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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 58 Grant vows to stop Evan




Felicia is surrounded by her loved ones


Cass, Rachel, Lorna, and Paulina sit with a distraught Felicia on a chair.

Felicia (in tears): Why Cass? What have I done?

Cass: This is not your fault.

Paulina: I know how you feel.

Felicia: Oh…my God I’m so sorry. Maybe you should take the kids home.

Rachel: I’m gonna go check on mine.

Paulina: Can I get you anything?

Felicia: This must be dredging up memories for you. Why don’t you take Dante home? I don’t want you to have re-live Joe’s death again.

Paulina: It’s okay. I’m fine.

Cass: Where is Dante?

Paulina: I’m gonna go see about him, too.

Felicia: Where’s Charlie?

Cass: I don’t want to leave you alone.

Lorna: I’ll stay with her.


WAITING AREAblogentry-14971-0-82492200-1336578976.jpblogentry-14971-0-43077500-1336579037.jp

Charlie is sitting in a corner by herself, crying…and Kirkland appears, and pulls her into his arms.

Charlie: This is so sad. Poor Felicia.

Kirkland: I know.

Charlie: I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my mom. Makes my anger toward her seem so petty.

Kirkland: You wanna make amends with her?

Charlie: I called her but her phone went straight to voicemail. It made me realize how much I really love my mom. Whatever you have against your dad, let it go Kirkland. I know deep down you love him, just like I love my mom.

Kirkland: It’s an emotional time for all of us.

Charlie: As soon as I see my mom again I’m gonna end this stupid little grudge I have against her. I’m gonna tell her I love her.


Paulina is next to a beam crying privately, as she flashes back....


Paulina: No! Not my husband!

John: I’m sorry Paulina.

Paulina: You gotta save him! Dante needs his father!


Paulina’s eyes well up with tears and someone touches her on the shoulder.

Grant: I got here as soon as I heard.

Paulina leans into Grant’s chest and he holds her while she cries.



HOSPITAL WAITING AREAblogentry-14971-0-56680600-1336579065.jpblogentry-14971-0-73428000-1336579217.jp

Cory and Elizabeth in another part of the waiting area. Elizabeth is leaning on Cory’s shoulder.

Elizabeth: This reminds me too much of dad.

Cory: I know. It all seems so similar.

Elizabeth: Who could have done this?

Cory: You’re gonna miss giving him trouble about mom?

Elizabeth: He was a nice man.

Cory: He looked out for mom after dad died.

Elizabeth: I really thought that he was in love with mom, but he really did love Felicia.

Rachel and Matt walk in.

Matt: You guys okay?

Cory: As fine as can be expected I guess.

Rachel: Matthew can you take your brother and sister home please?

Matt: Sure mom.

Elizabeth: I need to get outta here.

Rachel calls Amanda’s cell phone and it goes right to voicemail.

Rachel: Amanda this is your mother. Where are you? You didn’t come back after you left the church area. I’m worried. Call me please.



Paulina: This reminds me of Joe. When we lost him.

Grant: I can imagine that it would bring back those memories.

Paulina: I need to go.

Dante walks up to them.

Dante: Mom?

Paulina: Hi honey. We’re gonna leave.

Grant: I can have my driver take you home. He’s waiting outside.

Paulina: Okay. Let’s go Dante.

Paulina and Dante leave and Grant answers his cell phone.

Grant: Yes.

Evan (on the other line): Soon-to-be-mayor Harrison. Do you need anymore sympathy votes?

Grant: What the hell do you want?

Evan: Come on is that any way to greet me? You need me, well I need you now.

Grant: I gave you everything you asked for.

Evan: Well now I’m asking for more. I expect a deposit within twenty four hours.

Evan hangs up before Grant can utter another word.

Grant: He’s going to bleed me dry, and I’m gonna put a stop to it.



Cass: Honey are you okay?

Charlie (with tears in her eyes): I’m fine dad.

Cass: Doesn’t look like it.

Charlie: I need to find mom.

Cass: I have no idea where she might be. Wait a minute. She said something about St. Croix.

Charlie: Vacation?

Cass: I can’t get into details right now. Where’s your cousin?

Charlie: Lindsay left without saying a word.

Cass: Do you want to make up with Frankie?

Charlie: It’s time for me to let it go.

Cass: Why don’t you go home? I’ll be there shortly.

Charlie: Do you want me to be there with Nicole?

Cass: Nicole’s not gonna hurt you.

Kirkland: I’ll make sure she stays safe.

Cass: Thank you Kirkland. I’m gonna check on Felicia.

Cass kisses Charlie on her forehead and tells her he loves her.



Felicia: This is the third time. I’ve loved a man and he’s died.

Lorna: But you can’t give up mom. Mitch wouldn’t want you to do that.

Felicia: Mitch is the one I’ve loved the longest.

Lorna: Even longer than my father?

Felicia: Just a little bit longer, but it was different with Mitch. There was a ying and a yang with us. Your father’s love was more of a long lost love rekindled. I was married to Mitch the first time before I found your father again. I’m gonna miss him.

Lorna: Well I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna help you get through this.

Lorna wraps her arms around Felicia.



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It's the fourth time for Felicia, but she may not care to remember Nikos (can't blame her!). Lorna has lost so much too.

I like how you touch on the many kids in Bay City who have lost a parent, and how Mitch's death affects them.

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