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ANOTHER WORLD 67 Welcome Home




Welcome home


Rachel is there when Amanda and Cameron walk in.

Rachel (running to Amanda and hugging her): Oh my God Amanda. I’m so glad you’re okay. Cameron? What are you doing here?

Amanda: It’s a long story mom.

Cameron: Evan was holding me prisoner down in St. Croix.

Amanda: We’ll explain everything mom I promise you. We’re just really tired and we’d like to get some rest.

Rachel: Of course honey. I was so worried about you.

Amanda: We survived it.

Rachel: You didn’t return to the front of the church and I thought something happened to you.

Amanda: Well it did. Evan kidnapped me.

Rachel: Well I’ll let you two go up and rest, but this came for you while you were gone.

Rachel gives Amanda an envelope and goes upstairs.



John escorts Sharlene into the house, where Gregory awaits.

Sharlene: Gregory. Oh my God…you’re walking with a cane now?

Gregory: Mom…don’t worry about me. I’m so happy you’re home.

Gregory hugs his mom tightly as a pleased John watches.

Gregory: Were you hurt? Are you okay?

Sharlene: I’m fine honey. You’re on your way to walking again.

Gregory: I’m workin’ hard.

John: He’s doing a lot better.



Jake and Frankie walk in.

Frankie: What an adventure!

Jake: That’s an understatement.

Frankie: I wonder why this is the first place we came back to.

Jake: Vicky thinks that I’m having an affair with you.

Frankie: Are you kidding?

Jake: No we were about to resolve things, and she brought you up after I told I was going to St. Croix.

Frankie: Well come on Jake. You told her we were going to a Caribbean Island together. What was she supposed to think?

Jake: She’s supposed to trust me.

Frankie: You really need to go and straighten things out with her.

Jake: You need to go someplace, too don’t you?

Frankie (sighing): You’re right. The Cory mansion needs to be my next stop.




Sharlene: You two must have been worried sick.

John: We know Evan kidnapped you.

Sharlene: It’s so sad how he turned out. All those years of resentment building up.

John: I’m sorry Sharlene. I know you really cared about your nephew.

Sharlene: When I looked into his eyes, I remembered everything about him shooting Grant and killing Joe Carlino.

John: He also shot Mitch Blake.

Sharlene: Oh my God.

John: He’s fine. He was wearing a bulletproof vest. They knew that Evan would be coming after him.

Sharlene: He was the one who lead Rachel to Janice in busting up her plan.

John: And he wanted to get back at everyone who participated in that.

Gregory: Well I’m glad you’re back mom. Don’t do that again okay.

Sharlene (smiling): I don’t want to ever lose my family.

John flashes back to telling Dr. Taylor that he didn’t want Sharlene to remember about Evan’s crimes.

John: I don’t either.


Jake: You’re gonna tell Rachel that Carl’s alive.

Frankie: And that he might be my father.

Jake: Well you really don’t know that for sure right?

Frankie: That’s why I took a sample of his DNA when Evan brought me to him.

Jake: So you’re gonna wait until you get the results before you tell Rachel.

Frankie: Pretty much.

Jake: What are you going to do in the meantime?

Frankie: What do you mean?

Jake: Are you going to go see Cass and Charlie?

Frankie: Cass has moved on, and Charlie wants nothing to do with me.

Jake: The love you and Cass had just doesn’t die. You have a child together.

Frankie: Nicole is living with Cass.

Jake: What? Wow.

Frankie: So Cass wants nothing to do with me.

Jake: Look I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll go to Vicky, if you go to Cass, and tell him that you still love him.

Frankie: You drive a hard bargain don’t you?

Frankie turns on her cell phone.

Frankie: I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna start by calling my daughter.

Frankie calls Charlie and hears a cell phone ring at the door…it’s Charlie.

Charlie: Calling someone mom?

Jake: I’m…gonna go…home.

Frankie: Great place. Thanks Jake…for everything.

Jake: Of course.

Charlie walks in.

Frankie: I was calling you to tell you that…

Charlie: I love you mom.

Frankie: I was in St. Croix and I found out some other…what did you say?

Charlie: I love you.

Frankie: Honey…does this mean?

Frankie smiles with joy as the mother and daughter embrace.



Amanda and Cameron are upstairs in their bedroom. Amanda opens the envelope and is shocked after reading its contents.

Cameron: It’s moments like this that kept me alive while Evan was holding me prisoner.

Amanda (distant): Right.

Cameron: Our love won out.

Amanda: It sure did.

Cameron: Amanda? Is something wrong?



Someone rings the doorbell, and Rachel answers the door….

Rachel: Allen.

Allen: Any news about Amanda?


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