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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 56 Mitch has been shot!!!




Mitch has been shot!!


Evan brings a glass of wine to Amanda, who slaps it out of his hand.

Evan: Come on Amanda don’t be like that.

Amanda: Where the hell are you taking me?

Evan: I wish you never saw me. I had to take you.

Amanda: What are you up to Evan?

Evan: I’m getting justice for my mother.

Amanda: Why did you shoot Mitch?

Evan: Because he is the one who turned against my mother.

Amanda: Your mother was trying to kill my father. I’m glad he had a change of heart.

Evan: And that attack of conscience may cost him his life.

Amanda: How could you do this? You really forgot what your mother was up to. Mitch and my mom stopped her, and I’m glad they did!

The pilot announces that they are about to land.



Mitch is on a gurney hooked up to an I.V., with his new wife Felicia, Rachel, and a host of others along side. The doctors wheel him into a room and a nurse stops her….

Nurse: You can’t come in here.

Felicia: My husband needs me!

Nurse: We need to stabilize him.

Rachel: Let the doctors do their jobs.

Nurse: We will give you an update as soon as we know something.

Cass, Paulina, Lorna and Matt run up to them.

Lorna: Mom?

Felicia and Lorna hug tightly.

Matt: Mom how’s Mitch?

Rachel: We won’t really know until the doctors finish stabilizing him.

Cass: Can I get you anything honey?

Felicia: Just…stay…please?

Cass: Of course.

Paulina: Rachel is there anything we can do?

Rachel: Matthew, Paulina? Have either of you seen your sister?

Matt: No. She never came back after we looked around for Mitch’s shooter.

Rachel: Oh my God. Something’s happened to her.

Felicia: Who could have done this? Why?

Rachel: I don’t know Felicia, but I’m starting to think this person may have done something to Amanda, too.



Jake and Frankie enter the waiting area.

Jake: Here we are.

Frankie takes out a map and points to a spot.

Frankie: This is where Janice was plotting Mac’s death.

Jake: That’s the next place we’re going then.




Evan: We’ve landed.

Amanda: Where did you get this jet from?

Evan: Amanda please stop asking questions. I didn’t want to kidnap you but you left me no choice.

Amanda: Someone’s helping you. Who’s helping you carry this out?

Evan: You really need to be quiet.

Two armed men enter the plane.

Evan: Take us to the building.



Frankie and Jake enter, and look around.

Jake: Frankie you look nervous.

Frankie: I've got a connection with this place. My vibes haven't been this strong in a long long time.

Jake: I think your answers are here, and they have something to do with what Janice was trying to do to Mac.

Frankie: I'm scared Jake. I sense danger. There's trouble here.

They turn around and two men face them pointing guns.



Felicia, Rachel, Lorna, Matt, and Paulina await the prognosis in front of the nurse's station.

Rachel: Where are the kids?

Paulina: They're in the waiting area.

Felicia: I knew I felt something wasn't right. I should've postponed the wedding.

Lorna: Don't even talk like that mom.

Cass: Lorna's right. You had no way of knowing this would happen.

Felicia: I told you. Every man I love, I lose.

Rachel: Stop saying that! You and Mitch love each other. You are not going to lose him.

The doctor comes up to them.

Felicia: Doctor what is it? How's my husband?



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Nice classic cliffhanger

THis episode was exciting. Is Evan and nem on St Croix to> THis story is becoming very exciting as u promsied it would and I cant wait to see how it unfilds and for the the fist time since ur show started Im' looking fwd to see how things turn out for Frankie.

gGreat Job!!

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I kept thinking Evan would have shot Mitch by accident. This is even more chilling.

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