publishing. Rachel got wind of it and Allen was arrested for corporate espionage. Allen did not count on developing feelings for Amanda. Rachel has decided to sell due to declining financial standing and growing debt. Who will she sell it to?

Michele’s death

The McKinnons suffered a great loss when Michele McKinnon died as a result of injuries due to being struck by a car. Bridget, her twin sister, schemed against her to make her jealous. Bridget stole vodka out of Reginald’s cabinet, brought it to the prom, and spiked Cory’s drink. Bridget kissed Cory Hutchins and Michele saw them. As Vicky, Jake, and Reginald arrived, Bridget and Michele’s fight went on to the street, where Michele stumbled and was struck by an oncoming vehicle. After her heartfelt goodbye, Vicky has banished Bridget from the house, and this has caused a major rift between her and Jake. Will their marriage survive?

Grant’s shooting/Sharlene’s memories

Grant was shot while announcing his candidacy for Senate some years ago, and Sharlene saw the shooter. This same person also killed Joe Carlino, which brought Frankie Frame back to town. Frankie vows to find who killed Joe, who was a good friend of hers. Sharlene does not remember the person who committed the crimes, but her memories have slowly been returning, much to the dismay of Grant, John, and the perpetrator. Sharlene was seeing Dr. Taylor to help unlock these memories. Grant knows who shot him. He did to win sympathy votes. Reginald and Iris also know about Grant’s scheme, and the person who shot him. John and Grant implored Dr. Taylor not to allow Sharlene to uncover these memories. Apparently, neither did the perpetrator, because Dr. Taylor was found dead in his office. Toni Burrell returned to investigate his murder, and learned Sharlene’s notes and Dr. Taylor were both missing, and she deduced that Sharlene is in danger. They also learned the shell casing from the bullet that killed Dr. Taylor is the same from the day Grant was shot. Toni feared that the killer will come after Sharlene. Will the killer get to Sharlene?


Grant and Paulina agreed to go to dinner together.

Bridget is coming between Dante and Elizabeth’s relationship.

Mitch and Felicia are getting married.

Cameron Sinclair was held at gunpoint to sign divorce papers, ending his marriage to Amanda.

Iris tried to poison Cory and Elizabeth’s minds against Rachel.

Gregory became paralyzed after his car accident. An indirect result of his steroid abuse. Lindsay Winthrop, Cass’s niece, is his physical therapist.

Charlie returned after flunking out of school, and she resents Frankie for staying away for a number of years.

Tyrone and Marley had problems in the beginning, but he and Donna have dealt with temptation, which seems to be growing, and Allen has photos of his brother Tyrone and Donna is positions of temptation.


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