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ANOTHER WORLD SPECIAL....Bay City Perspectives...





Bay City perspectives


TYRONE MONTGOMERYblogentry-14971-0-42152800-1337607949.jp

Ever since I got married to Marley we’ve been happy for the most part. We had some issues with her guilt and all dat, but it seems like she got over it. We’re good now. Me and Toni Burrell was together for a little bit before I knew Marley, but she loved Chris Madison, and even before that, she was married to my brother, which I also didn’t know.

Man, I ain’t know she was married to my long lost brother, Allen Love. He’s sneaky. He was in Bay City all dis time and he ain’t even call to tell me. I know we don’t speak or nothing like that, but I would have figured it all out. He tried to put ‘tt’ at the end of his name. He’s Clayton Montgomery’s bastard child. It probably wasn’t the first time he cheated on my moms. Priscilla is my mother’s name, and I ain’t know how she put up with him, cuz I know it ain’t the first time he cheated on her.

This makes me wonder if I’m like my dad. I look at Donna and we click for some reason. In a way that Marley and I don’t click. There’s something about Donna that just draws me to her. I don’t know what it is. I guess it’s the same reason that Marley’s father and Donna got married so many times. I know there were some situations where something could have happened, and my brother says he has proof. I could see how Marley could misinterpret the whole thing and think I was cheatin’ on her. I love Marley and I would never do that, but I start to wonder if I’m really like my father.




Boy how things have changed since I first came to Bay City. I never thought I would be a mother. I married my childhood friend Jake, and we raised Kirkland and Steven, and we had two beautiful twin daughters, Bridget and Michele. Michele might as well have been the perfect child. She did everything we asked, she stayed out of trouble, and was going to Harvard, but my other daughter was jealous. Bridget thought we didn’t love her. I love ALL of my children equally. Steven, Kirkland, Bridget, and Michele.

I miss Michele dearly. She is everything I wasn’t when I was her age. Smart, beautiful, intelligent and was going to really make something of herself, but her life was cut short due to an accident. I know Bridget would never intentionally try to injure her sister, but I do believe that she would try to sabotage her happiness. I did the same thing to Lisa Grady. I set my sights on Jamie, and I went after him. I set my sights on Grant, and I went after him. They both were involved with other people at the time, but I didn’t care. I wanted what I wanted, and Bridget is just like me. I can’t stand to see it, so I sent her to live with Donna.

These lead to problems between Jake and me. He walked out. I guess he decided to focus on his work, and his co-worker. I saw him hugging Frankie Frame, and he went to St. Croix with her. Maybe he’s moved on.

Jack Snyder has been a pleasant surprise so far. He’s got his children and Carly back in Oakdale. He’s been a very good friend so far. I love Jake, and I hope we can work something out at some point, but I’m wondering if he wants the same thing, since he’s off at St. Croix doing God knows what with Frankie.




Guess it’s my turn huh. Things have been crazy for me, but I’m a politician. I was born to do this, and I will do anything to hold on to my seat. I did it years ago. I had Evan shoot me with blanks so I could win votes. The people would forget all about what I did all those years ago. The custody battles with Vicky; me shooting myself; faking my death. The list goes on and on.

Everything went as planned, except for one thing…Paulina. I developed feelings for her along the way. We were involved years ago, but I’ve seen her become a devoted wife and mother, and of course she wanted nothing to do with me after I had her hooked on diet pills. She married Joe Carlino and they raised a wonderful son. Just so you know, I had nothing to do with Carlino’s death, but he was onto my scheme with Evan, and I had to keep an eye on him. Evan took it upon himself to kill him. I can remember that day. It was the Grand Opening of Bay City Center two years ago. I crawled to him, but I was shot with a blank. It was clear that Joe wasn’t.

Grant (tending to Joe): What the hell happened?

Joe: I knew it was you Harrison.

Grant: I had nothing to do with this. I would never do this to Paulina.

Joe: You planned this whole thing. I got evidence.

Paulina and Dante ran over to Joe along with the paramedics as he started to become unconscious. The look on Paulina’s face was a look I will never forget. I made a vow at that time that I would look out for her and Dante. They took Joe away and someone approached me unexpectedly as I lied on the ground…Sharlene.

