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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 45 Rachel decides on a buyer for Cory Publishing




Rachel chooses a buyer for Cory Publishing!


Lindsay is doing physical therapy exercises with Gregory.

Gregory: You know I…I never apologized to you.

Lindsay: For what?

Gregory: Losing it over my cousin’s death.

Lindsay: Oh you have nothing to be sorry for. I understand.

Gregory: I was using steroids so I could get an advantage on the football field at school, and I got rages because of them.

Lindsay: We’ve all made mistakes.

Gregory: Without my mom and dad I don’t know where I’d be. Where’s your mom?

Lindsay: Not sure. I guess she’s fine.

Gregory: I haven’t heard you once talk about her.

Lindsay (avoiding the subject): Why don’t we work on flexing your legs.



“I need you to come here now. It’s about Cory Publishing.” Says Rachel.



Toni is on the phone as she’s looking at the evidence found in Dr. Taylor’s office.

Toni: John it’s Toni Burrell I really need to talk to you. Please call as soon as you get this message. It’s very important.

Jack Snyder walks in.

Toni: Jack Snyder huh? You’re the new Chief of Detectives.

Jack: Yep.

Toni: Welcome aboard. Here to give me your first order.

Jack: We need you to question the client about the corporate espionage.

Toni: Alright I’m on it.



Toni walks in with Jack and Toni is shocked.

Toni: What the? Allen what the hell are you doin’ here?

Jack: You know him?

Toni: Yes! He’s my ex-husband.



John hangs his cell phone after checking his voice mail. He wonders why Toni wants him to come to the station. He walks in the house and is horrified by what he sees. The living room has been ransacked. He calls out for Sharlene, but gets no answer.

John: Can’t be Gregory’s steroid rages. He’s at the hospital. My God. Has she turned back to Sharly?





Lindsay walks in with a cup of coffee and approaches Greg.

Lindsay: How many did leg flexes did you do?

Gregory: A few. I notice you didn’t want to talk about your mom.

Lindsay: We need to focus on your therapy.

Gregory: Lindsay. You’re helping me get better, in more ways than just physical therapy. Why don’t you let me help you?

Lindsay: Because you can’t.

Gregory: Try me.

Lindsay: Look you can’t do anything about it. My mom and I don’t speak and that’s it!

As Lindsay takes a sip of her coffee, she accidentally spills some on Greg’s right leg, and he flinches and kicks.

Gregory: Geesh that’s hot!

Lindsay: Did you see what just happened?

Gregory: You spilled hot coffee on my leg. It hurt.

Lindsay: And you kicked your leg. You’re getting feeling back!



Reginald walks in and Rachel approaches him.

Rachel: I’m glad you could make it.

Reginald: You said this was about…

Rachel: Cory Publishing.

Reginald: And how do I fit into this equation?

Rachel: I want to sell it to you.

Reginald: Wow Rachel. That’s kind of huge.

Rachel: Not really. I think you’re more than capable of handling it.

Reginald: So you’re just gonna sell the company that your late husband Mac built from the ground up?

Rachel: This wasn’t an easy decision to come to, but this is business.

Rachel gives Reginald a thick envelope.

Rachel: Why don’t you have your lawyers review these contracts…I can tell you one stipulation that’s in it.

Reginald: What would that be?

Rachel: If I sell this company to you, you cannot turn around and sell it to Iris.



Toni (shutting the door): What’s going on with you?

Allen: Nice to see you, too.

Toni: You were involved with corporate espionage? What have you gotten yourself into?

Allen: I’m trying to protect my mother Toni. I’m doing this for her.

Toni: Is somebody threatening her?

Allen: I’m gonna wait till my lawyer gets here.

Tyrone walks in, and he, too, is shocked, as is Toni.

Toni: Tyrone Montgomery? You’re representing Allen.

Tyrone: I don’t know if I should not.

Allen: I called you because you’re good, and you’re gonna get me out of here.

Toni: Y’all know each other?

Tyrone: Why should I do that?

Allen: That’s what brothers do.

Toni: Okay what’s going on here?

Tyrone: You didn’t know Toni? He’s Clayton Montgomery’s other son.

Toni: Wait a minute. That’s your father. So y’all are…really brothers?

Allen: Guess you kept it in the family huh?


Toni: John you got my message? Oh my God.

John: Yes, and I’m afraid something’s happened to Sharlene.



A person with black gloves on their hands is sitting on a couch, reviewing Sharlene’s psychotherapy notes, and places them next to Dr. Taylor’s laptop, and then they look over at an unconscious Sharlene, who is lying on the couch.



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Greg and Lindsay scenes were nice. Where r the pictures?

Allen is TOni's ex husband? WOW

So Rachel chose Reggie but no Iris. What is Reggie going to do?

WOW WHAT a finale. Its really gettin ggood. VERY GOOD> Come on Monday. Who is the slow motion serial killer.

You got toni down real good

Great Job nathans

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The pictures are in the theme song....LOL....it's so much easier to post than pictures LOL

Thanks...more twists and turns ahead...

Surely Rachel wasn't going to choose Iris. She made sure Iris can't get her hands on Cory Publishing...

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Rachel quite cutthroat there - it's a good way to put the screws to both Iris and Reginald and hopefully cause some drama.

Toni was very busy in this chapter!

I'm glad you revived the story of Tyrone's background which AW dropped.

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