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ANOTHER WORLD 66 Reginald Taunts Iris




Reginald taunts Iris


Iris sits at a public computer browsing a newspaper article.

Iris (reading the article to herself): Heiress Alexandra Spaulding hospitalized with an apparent heart attack. She’s in critical condition. Nobody knows the cause of it. Wow I hope she’s okay.

Iris gets a welcome instant message.

Iris: D.J.?

She begins a I.M. conversation with D.J.

D.J.: Hey grandma.

Iris: Hi Honey. How are you?

D.J.: I’m fine. I would hit you on video chat but dad’s in the other room.

Iris: Is school out yet?

D.J.: Yep. I was hoping we could come to Bay City and hang out with you, but dad is being all mysterious about why we can’t.

Iris: I would love to have you and your sister come visit.

D.J.: Do you know why dad won’t let us see you?

In the middle of Iris typing her reply, she gets a video chat message request…from her son, Dennis.

Dennis (VO): Mom D.J. has chores that he has to do around the house.

Iris: He wants to come see me this summer.

Dennis: Well he’s not coming.

Iris: Dennis please let me see my grandchildren. I haven’t seen them since…

Dennis: Since you were in prison. I don’t want them associated with a criminal.

Iris: They’re my grandkids. Please let me see them.

Dennis: I don’t want them anywhere near you.

Dennis ends the video chat session, and Iris is saddened, and as a tear rolls down her cheek, REginald hands her a tissue.

Iris (looking up): You stay the hell away from me!

Reginald: You look like you could use some cheering up. I’ve got good news for you.



Grant opens the door and sees Tyrone.

Grant: I’ve been expecting you.

Tyrone (walking in): Where have you been?

Grant flashes back to the moment where he shot Evan Frame.

Grant: I was simply ensuring your future as District Attorney.

Tyrone: And how the hell are you gon’ do that?

Grant: My methods are of no consequence to you. You’ll get what you want in the end. You’ll see.

Tyrone gets a phone call on his cell phone, and he ignores the call…



Allen is looking at his laptop. He has the flash drive that has pictures Tyrone and Donna in what looks like compromising positions.

Allen (dialing a number on his cell phone): Wassup Brother. I hope you workin’ on my case, cuz remember, I can destroy your marriage.

Someone knocks on the door, as Allen has left a message for Tyrone. He closes his laptop and answers the door, and gets a huge surprise…Marley.

Allen: Who are you?

Marley: Hi…you don’t…know me. I’m Marley Montgomery. May I come in?

Allen: Why should I let you in here?

Marley: Because we’re family.




Marley: You know Tyrone hardly talked about you.

Allen: We haven’t always been close as brothers.

Marley: You were raised by your father and his mother, right?

Allen: Right. I looked at Priscilla as my mother, until I found out that Nicole was my real mother.

Marley: Welcome to the Love family. We are a chaotic bunch.

Allen: As I’ve learned.

Marley: My mother told us the story.

Allen: About Nicole?

Marley: Yes. My Aunt Nicole was quite a character. We have our own story, too. My twin sister and I were separated at birth.

Allen: Let me guess, Reginald did that, too.

Marley: He had my mother believing that Victoria was her sister, and not her daughter.

Allen looks nervously on as Marley walks toward his laptop.

Allen: Grandfather is quite a character.

Marley: I’ll say. You know I wish you had contacted us earlier.

Allen: Better late than never right?

Marley: Right. Well I’m gonna get going and uh…don’t be a stranger okay. I’d…like to get to know you better.

Allen: Sure…

Grant: I know that Allen Love is your brother, and you might want to help him.

Tyrone: You know everything don’t you?

Grant: You being District Attorney can help him beat the corporate espionage charges that he’s facing.

Tyrone flashes back to Allen telling Tyrone about the pictures of him and Donna looking like they’re having an affair.

Tyrone: You’re right. Just make sure you come through on your end of the bargain Grant.

Grant: You have my word.

Tyrone: I wonder how much that really means.


Iris: What would cheer me up is if you rot in hell.

Reginald: Oh come on Iris. I think you would like to hear what I have to tell you.

Iris: And what could that be? You reneged on your purchase of Cory Publishing! Buyer’s remorse.

Reginald: Not quite.

Iris: Why should I believe anything you have to say?

Reginald: Because Evan’s dead.

Iris: He’s what?

Reginald: They found his body in his hotel room in St. Croix. You wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with it. Would you?

Iris: Not out here.

Reginald: They’re gonna start investigating.

Iris: I didn’t kill Evan Frame.

Reginald: Maybe not, but you DO know that his father is in a hospital down there, don’t you? Carl Hutchins is alive. Have you told Rachel?

Iris: No…and you’re not either.

Reginald: It’ll be just a matter of time when Carl returns to Bay City, to resume his life that he took from Mac.

Iris: Damn him. He was better off dead, but Evan found a way to keep him alive. When he return, I’m gonna make him wish he stayed dead.



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Aww thanks for the mentioning! That was awesome! I am also enjoying this entire ordeal with Donna/Tyrone/Allen/Marley. I am interested to see where this goes along with Iris.

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Fantastic chapter. I'm so glad you continued with the thread about Iris and her grandkids - I felt so sorry for her when Dennis wouldn't let them see her.

Great to see Allen and Nicole meeting, which will hopefully make Allen feel guilty (although I think Donna always knew about Marley, she just never knew about Vicky, as Reginald paid Bridget to leave with Vicky at birth).

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