Sharlene: Grant…oh my God you’ve been shot! I…I…

Apparently Sharlene couludn’t remember. I won the Senate seat, and I thought it was all over…until Sharlene started seeking therapy. I helped Dr. Taylor open up his own practice in exchange for keeping Sharlene in the dark about the occurrences of that day. I also had to keep someone else quiet….Evan Frame.

He kept calling me asking me for money, and he threatened to blow my scheme out of the water. He’s still got his hand out, and I’m getting tired of it. He really has no idea who he’s messing with. I killed my own brother Ryan, and I will have no problem shutting up Evan…permanently.




It’s been five years since my beloved Carl passed away. I’ll never forget that day. We had just gotten the news that his brain tumor was getting larger. They couldn’t operate, and we were going to the hospital. It broke my heart to see Cory and Elizabeth hurting the way they were. It would be the last time they saw their father.

Carl: My sweet, darling Elizabeth. You’re looking more and more like your mother every day, and you’re just as spunky as she is.

Elizabeth (crying): Daddy, I…I don’t want you to go.

Carl: I’ll always be with you my dear…right here in your heart. You, too Cory. The three of you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

Cory: I wish I could reach in and take it out. There’s got to be something more that they could’ve done.

Carl: It’s a brain tumor. They’re very tricky.

Rachel: It’s inoperable.

Cory: With the advances in medicine they should be able to do something. Dad this isn’t like you.

Carl: Son, there are battles in your life that you’re just not going to win. All you can do, is make sure that your loved ones…are taken care of.

He looked at me with the most re-assuring look. He knew that Cory and Elizabeth were in good hands. While we were in the living room, I heard a noise outside, but I thought nothing of it.

I had plenty to think of after Carl finally passed away. Elizabeth was getting spunkier. Amanda returned home after she and Cameron split up. Cory Publishing was sinking, and I had to sell it. Turns out Allen Lovett was a mole in my company. All the evidence came in a box with no return address. I wonder who sent it.

I sold Cory Publishing to Reginald Love, because I know Iris would want to get her filthy hands on it. That woman has been a thorn in my side even after Mac’s death. I didn’t testify against her so I can keep my eye on her. Did she really think I was not privy to her going after Mac’s company? If I have anything to say about it, she’ll NEVER get her hands on it. She’s trying to poison my children against me. She will stop at nothing to make my life miserable. I will find out what she’s up to, and stop her, and she better not make any more poisonous remarks to my children.

I’m glad Matt came for Mitch and Felicia’s wedding. I hate what we had to do, but it had to be done. It was good seeing Lorna again, and I’m very very worried about Amanda. She never returned to the front of the church. Somebody’s got her, and I think was the same person who shot Mitch. Felicia is my best friend, and I had to do this for her.

Rachel (leading Felicia into a room): Come here.

Felicia: Why are we here Rachel? What’s going on?

It was all worth it to see the look on her face….when MITCH walked out of the bedroom.

Felicia: This isn’t real! You died in the hospital!

Mitch: Is that what you want me to do? You ain’t gettin’ rid of me that easily.

We faked Mitch’s death because we have a hunch who the shooter is, and that they would be coming after him, because a couple of days earlier, I was called to the station.


I went down there to speak with Toni Burrell and Jack Snyder.

Jack: We have a hunch as to who is behind all of this.

Toni: There’s a killer on the loose here.

Rachel: Again.

Toni: Not like Fax Newman. This one has an agenda.

Jack: All the bullets this person used are from one manufacturer…in St. Croix.

Rachel: I’ll never forget that place.

Toni: Why?

Rachel: Janice Frame was trying to kill Mac. We got into a scuffle and she died. Her son came back twenty years ago for revenge on my family. Oh my God. Evan Frame? Could he have been behind all of that?


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This is so unique. I really enjoyed it. I'm glad Mitch is still alive. I wish this had been in one of the chapters but I can see where they were so action-packed this may not have fit. I'm glad we got to hear more about her last days with Carl. Was she saying he'd just disappeared, or committed suicide?

I'm glad you included Tyrone, who is more of a supporting character in the story (so far). The dialogue didn't quite sound like him to me, but it was still great.

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